Speeches at 2018 UKIP Conference

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The 2018 UKIP National Conference in Birmingham was our biggest and best conference ever. The establishment political parties are betraying the democratic wishes of the people. It's clear that UKIP is the one party committed to truly leaving the EU and the one party standing up for the working people of this nation in all corners of it.

To that end, we had a selection of excellent speakers on various topics across the two days. Included in those speeches were several new policy platforms as part of our brand new UKIP Manifesto 'Policies for the People' which you can read about on this website.

Below is a list of links to a selection of this years speakers.  We have previously uploaded some of this years speeches elsewhere on the site.  Keep an eye out for further updates.


Gerard Batten - Leader

Paula Walters - Animal Welfare

Mike Hookem - Deputy Leader (Fishing)

Mike Hookem - Defence

Margot Parker - Deputy Chairman (Women & Equalities)

David Kurten - Education 

David Coburn - Scotland

Robert Hill - Northern Ireland 

Gareth Bennett - Wales

Peter Whittle - London 

Count Dankula (Markus Meechan) - Freedom Of Speech

Neil Hamilton 

Paul Oakley - Immigration

Jill Seymour - Transport

Jonathan Bullock - Energy

Ernie Warrender - Small Business

Catherine Blaiklock - Economy

Alan Craig - The Family