The UK Independence Party (UKIP) collects, processes and retains data for use in political campaigning and associated activities. UKIP also retains and processes data that is necessary for the administration of its own internal governance and membership systems. UKIP takes its responsibilities in relation to data protection very seriously, and we are committed to placing the rights of individuals at the centre of how we collect, hold and process personal information.


As a UK registered political party, the UKIP has an important role in engaging with voters as part of the democratic process. Data protection law recognises that it is in the public interest for political parties to collect and process personal information, including about political opinions in order to fulfil this important role.


We collect data in a number of circumstances, such as when:


  • You complete a form on this website, or if you fill out a form delivered by a UKIP representative.
  • You have a conversation on the doorstep or over the phone with a UKIP representative.
  • You interact with us online, including on social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter
  • You join the party as a member, affiliated or registered supporter, donate or sign up to volunteer for us.


UKIP also collects and analyses a range of other information about you and the area in which you live, including the electoral register, publicly available data such as census information and election results, estimates and segmentation of personal information, information about whether our efforts to contact you in person or over the telephone have been successful, and survey data which you may have directly provided to us or a third party.


We analyse and use the data we collect in a variety of ways, and also combine them (sometimes referred to as “profiling”), in order to:


  • contact you to canvass your political support and ascertain your voting intentions
  • manage the internal governance of the party and our membership database
  • communicate with you about our policies, campaigns, events and opportunities to get involved with the party and understand what issues are most likely to be relevant to each elector and each area,
  • decide to whom we should send our campaign materials and messages,
  • choose which messages and content we put on the materials we send to you or show you on social media; to ensure that donations you make to us are lawful, and to allow us to estimate which way you might vote in elections and referendums, and how likely you are to vote at all,
  • help us understand in which areas, at which times of day, and with which people we should focus our campaigning efforts and inform the development of our policy position for future elections and referendums at every level.


We have a statutory right to some of this information as a registered political party in Britain by virtue of regulations made under the Representation of the People Acts, the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act, and connected legislation. The data we hold to which we do not have a statutory entitlement is either data which is made available for use in a way that permits its use by political parties (for example census data, national land registry data, local election results, or data released through a Parliamentary Question or Freedom of Information [FOI] request where the data released in response to that question or request is not restricted from such reuse.


When you join UKIP or sign up as a supporter, we will collect, hold and process personal information in order to service the contract that you enter into with the party in such circumstances.


On some occasions, such as when you sign up to receive emails from us or agree to volunteer for the party, we will collect, hold and process personal information on the basis of your explicit consent. You can withdraw this consent at any time.


In all cases, we will be clear and transparent about how we use your personal information, only use it for the purposes for which it has been obtained and ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to maintain its security.


You have a number of rights in relation to your personal information. Further detail is available in the GDPR section of this policy.


We collect data about the activity of visitors to many of our websites. This data is not used to identify you personally, but it gives us aggregate level information on user activity that helps us improve the functionality and experience of the website. The data that is collected may include the date and time you visit the website, information on your location inferred from your IP address, and the content you view. Click here to find out more about Google Analytics and how it collects and processes data. If you want to opt-out of Google Analytics and prevent your website visit data from being used by us, then you can click below to install the Google Analytics opt-out. 

Google Analytics Opt-Out



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