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'Girls: put a spoon in your knickers!'


By Peter Mullen


The Co-op Academy in Leeds is one of many schools in Britain which is advising its girls to put a spoon in their knickers if they want to avoid being taken abroad and entered into forced marriages.


Karma Nirvana website: when is a spoon not just a spoon?


It is hoped that the judiciously-positioned spoon will trigger airport metal detectors and the security staff will then take girls out of the cabin and have them searched. For the last six years, schools have been working the spoon trick with the charity Karma Nirvana to give advice to underage girls in danger of being whisked off abroad by their parents during the six weeks summer holiday. Favourite destinations for these nuptial hols are – unaccountably? – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq and Somalia.


Harinder Kaur, a teacher at the Co-op Academy, has the title of Social, Culture and Ethos (SCE) Leader. She said: “Unfortunately, the summer holidays are (is) a time when young people…” – But why not say girls? – “… can be taken abroad against their will. The spoon in your underwear is a simple way of letting the authorities know if you think you are in danger.”  The SCE leader added, “Forced marriage shouldn't be a taboo subject.”


Well, it isn’t Harinder – except among the organisers of forced marriages who naturally don’t want anyone to find out what they’re up to.


Ms Kaur outlined her school’s policy: “For the past two years, Karma Nirvana has held an annual Memory Day to remember those who have died of honour-based abuse, but this year it has been extended to a week and so we are using this time to tell our students about the work they do in this area. While there is no legal requirement to teach children about this important issue, as educators we have a responsibility to empower children with the knowledge and ability to make a difference to their own lives and the lives of others.” 


No you don’t, Harinder. Teachers and leaders are not there to “empower” youngsters and to provide them with the means to “make a difference.” Those phrases are only the detritus of a diseased and politically-correct sociology. The responsibility of adults is to look after children and to protect them. Here’s a bit more of the jargon: the government has a Forced Marriages Unit (FMU) – not to be confused with FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) on which atrocity the Unit’s officers are also required to give advice.  In 2017 the FMU advised and supported 1200 girls, a third of them under eighteen.


Ms Kaur said that she wanted all pupils to understand that they should not be forced into decisions. Why don’t you speak properly Ms Kaur? To be “forced into decisions” means to be denied the freedom to make any decisions. It means to be enslaved.


Karma Nirvana receives on average twenty-two reports a week from “young people” – again they mean girls - under seventeen about “honour-based abuse or forced marriage.” I take it that here the word “honour” is being employed eccentrically to refer to something which is extremely dishonourable. But the good work of Karma Nirvana and schools such as the Co-op is no substitute for the fact that, while forced marriage and Female Genital Mutilation are criminal offences, no prosecutions are ever brought.


Click here: Over 9000 cases of FGM last year, not one conviction


That is the disgrace and the scandal. An innocent would surely ask why no prosecutions for such serious offences are ever brought. That’s easily answered: most of the perpetrators of these atrocities are Muslims but our weakling, appeasing politicians and legislators label thoroughly justified criticism of Islam as “Islamophobia” - a crime, in their eyes, far more heinous than either FGM or forced marriage.


Peter Mullen