British Culture


Sexual Exploitation & Paedophile Gangs

The systematic and industrialised sexual abuse of under-age and vulnerable young people is one of the greatest social scandals in English history. A scandal not just because it happened but because the responsible authorities swept it under the carpet for decades.

• It is now accepted that one of the key factors that drove the cover up of this phenomenon was adherence by the authorities to political correctness and the fear of identifying the vast majority of the perpetrators as Muslims.

• An independent national enquiry into local authorities and police forces’ historical failure to protect children from rape gangs should be set up in order to bring them to account. Where found to be in dereliction of duty those responsible should be prosecuted and or sacked, as applicable.

• UK laws to protect children must be implemented fully and impartially, irrespective of the culture, ethnicity or religious beliefs of the perpetrators. There are issues to be addressed, such as the failure to prosecute cases of female genital mutilation and forced marriages.

Islamic Extremism

The worst excesses of a literalist interpretation of Islamic doctrine has seen unprecedented acts of terrorism in Britain and across the world. This can only be countered with practical measures.

• UKIP will legislate to ban the overseas funding of mosques and imams. A large proportion of UK mosques are funded from countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, who export their extremist ideology to the UK.

• UKIP will end mass uncontrolled immigration, and under a security-based screening policy we restrict any limited migration from Islamic countries to those people we can be sure, as far as possible, do not follow a literalist and extremist interpretation of Islam.

• Islamic extremism is actively fostered in HM Prisons at state expense. Islamic gangs hold sway in some prisons and non-Islamic prisoners are converting for their own protection. UKIP would introduce the separation of prisoners or prisons exclusively for Islamic prisoners who promote extremism or try to convert non-Islamic prisoners.

• UKIP would repeal the legislation that gives legal recognition for Sharia law courts.

• Islamic extremism is an on-going problem that will take generations to resolve, and effective policy ideas will have to be developed whoever is in power.

English Identity and Issues

The UK population in 2017 was estimated by the Office for National Statistics at 66m. England makes up the vast majority of the population at 55.6m (84.2%), with Scotland at 5.4m (8.2%), Wales at 3.1m (4.7%), and Northern Ireland at 1.8m (2.8%). Although England is the largest constituent part of the UK, with the largest population, English identity has been all but airbrushed out of our national life.

• In a recent lecture for the BBC former Labour MP Professor John Denham referred to a survey on British and English identity and to the emergence of a minority who are antipathetic to the English. This segment amounted to only 7% of the sample, but this anti-English minority is over represented in the institutions of government, politics, the leadership of the public sector, the media, corporate capitalism and academia. Exactly the kind of people prominent in the Remain campaign.

• The English taxpayer meanwhile subsidises the other constituent parts of the United Kingdom, with a higher per head tax spend in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland than in England.

• While the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are rightly proud of their national identities the English are deemed not to exist. UKIP asserts that English identity is something to be proud of, and anyone who wishes to embrace that identity should do so, whatever their ethnic origins may be. English identity resides in the heart and mind not on the skin.

• To redress this democratic imbalance UKIP would reform the Westminster Parliament to adopt a system whereby only MPs representing English constituencies would vote on laws exclusively affecting England.

• The funding of the other constituent parts of the United Kingdom needs to be reviewed so that it is fair for all taxpayers, particularly with regard to the Barnett Formula for Scotland.

Free Speech and Political Correctness

UKIP believes in allowing our people their traditional rights of freedom of conscience, liberty and speech. These rights have been eroded over recent decades by the burgeoning concepts of so-called ‘hate speech’, driven by the political doctrine of Cultural Marxism, which seeks to close down discussion and alternative views, so that only one extreme left-wing ‘politically correct’ viewpoint is allowed.

• UKIP will repeal hate speech guidelines because pre-existing laws are more than adequate to deal with ‘insulting or threatening behaviour’ or ‘behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace’, etc.

• UKIP will repeal the Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) introduced in 2014 which have been abused by local authorities to curtail lawful protest and criminalise speech.

• UKIP will repeal the Equality Act 2010 which gives special rights and privileges to certain groups with ‘protected characteristics’ and revert to pre-existing equality laws. For example, it allowed the BBC to advertise BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) only internships and training schemes – thereby discriminating against white youngsters. Our people should be treated equally under the same laws.

• UKIP will shut down the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (£20 million pa)16 and the Government Equalities Office (£47 million pa) 17 and end their politically correct social engineering of society - with the added benefit of saving about £67 million per annum.