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  • UKIP MEP hits out after figures show women earn 18 per cent less than men

    Posted on August 23

    Margot_11_(1).jpgUKIP MEP Margot Parker has called on the Government to do more to cut the gender pay gap.

    The East Midlands MEP, who sits on the FEMM Committee for women’s’ rights and gender equality, was reacting after the publication of a report funded by The Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

    The reports states that, on average, women in paid work receive about 18 per cent less per hour than men

    And the pay gap between men and women widens consistently for 12 years after the first child is born, by which point women receive 33 per cent less pay per hour than men.

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  • UKIP sweeps back to majority control in Thanet

    Posted on August 19

    ChrisWells.jpgIn an emphatic victory, taking the two District Council and both Town Council seats on offer, UKIP resumed majority control of Thanet Council in the Northwood by election yesterday evening. The by election, caused by the long awaited resignations of former Councillors Smith and Collins, brings UKIP's tally to 29 of the 56 Council seats in Thanet Council, and they resume majority control of their only District Council in the country.

    Thanet District Council Leader Cllr Chris Wells commented: "In a post-Brexit world, the media has asked what is the purpose of UKIP? And on the doorsteps the voters of Northwood have given their answer. It is to make sure the Tory government genuinely pursues Brexit. It is to ensure locally we never sink to the toxic and dysfunctional chaos of Labour administration again. It is to have a council which residents can feel proud to have act on its behalf. All the things Tory and Labour Councils have previously failed to achieve here in Thanet.

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  • Margot Parker expresses concern at plans to reduce A&E opening hours at Grantham and District Hospital

    Posted on August 10

    Margot_11_(1).jpgEast Midlands MEP Margot Parker has expressed her concerns following the news United Lincolnshire Hospital NHS Trust is considering reducing A&E opening hours at Grantham and District Hospital.

    Mrs Parker said: “I understand the great efforts the Trust has gone to while trying to deal with staff shortages, and while I can see why they are considering the drastic step of closing the Grantham Hospital A&E at night it is obviously not a desirable step for them to take.

    “A&E departments are under severe strain all over the country, but especially so in Lincolnshire which have seen high levels of immigration, and are stretched beyond the limit simply due to this drastic and rapid increase in demand.

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  • Trade with the Netherlands to remain good says Dutch PM

    Posted on August 09

    speech.jpg"Another day and another country makes it clear that it is in their own vital interests to maintain and strengthen trading links with a post Brexit Britain", said William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP International Trade spokesman.

    Commenting after the Dutch PM Mark Rutte put his statement up on Facebook, Mr Dartmouth said:

    "The Dutch are of course right, our links, historical, cultural and trading go back hundreds of years and will continue into the future. It is likely they will improve as an independent UK will be able to act more quickly and more flexibly to world trading patterns, in a way that will encourage greater inward investment from Dutch firms. Access to the Single Market is in no way required to strengthen those links.

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  • Statement from group of members of the NEC

    Posted on August 07

    The NEC consists of grass roots party activists elected by all the members of the party from among themselves. Our role is to oversee the party hierarchy on behalf of the members. We are not “party elites”. We are volunteers, we do not get paid, we put in our own time which we frequently have to take away from our paid employment. Our goal is always to try and represent what is right and fair for our fellow members in accordance with the Party’s Constitution and Party Rulebook. There are NEC elections every year.

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