Boy given detention for saying he supports UKIP

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Today on Nick Ferrari's LBC radio show, a parent informed Ferrari that his son was given detention by a teacher because he voiced support for UKIP. The teacher was later reprimanded and the parent and child received an apology from both the teacher and the school.
There is an increasing number of reports across the country of this behaviour by teachers against pupils who say they support UKIP in class. 
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented:
"Sadly this is not a unique occurrence. UKIP people have told me that teachers have told their children that their parents ‘belong to a Nazi party’.
"One parent told me his son, the only white boy in his class, was singled out and the class was told, ‘this boy’s father belongs to a party that wants to send you all back where you came from’.
"This kind of thing used to happen in Nazi Germany when Jewish children were singled out for vilification. It's happening because the teaching profession is under the domination of the extreme left who are the real fascists in modern day Britain.
"Parents are often frightened to complain in case their children are victimised even more. Thank goodness the parent, in this case, did complain. 
"Parents must insist the law is upheld in schools and teachers are not allowed to promote political agendas. 
"We have moved to a dark place in our national life and it has been possible because of the promotion of extreme left views by the educational establishment and the demonisation of those who do not share their dogmas."