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  • Campaigning day cancelled out of respect for late MP

    Posted on September 15

    UKIP have decided, as a mark of respect to the late MP Jim Dobbin, not to campaign on the day of his funeral.

    Unusually, the funeral of the former MP for Heywood and Middleton will take place on a Saturday.

    UKIP’s candidate for the seat, John Bickley said, “We have a lot of campaigning to do, with Labour forcing a short timescale by calling the by-election with unseemly haste, but there is no way we will be campaigning on the day of his funeral.

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  • "That's not real independence Mr Salmond."

    Posted on September 15

    10251977_660709683976638_2029174054560815548_n.pngOn Friday 12th September UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP made a speech in Glasgow on the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum vote and you can read it in it's entirety below:

    "The last time I was in Scotland was just before the European Elections, when true to form, Alex Salmond was very rude about UKIP. He said we didn't have a voice in Scotland and that I should have stayed south of the border.

    Without dwelling on the strength of his anti-English sentiments, many of which were amplified by the particular crowd of supporters of his that I met in Edinburgh the day when I found myself, for the first time ever, actually locked in a pub, I would now say this to Mr Salmond. I know you don’t like UKIP, I know you are very scared of our views. I know you don’t want the Scottish people in this referendum to realise the great truth but, we are now a voice in Scottish politics, we did win a seat in the European Parliament elections and we are now planning and organising our candidates for the General Election campaign next year.

    In less than a week’s time, Scotland will hold a referendum on independence. Of course everyone agrees that it’s about independence. Alex Salmond agrees it’s about independence. The Prime Minister and the Better Together people all agree that it’s about independence. But the truth is, it is not! What the Scots are actually being asked to vote on, is separation from England, and to sign a new treaty to be full members of a European Union. It is very simple; whether you think the EU is a good thing or a bad thing, the one thing that is absolutely certain is you cannot be an independent country and a member of the European Union. That much I would have thought is obvious given that the European Union’s courts are superior to that of its member states. Given that the European Union’s laws have primacy of law and when you consider that the United Kingdom as whole with 63 million people is finding it virtually impossible to get anything more than cosmetic concessions from the European Union you realise that independence in Europe is a complete non starter.

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  • UKIP candidate announced for Heywood and Middleton by-election

    Posted on September 11

    JohnBickleyPortrait.jpegToday we can announce that our candidate to contest the forthcoming parliamentary by-election in Heywood and Middleton is John Bickley.

    Mr Bickley said, “I'm honoured to have been asked to represent the party.

    “It is a Labour stronghold where by pure coincidence I actually lived for a while as a small boy.

    “I am looking forward to getting out and about and talking to voters and explaining why UKIP is the only party that really represents their interests now.”

    This will be second by-election he has contested this year as he was UKIP’s candidate in the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election, where he came second.

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  • UKIP Financial Affairs Spokesman calls Lord Hill's Commissioner Appointment a 'cynical ruse'

    Posted on September 10

    SteveWoolfe.jpgLord Hill's appointment as Commissioner of Financial Services is little more than a bribe to buy the trust of the British people into thinking the UK financial services sector is in safe hands, argues UKIP's Financial Affair's Spokesman, Steven Woolfe.

    Many of the UK's leading business leaders have smelt the coffee and concluded that the EU has a clear agenda to assault Britain's most valuable industry which they wish to mask behind the appointment of a UK delegate. Many business leaders have subsequently broken ranks and have recognised that in order for our financial industry to survive and prosper, the UK should leave the EU.

    Steven Woolfe, UKIP's Financial Affairs spokesman commented, "This is a pyrrhic victory for David Cameron. Hill's appointment is a cynical ruse, and gives the financial industry and the thousands whom work in it, little more than false hope. The EU has a clear agenda on wanting to dilute and undermine our financial services industry. As a coordinator on the EUs powerful Economic and Monetary affairs committee, I have seen the unaccountable commission commit to further regulations, increased charges and proposed taxes that will lead to a loss of business and jobs in the UK.


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  • Two Clacton Conservative Councillors have joined UKIP with Douglas Carswell

    Posted on September 09

    image.jpegCouncillor Dawn Skeels and Councillor Michael Skeels have made the change and switched to UKIP, following Douglas Carswell's lead in the constituency.

    Councillor Dawn Skeels said: "We have decided to make the change with Douglas. We both feel like the Conservative Party is increasingly the private property of people like Matthew Parris, rather than local people. Douglas has always been a brilliant MP and we are proud to join him in UKIP."

    Councillor Michael Skeels said: "We feel strongly that this is the right thing to do. We hope that more Conservative Councillors follow us and Douglas to UKIP, the only party that looks out for local people."

    Douglas Carswell said: "We are making this change together. It's wonderful to have Dawn and Mick's support."

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