Cressida Dick - Chief of the Thought Police

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It has been revealed that the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, Cressida Dick had checked with officers if comparing burqas to letterboxes and bank robbers was a ‘hate crime’.

The investigation comes in the wake of Tory MP Boris Johnson making the observation in a piece for the Daily Telegraph, leading to an investigation within the Conservative Party.

The officers reached the conclusion that what Mr Johnson said, “would not reach the bar for a criminal offence.”

The obsession of the police to investigate so-called hate-speech crime and its similarities to the concept of thought crime contained in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four was attacked by UKIP Leader Gerard Batten, who also took aim at the sinister Common Purpose organisation which provided training for Dick.

Mr Batten commented:

“We are moving into an Orwellian society where the police are exercising thought-control powers. Cressida Dick should take the 900 police officers she has investigating so-called hate speech crimes and put them back to investigating real crimes against the person and property.  She should be directing the Metropolitan Police to stamp out London’s epidemic of stabbings and acid attacks. These are a national scandal.

“This whole problem can be attributed to the Cultural Marxist Common Purpose training given to her and others in senior positions throughout the country. We need to return to the concept of a police force whose job it is to prevent crime and enforce the law, not make up laws on the hoof to enforce a politically correct ideology.”



Editor’s note –

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that Cressida Dick attended a Common Purpose training course whilst serving with Thames Valley Police in this FOI request -