The Hate Game

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Politicians preach hatred and then wash themselves in righteousness.

Once upon a time our politics divided into Right and Left (Liberals in the middle if you couldn’t decide).  But that’s all changing.  Like the split between Catholics and Protestants, Roundheads and Cavaliers, we’ve become “Leave” or “Remain”, with emotions running high: a total realignment of politics.

The Brexit debate has brought out the worst in some.  Remainers brand Brexiteers as stupid, racist or “old”, thereby “wrecking my child’s future”.   Meanwhile, Leave supporters hurl accusations of “treachery”.

But it’s only one side (Brexit) that gets criticised for this.  Remainers can do whatever they like and get away with it because they are on the side of the angels.  Brexiteers, of course, are the spawn of Satan and deserve whatever happens to them.

You might be interested in these links below. This one, where Sir Robbie Gibb delivers a superb critique of the Labour Party’s hypocrisy.

Or this one, where Jess Phillips MP (Labour) reveals how she’s always “hated Tories”.  I wonder if she “hates” the Tories in her own constituency… the ones she’s meant to represent in Parliament?    

And finally, this one, where Brendan O’Neill, editor of ‘Spiked’, nicely sums up the wickedness of invoking a murdered MP to boost your own argument:

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