Coronavirus Thoughts

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A few things to consider.

A couple of weeks ago the Telegraph cartoonist ‘Matt’ produced a brilliant one. A man is watching TV where an official is saying: “At the first symptoms of being an armchair expert on Coronavirus you must self-isolate for two weeks.”

So I’m very wary of sounding like I know what I’m talking about. I don’t.

But I’ll give a couple of thoughts anyway. My understanding is that It’s not Coronavirus that is actually killing people. It’s their own immune system kicking in, going into overdrive, like an SAS-man ‘rescuing’ hostages by blowing up the entire building rather than trying to extract them alive. This is why children seem virtually immune (they haven’t yet developed a proper immune system) and why some super-fit adults are laid low when others get no symptoms at all. Incidentally, it works in a similar way with AIDS, where the thing that kills the patient is their own immune system going haywire.

The other point is the current lockdown to “save the NHS”.  I think of it like this: At the Hotel Splendide there is only one Receptionist. She knows that 20 coaches of tourists are due to arrive today. If they all arrive at once, she’ll be overwhelmed.  But if the arrivals are staggered throughout the day, she’ll manage fine. In this case, the Receptionist is the NHS Staff and the patients are the tourists pouring off the coaches lined up in the car-park.

Personally I think we’ll probably all catch Coronavirus in time. It’s going to spread everywhere eventually. But self-isolating protects us in the short-term and gives us a better chance if we do actually end up in intensive care for a few days. 

I know that self-isolating is a huge nuisance but we’re not the only ones suffering. Misery Bear is feeling the heat too. Click HERE to see his plight.

Finally, I have news on the stockpiling of goods. The Americans have been stock-piling guns, the Dutch have been panic-buying marijuana, and the Brits have been squirrelling away loo-rolls…  when we’re not blowing up radio-masts in the insane delusion that 5-G is somehow spreading the virus  (I’m not sure what that reveals about us as a nation but there we go).  For more information on where all those loo-rolls ended up, please click HERE and all will be revealed.

On a more serious note, please do keep self-isolating and doing your bit to help our brave “support workers” do their job (everyone from Police, NHS, Care Staff, through to bus-drivers and delivery drivers).  This emergency has brought out the very best in us as a people and we in UKIP will do everything we can to help.


David Challice

UKIP Head Office