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  • On 28th April get set for another round of Tory Betrayal over HS2

    Posted on April 17


    Betrayal is a strong word. But it’s a word we hear a lot in the former Tory strongholds of Buckinghamshire over HS2. The strength of feeling amongst local people who would once have been proud to call themselves Conservatives is hardly surprising. The human cost of Mr Cameron’s absurd white elephant scheme can be measured in terms of unsaleable homes, blighted businesses and communities, devastated farms, retirement plans turned upside down, ill health and worse.

    For over four long years, Mr Cameron and his Ministers have delighted in ramming their white elephant HS2 project down the throats of local people, including their party’s dwindling band of loyal supporters. Privately (and occasionally publicly) local Conservative councillors seethe and rage but to date and with two notable exceptions, they have largely stuck by their national party. After 28th April, it remains to be seen how many continue to have the stomach to tough it out in their pro HS2 party when the “let’s stay and fight from within” policy will have so demonstrably failed to stop HS2.

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  • There's No Consent for a 'United States of Europe' says UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

    Posted on April 16

    Democracy is the best safeguard against war says UKIP Leader Nigel Farage in his latest speech in the European Parliament.

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  • Cracking story for the attention of the intrepid and daring Times investigative team

    Posted on April 15

    The financial affairs of David Cameron were under the spotlight today after a top Conservative journalist revealed he is making a mint on renting out his London home while living in Downing Street for free.

    Respected journalist Melissa Kite wrote in the London Evening Standard during the height of the Maria Miller sleaze scandal that: “A quick glance at the property portfolios of the Cabinet shows that there is much more for the public to be peeved about than Ms Miller’s profiteering.

    “David Cameron himself makes an estimated £6,000 a month from renting out his London home while living in Downing Street.”

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  • Who are the Times journalists trying so desperately to undermine UKIP?

    Posted on April 15

    Who are the Times journalists behind the constant attacks on Nigel Farage and UKIP? Perhaps it will not surprise you to know that most have family or personal connections to the Conservative Party and that the majority are from immensely privileged backgrounds that have enabled them to prosper as part of the “chumocracy” run by David Cameron. Here is our rundown of the main players:

    Baron Daniel Finkelstein: Privately educated former senior official at Conservative Central Office. A key columnist on the paper known for his particular closeness to Chancellor George Osborne. Recently made a Lord by Osborne and Cameron. He has in the past been embarrassed by claims that he has written speeches for Osborne while simultaneously working as Times chief leader writer.

    According to the Spectator in September 2013, “what Danny writes today George thinks tomorrow”. He was once overheard on a train boasting to his mother on his mobile about writing Osborne’s conference speech. George Osborne also admitted at the Leveson inquiry that the journalist helped him with "one-liners" for his speeches and once reportedly remarked that he spoke to Mr Finkelstein more often than he did to his wife. Furthermore, Danny Finkelstein was named by David Cameron as one of the six journalists whom he sees “so frequently” that he could not be expected to list the meetings, on account of their sheer volume.

    Matthew Parris: Privately educated former Conservative MP whose partner Julian Glover worked as a speechwriter for Cameron and now works as an adviser to Conservative Cabinet minister Patrick McCloughlin, who is coincidentally the MP who took over the seat of Mr Parris when he stood down from Parliament. Parris makes frequent and virulent attacks on UKIP for example in June 2013 he wrote an article for the Spectator article entitled “Why UKIP is a party of extremists” and another for The Times in October 18 2013 called “England loves winners, so UKIP must lose”.

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  • Whoops they got it wrong again. Blundering Times journalists fail to smear UKIP

    Posted on April 15

    The last effort by the Times to get UKIP into trouble with the European parliamentary authorities has just collapsed ignominiously.

    Early last month the Lib Dem MEP Edward McMillan-Scott put in a complaint about UKIP’s use of allowances after a series of reports by Times journalists Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thomson.

    But yesterday the inquiry was thrown out by a European Parliament bureau meeting that found there was no matter requiring further investigation following Mr McMillan-Scott’s complaint.

    A UKIP spokesman said: “You would struggle to believe that they once called the Times the Thunderer. These days it is much more often the Blunderer.”

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