Tougher approach to crime needed

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We are living in an increasingly lawless society argues UKIP's Home Affairs spokesman, Stephen Place, and a tougher approach is needed.


Barely a day seems to go by without some grim new crime statistic, knife attack or worse.

Successive Governments seem to have abandoned policing and the institution of law and order in this country.

Called to investigate a simple burglary the response has been known to be ‘you investigate and we’ll follow up your leads’. There simply aren’t enough police.

In the last ten years, under a so-called Conservative government, we have seen a reduction in police officers on the beat by almost 22,000.

The promise by the Prime Minister to recruit 20,000 ‘new’ officers is therefore misleading on two fronts. Firstly the 20,000 are not ‘new’ - they simply go some way to replace those lost – and secondly, with the exponential growth in the population in the last twenty years UKIP believes the needed recruitment in real terms is 30,000 just to maintain a level of policing capable of dealing with current crime.

Police officers all across the country who don the blue 24-hours a day to serve and protect us are experiencing stress and even PTSD like never before.

UKIP recognises that saying police officers must have a degree is wrong. Direct entry at Inspector level also creates division and disenchantment with those officers aspiring for promotion through the ranks. We would scrap this.

We would also build more prisons and make the courts fit for purpose.

We are living in a lawless society with serious crimes such as rape being ignored and victims treated appallingly. Things must change and change soon.

UKIP recognises that the whole judicial system is failing and broken. A commission into the modern day police service and then a root and branch examination of the courts, prisons and probation service would be undertaken. Sentencing protocols and numbers in prisons would be top of the list for review.

We believe people are crying out for a tougher approach to crime and the Conservatives have failed to deliver.

Stephen Place  - Spokesperson for Home Affairs