UKIP Conference 2019

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A message from the Chairman.

Dear friend,

Thank you to everyone who came to the conference!

I can't say it was our best ever attended conference but it was certainly an incredibly wonderful and memorable event with some of our best speeches ever!

Robin Aitken MBE was a particular highlight, along with Katie Hopkins, John Kitson, Neil Hamilton, Gareth Bennett and David Kurten who gave a fantastic talk on freedom of speech. Plus so many others!

Even our Leader made an appearance on video which was a treat and I know that many of the members, myself included, were grateful to see him on screen.

The gala dinner certainly did not disappoint. The music was perfect, the food was delicious and the very professionally handled auction (evidence below) helped to raise lots of money for the Party. One lucky dinner guest left almost £250 richer than he was before in the 50/50 draw. A success by anyone's standards!

There are several people I owe huge thanks to for all their help in the lead up to and during the conference and I hope you won't mind me taking this opportunity to do so:
  • All the team at Lexdrum house - Ruth, David, Bernadette, Julia, Sue, Hilary, Richard and of course - our incredibly dedicated volunteer - Dianna!
  • Mark Angelides - Our communications officer
  • Jonny and Callum who made sure that the conference was recorded and are currently editing videos so that we can share them on social media. They also had some great helpers so thank you to them as well
  • The Welsh Assembly team - Neil Hamilton, Gareth Bennett, George, Crispin, Tom and the rest of the team
  • All of our fantastic speakers! Who you can watch via YouTube or keep an eye out on facebook and twitter
  • Most importantly, the members who came. It was a pleasure to catch up with some of you who never miss a conference, and it was brilliant to meet some new members who popped their conference cherry and came to see first hand what UKIP is all about.
The overwhelming feeling from the conference was that it is time now to focus on what unites us as a Party and start taking direction from Richard in regards to upcoming elections and of course, making sure Brexit happens! Whether you are an active member and officer or more of a quiet supporter, please use the next couple of weeks to consider the ways in which you think you can help prepare UKIP fight in whatever elections we now face. 

Please share any of your pictures from the conference using  #UKIPConference19 on Twitter.

Thank you once again for your continued support to UKIP.

Best wishes,

Kirstan Herriot