Catherine Blaiklock appointed as Economics Spokesman

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Catherine Blaiklock appointed as Economics Spokesman


Gerard Batten and UKIP are pleased to announce that Catherine Blaiklock M.A (Hons) Oxon has been appointed as Economics spokesman.


Catherine has worked closely with Stuart Agnew, MEP in the East and was the parliamentary candidate for Great Yarmouth in 2017. She is also the Eastern Regional Chair.


Catherine Blaiklock studied as an undergraduate in Oxford before going to India on a Commonwealth scholarship.


She worked for many years as a senior trader in financial markets including running desks for Merrill Lynch in New York and Tokyo. After that she headed Asian currency options for a French bank for many years in Singapore.  She is an expert on derivatives, bonds and currencies. She also now runs a number of small businesses in Norfolk and understands all the difficulties that Small and Medium sized Enterprises face in Britain today with increasing regulations, taxes and costs.


Whilst working across the globe, Catherine has seen economies that work and others that do not. Catherine became political for the first time over Brexit. She understood the devastation the European Union has brought to countries like Greece with over 40% youth unemployment; measures which were forced upon Greece in a totally undemocratic way.


Having lived in many countries including Nepal (where she founded volunteer health care charity) and having a Jamaican husband, she understands that not everyone who would like to emigrate to Britain can and is appalled at Britain’s inconsistent and unfair immigration policies.


Catherine has published numerous political and economic articles including in ‘conservative woman’ (incidentally, it’s nothing to do with the Conservative party) The Bruges Group, Rebel Media, UKIP daily and Politicalite. She will be in the September print edition of The Salisbury Review, writing about proportional representation in a multicultural society.  In the same magazine, she has reviewed a book on the Rotherham grooming scandal.


These are her two most recent economic articles:

This was about Nike’s efforts to bring down Trump whilst using extremely cheap labour abroad.

This was about the scandal of student loans and how those that do not work, win.


She has also written extensively about the Euro, bonds markets and the looming public sector debt crisis.


Catherine believes that without serious political change, including getting out of the EU, living standards will inevitably fall.  She is determined to help change Britain's fortunes for the better.