UKIP takes the fight to Labour in Exeter

UKIP candidate Duncan Odgers is taking on Ben Bradshaw in Labour's southwest fiefdom of Exeter


I’m a proud Cornishman and I’m standing for UKIP in Exeter, Devon’s Capital City, at the heart of the south west.  I know this place very well, having lived and worked here for many years.

As for policies, of course I’m in favour of a full clean-break Brexit, but I totally oppose the local ‘Cream on First’ policy for scones.  This is totally wrong…  It is always Jam First.

And talking of jam, after 22-years of Ben Bradshaw’s Labour we seem to have ended up with jam today and jam tomorrow on our roads.  What’s happened in Exeter under his tenure is a disaster for ordinary people living and working here.  Massive amounts of building on green field sites, choked roads, run-down high streets, crowded schools, and over-stretched NHS services. 

We have a bus station that still isn’t built – it seems they don’t really care about people who need to take buses or for the environment either.

They are building loads of flats for foreign students. The university dominates and ordinary folk have been left behind, struggling with increased rent and property prices, and pressure on public services.

Our professional politicians have let us down.  Parliament has done its best to stop the democratic will of the people expressed in the Referendum. I stand by UKIP’s common-sense policies which can be read on the UKIP website