• Emissions charge plans are demonising drivers

    Posted on October 20

    Jill_Seymour.jpegUKIP’s Transport Spokesman Jill Seymour MEP has accused the Mayor of London of ‘demonising’ drivers by proposing a £10 emissions surcharge for the use of older cars in the city.

    She said the plans, which are due to come into force next October, were totally out of proportion, and would penalise families which were least able to afford it.

    “Once again, the authorities are treating the motorist as a cash cow, to be milked at will,” she said. “This policy will hit elderly drivers and less affluent families the hardest. It is not the car which is causing the worst air pollution in our cities. It is large diesel engine vehicles such as buses, trains and trucks. Yes once again, it is the car driver which is targeted.

    “In a perfect world, of course everyone would like to be driving round in a luxurious new car fitted with the latest environmentally-friendly features, but the majority of people can’t afford it.”

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  • A 50 year wait for homes in London is a disgrace

    Posted on October 19

    PeterHarris.jpgPeople in the borough of Barking and Dagenham now face a 50-year wait for a council house, a senior Councillor from the ruling Labour Group has said in a forthcoming BBC documentary. Maureen Worby, the councillor in charge of social care for Barking and Dagenham, told a local meeting with regard to the waiting list for council housing: “Do you know what – it’s not a 10-year wait, it’s a 50-year wait.”

    The BBC documentary, ‘No Place to Call Home’ to be broadcast on BBC 2 at 9pm tonight, is the culmination of nine months the team behind the programme spent following housing officials and the people they are trying to help in the borough. Among those featured are a 54-year-old special needs teacher forced to sleep in her car after losing her job, a family with a young son who have spent three years sleeping on friends’ sofas and a young woman who does not qualify for help despite having tried to kill herself.

    Peter Harris, UKIP's Chairman in Barking and Dagenham, and a former Parliamentary candidate for the area said, "This Labour Council should be charged with criminal neglect. Even with the knowledge of the chronic shortage of Social Housing, their current house building plans simply fail to address this situation.

    "The programme's findings are no surprise to me or thousands of local residents. The chronic housing situation here is abysmal and is as a direct result of decades of failed policies from both Conservative and Labour Governments.

    "I am contacted every week by residents that find themselves homeless or living in overcrowded and unsuitable accommodation. Many are desperate for someone to help as they feel the council are not listening.

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  • Nominations open for Party Leader candidates

    Posted on October 17

    Our Party Chairman Paul Oakden writes, 

    At a meeting of our National Executive Committee this afternoon, the process was agreed for selecting who will become the new Leader of UKIP.

    These next few weeks will be incredibly important, in deciding which direction our party will now travel. We know that our grassroots are now optimistically looking forward to getting behind our new Leader.

    Having listened to the concerns of members during our last leadership election, this process is not only designed to be efficient and speedy, it is also designed to give as many members as possible the opportunity to put their name forward. It will also seek to ensure that those members applying have the requisite commitment before submitting their application form.

    We are now inviting members to apply, which they can do by clicking here.

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  • More good news for SMEs

    Posted on October 15

    Margot_11_(1).jpgMargot Parker, UKIP’s small business spokesman and MEP for the East Midlands, says she is pleased at the news of increased investment in exports by small businesses.

    “The SME confidence tracker shows more small businesses are looking at exporting than before the referendum vote in June. It is clear the potential for global trade after Brexit is being realised by many small businesses and they are already looking at ways to grasp the many opportunities we will now have.

    “It is quite revealing – only six per cent of small businesses exported to the EU, yet all were subject to EU laws and regulations. That so many more already feel liberated to more fully engage with the world is very encouraging and I am sure we will see these figures continue to rise as the UK reclaims its place as a global trading nation.

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