NO, the SNP don't speak for Scotland

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UKIP is fielding candidates in Scotland and calling out the SNP. There can be no independence inside the EU - an independent United Kingdom is best


In case you weren’t aware, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. No. That shouldn’t be controversial.

The United Kingdom voted in 2016 to leave the European Union, including one million people living in Scotland.  And Scotland stands to gain so much from that decision.  We must demand that we reclaim our fishing waters and all the economic benefit that would mean.  Our small business sector would escape from the endless stream of regulations emanating from the EU that smother us.

We should decide who should enter our own country and who should gain citizenship. What on earth is wrong with that?  The SNP have marginalised those honourable supporters who believe in an independent Scotland OUTSIDE of the EU - a legitimate position albeit not one I share.  The SNP are largely represented by professional politicians who have scarcely had a proper job among them.  They claim to speak for a Scotland about which they have scant knowledge.  Despite the delaying tactics and political conjuring tricks of the Remainers, the democratic will can only be upheld when and if the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

We would recognize no authority higher than our own House of Commons to make and unmake our own laws.  The future outside of the EU is a positive one for Scotland.

Get rid of the Scottish Parliament and it is even better.


Donald Mackay, spokesman for Scotland