Major's Problem with Prorogation

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Sir John Major recently went to Court, along with Gina Miller, to challenge the Government on the prorogation of Parliament.  That challenge was thrown out, and they are now appealing against it.

But there’s a problem, and it’s a big one.

John Major, in the dog-days of his Premiership in 1997, secured a Prorogation on 21st March, to prevent Sir Gordon Downey from tabling a damning report on the Cash-For-Questions Scandal (which accused various MPs of asking parliamentary questions in exchange for cash in brown envelopes).

John Major’s parliament was then dissolved on 8 April, with a general election occurring on 1 May 1997. Major’s prorogation prevented the tabling of that damning report into Tory Sleaze… which he feared would wreck his election campaign.  

In the event, Major was crushed by Blair’s Labour landslide, but he didn’t know that in advance when he prorogued Parliament. John Major has no moral authority whatsoever on the subject of prorogation.   John Major is a hypocrite, guilty of double standards

For an in-depth analysis, please click on this link to James Bowden’s blog, where he goes into exhaustive detail:


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