UKIP Calls for Frontline Police Officers to be Armed with Tasers

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The U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) has called on all frontline police officers to be trained and armed with Taser stun guns as well as equipped with bodycams in light of hundreds of police officers being attacked and dozens injured at demonstrations, as well as a security threat, that has no end in sight.

“On top of the ongoing threat from terrorists that is officially classified as ‘substantial’ – meaning a terror attack ‘is a strong possibility’ - police officers have been under attack on our streets by demonstrators, and illegal parties and gatherings that they are required to disperse due to COVID-19 rules” claimed Steve Unwin, Law & Order Spokesman for UKIP.

Direct funding from the government to the police in England and Wales fell by 30% from 2010/11 to 2018/19, according to the National Audit Office.

“The first priority of H.M. Government should be the protection of its own citizens”, stated Mr Unwin.  “Whenever they encounter or respond to a violent incident, the police are the first to run towards danger”.

“We have a largely unarmed police service in this country, but patrol officers should be adequately funded and paid, as well as properly equipped – and that includes providing decent protection to frontline police officers in every police authority”, added Mr Unwin.

"UKIP realises there are civil rights implications to this proposal.  To deter abuse, in addition to existing guidelines relating to use, a Taser may be discharged by an officer only when he reasonably believes he is
wearing a functioning bodycam that is capturing relevant video footage."

Steve Unwin

UKIP Spokesman for Law & Order