UKIP Leader stands up for British Army cadets supporting Tommy Robinson

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It has been revealed that the British Army has launched an investigation into a photo and video of political activist Tommy Robinson with a group of British Army cadets.
The cadets are seen smiling in the photograph and chant Tommy Robinson's name in the video posted to social media.
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented:
"British Army cadets are brave patriots who have made the noble decision to fight for Queen and Country. 
"Tommy Robinson has put his life and liberty on the line campaigning against the worst excesses of literalist Islam and these cadets recognise that. It's a disgrace that the military establishment has once again caved in to pressure from the cult of political correctness and has ordered an investigation. By calling Tommy Robinson 'far-right' the military demonises anyone who stands up to defend Western values.
"Any disciplinary action against these cadets will send a clear message that our military establishment no longer stands for defending the values which made our country the greatest in the world."