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  • Exposed! Lib Dem oft-repeated lie about 3m job losses if UK leaves EU

    Posted on August 18


    UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall has welcomed the evidence exposing flaws in the claims made by Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander over huge job losses facing Britain if it leaves the EU.

    They have often claimed that 3 million jobs would be at risk and Mr Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said in June this year, that 'the latest Treasury analysis shows that 3.3 million British jobs are connected to Britain’s place in Europe'.

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  • BBC Panorama programme planning new establishment attack against UKIP

    Posted on August 15

    Nigel Farage has tonight revealed that the BBC Panorama programme is planning a rehash of attacks mounted on UKIP by The Times newspaper.

    Panorama is preparing to repeat allegations made by people hostile to UKIP, often dating back many years, in an apparent bid to try and halt UKIP's advance.

    Mr Farage has written to Panorama boss Elizabeth Byrne refusing to cooperate with the programme because of its biased agenda and demanding that his letter is read out in full in any programme that is broadcast.

    His letter also raises the prospect that it is rattled Labour activists who are now attempting to discredit UKIP, using the same techniques that flopped for the Tories and the Times in the run-up to the European elections.

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  • A-Levels dumbed down to make money

    Posted on August 15

    A-level students are being sold short by a profit-seeking education ‘industry’ - says UKIP’s National Education spokesman, after it was announced that this year's A-level pass rates are at over 98%.

    The figures come out at the same time universities say there will be an extra 30,000 university places available this year, estimating that some half-a-million young people will take up places on degree courses in Autumn.

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  • EU plan for six separate rubbish bins labelled as ‘farcical’

    Posted on August 14


    New EU rules which could see families and pensioners having to separate their rubbish into six separate bins have been labelled as ‘farcical’ by UKIP’s North East Euro MP, Jonathan Arnott.

    Britain’s biggest waste firm, Veolia, warned “From January 2015, EU rules mean households and businesses may need to separate their waste into six separate bins. Veolia thinks most of the sorting can be done post-collection and that four bins are more than enough”.

    Government officials are looking closely at the revised EU waste framework directive, but maintain that councils should be left to decide how to collect rubbish.

    Mr Arnott said “Opinion polls show that the vast majority of the British public believe that recycling is important. However, this idea that to promote recycling people should be given six bins to use is a complete farce.

    “No thought has been put in to this proposal at all. The vast majority of people won’t have the space to hold six bins. A higher number of bins, presumably, would lead to more infrequent refuse collections between each specific bin, potentially bringing more rats and waste on the streets to the local area.

    “The expectation that families going about their busy everyday lives should have to remember the specifics for each bin and up to six different refuse collection dates is totally moronic".


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  • We back Express crusade against rip-off hospital parking charges

    Posted on August 14

    124964.jpgUKIP health spokesman Louise Bours said: "Hospital parking charges hit people when they are typically at their most stressed and anxious.

    "They hit patients themselves when they go to outpatient appointments. They also hit people who are visiting family members, neighbours and friends in hospital.

    "It is not just a matter of the financial cost to people – though that can build up for the most dutiful and frequent visitors. It is also a matter of having to make sure you have the right change and the worry that something will cause your visit to over-run and you could get a ticket or even have your car towed away.

    "Going to hospital as a patient or visitor is a stressful enough thing at the best of times. But when car parks are run as revenue maximising assets rather than as a facility for people it adds significantly to the stress.

    "I am delighted that the Daily Express has launched a crusade on this issue. It is one that is often raised with me by people talking about their experiences of the NHS."

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