Brexit must mean EXIT!

The UKIP Plan for Leaving the European Union

By Gerard Batten MEP


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Latest National News
Article 50 revocation would be "an act of betrayal unique in our history" - UKIP Leader Gerard Batten.
   10 December - 2018
Gerard Batten discussing Brexit Deal Vote on Sky News.
   06 December - 2018
MPs are playing a game of deceit in Brexit 'debate'.
   05 December - 2018
The Establishment is now committed to openly betraying Brexit and they don’t care how obvious it is.
   04 December - 2018
UKIP Leader to speak at pro-Brexit event this Sunday.
   03 December - 2018
Latest Local News
UKIP Activists out in force in Leeds.
  05 December - 2018
Cheap Poppy comments part of a narrow agenda.
  08 November - 2018
UKIP North West Gala Lunch.
  24 October - 2018
UKIP welcomes Supreme Court verdict in favour of Ashers.
  10 October - 2018
UKIP Surrey organises Poster Truck tour.
  15 September - 2018