"Many UKIP supporters are looking at ways to help the Party. Leaving a legacy in your will is just one of the ways you can help UKIP continue to fight for Britain.

If you want to support UKIP, please download this link >>, fill out the forms, and lodge them with your solicitor.

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   10 December - 2019
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Crisis, what crisis? Nothing new.
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Golden future for farming and food.
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NO, the SNP don't speak for Scotland.
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Reform voting system with PR.
  09 December - 2019
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UKIP targets Tory Remainers.
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Voters in Kent get real Brexit candidate.
  07 December - 2019
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Improve services before housing developments.
  05 December - 2019
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Candidate fights 'no platforming' by schools.
  04 December - 2019
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