So long to Schengen!

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As Germany closes its borders, how long can free movement really last?



On 16th March 2020, Germany closed its borders due to Coronavirus. The great Schengen Area idea - the unregulated flow of people across the countries of Europe without needing to show a passport - has been ripped up.

UKIP has always condemned the lunacy of open borders. Countries need to control their borders to protect their people - not just from Corona but from crime, illegal migration, drug trafficking, etc.

If UKIP did not exist, someone would have to invent it…  to remind everyone of the dangers of the ‘open-borders’ policy of the EU, the damage it has done to the whole Continent, including Britain, and to oppose future "Returners" ever wanting to take us back into the EU super-state.

On a similar subject, the actions of Turkey (threatening to send another tidal-wave of migrants into Europe) is very concerning.  The EU has even ordered Greece to let them in rather than sending them back to Turkey.  Read it here.

Predictably, local Greeks have had enough of these invasions and are rebelling against the migrants, with the equally predictable reaction from do-gooder NGO charities that these locals are “fascists”.  Read all about it.  

In other words, if you're incapable of seeing someone else’s point of view, just shout “Fascist!” at them and you’ll feel much better.  

Finally, let’s remember the historic inaction of Conservative governments in protecting our borders.  

Illegal immigration across the English Channel from France is not going to help our Corona Virus situation!

David Challice

UKIP Head Office