Over €800k of taxpayer-funded tat for useless EU agency

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UKIP has uncovered a tender for a ton of tat for the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, also known as Frontex

Frontex is an agency of the European Union tasked with border control of the European Schengen Area, in coordination with the border and coast guards of Schengen Area member states.

The staggering €810k tender lists everything from paper bags and foldable umbrellas to silver-plated cuff links and brass medals. We don’t know what the medals are to be awarded for – Frontex has totally failed to protect the borders of Europe.


The tender list in full:

Lot 1 Paper bags - EUR 60 000

(Various sizes with logo on)


Lot 2 Electronic devices - EUR 200 000

(Power bank, Bluetooth loudspeaker, USB flash drive)


Lot 3 Textile gifts – EUR 50 000

(Women's polo shirt, cotton bag, fabric lanyard, embroidered patch)


Lot 4 Minor gifts – EUR 300 000

(Multifunction metal pen, professional jewellers’ loupe, foldable umbrella, cardholder)


Lot 5 Executive corporate gifts – EUR 100 000

(Silver-plated cuff links, glass medal, glass diploma, glass & metal diploma, glass cuboid with full globe, Plexiglas plaque, wooden diploma)


Lot 6 Brass executive corporate gifts – EUR 100 000

(Various sizes and types of brass medals, brass lapel pins)


UKIP MEP Jonathan Bullock, who is UKIP's member on the European Parliament's budget committee said:

"This shows how the EU is prepared to waste money to an extraordinary degree. The idea of wasting £100,000 alone on corporate gifts is outrageous- the sooner we are out of this profligate organisation the better."


UKIP Leader Gerard Batten also commented:

“This is what happens when taxpayers’ money is freely given to unaccountable organisations – they waste a lot of it on tat.  And this is fairly typical for the EU. It’s an ‘if you’ve got it, spend it’ mentality.

“UKIP would actually support HM Government spending money on a joint European cooperative strategy to guard Europe’s Mediterranean borders against illegal immigration, but that is not what Frontex is about. It’s yet another way in which the EU uses a crisis to increase its own dominion.

“While Frontex is handing out its freebies illegal migrants are still streaming in across Europe’s borders. That is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed.”




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