Tory backbenchers know their time is up if they don't depose May

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It has been reported that about 50 members of the European Research Group (ERG), a Conservative research support group openly discussed how best to "game" Tory Party leadership election rules in the event of a challenge to Prime Minister Theresa May. 
A party Leadership Election would be triggered if 48 Conservative MPs demand a vote of no confidence.
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented:
"These discussions by Tory backbench MPs are motivated by fears that if Mrs May stops Brexit, or gives us Brexit in name only then their party is finished. They now know that it was never Theresa May's intention to carry through the Brexit which 17.4 million people voted for and it is UKIP that is breathing down their necks.
"With UKIP consistently polling 7-8% and on a rising trend across the polls, they know that we will cause havoc in key marginals at a future election if they don't depose her and bring about the real Brexit that UKIP has campaigned for over the past 25 years."