The Mysterious Sarah Wollaston MP

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Who and what does she represent?

I wonder if anyone can help?  No-one at this end seems to know. 

Which political party does Totnes MP, Sarah Wollaston currently represent, because I can’t keep up with her?

She publicly supported MPs having to face by-elections should they defect, then changed her mind when it applied to her. 

She supported Leave in the Referendum but switched to Remain mid-campaign when becoming chair of the Health Select Committee.

Then she resigned from the Tories and joined Change-UK, but continued to work from her former office in Totnes Conservative Club.   (I hope she paid them rent).

Then she resigned from Change-UK and went Independent. 

Then she sacked herself as an Independent and joined the Lib Dems.  But now it seems this is being challenged by Caroline Voaden MEP (who’d already been promised the job in the event of a general election and is apparently extremely miffed at such carpet-bagging).

If you click on this link to Guido Fawkes   you’ll see an alleged litany of false promises, including “less interference from Europe”, demanding powers to be “repatriated”, and even warnings of “beware the slide to Federalism” under Lib Dem policies.

At the rate she’s going, leaving chaos, broken promises, and hilarity in her wake, I wonder if Ms Wollaston will pop up as a Monster Raving Loony candidate for Totnes in the next General Election?  


David Challice,

UKIP Head Office