EU not about trade but political domination

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Be under no illusions - Boris Johnson's EU Withdrawal deal is not what we voted for in the Referendum - it is a bogus Brexit

Boris Johnson's EU Withdrawal Agreement is 535 pages of commitment from us for little to nothing in return. This is not the freedom, democracy, sovereignty and ‘taking back control’ that we voted for, but a Treaty of Vassalage and continued payments forever.

It’s 79 years since the Battle of Britain to defend our nation from an authoritarian foreign power. This time we face not only the EU but our own political class who compliantly implement the will of Brussels.

It’s not good enough.  We should all be demanding better of our politicians and our political system.

The EU is not about trade. It's about political domination.Labour and LibDems have no intention of honouring the Referendum, openly showing their contempt for democracy. Where democracy ends, slavery begins.

Labour betrayed the working classes by allowing open door immigration to push down wages and push up rents. The Conservatives appease their business backers. After all, uncontrolled immigration allows executives to award themselves obscene bonuses instead of wages and dividends to you.

This election is about honouring the Referendum. Let us not forget why we voted to Leave the EU in 2016.

-        To return sovereignty and law supremacy to the UK

-        To control our borders, immigration and asylum

-        To re-establish our 200 mile territorial limits

-        To be able to set our own tariff and non-tariff barriers, set our own VAT rates and be free to negotiate trade deals around the world; and

-        To end billions in annual payments to the EU

Article 50 is a trap to keep us in the EU forever modelled on Article 72 of the Constitution of the Soviet Union which mandated a 5 year negotiating period. When the Soviet republics did eventually choose to secede from the USSR they simply declared their independence and left.

30 years ago this month the Berlin Wall came down and millions of East Germans gasped their first breaths as free citizens. We too can declare our independence and leave the EU immediately by repealing the European Communities Act 1972 and leave on WTO Terms with fixed 0% tariffs for two years.

It’s time to vote UKIP to send our disgraceful, untrustworthy politicians a message they will never forget.

Troy De Leon is UKIP’s Economy spokesman and candidate for Woking