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  • New HS2 timetable is another kick in the teeth for campaigners

    Posted on November 30

    Jill_Seymour.jpegPlans to accelerate the construction of the HS2 railway project have been described as a massive kick in the teeth for campaigners, by UKIP’s Transport spokesman.

    Jill Seymour MEP accused Chancellor George Osborne of ruthlessly refusing to even acknowledge the views of objectors as he ploughs ahead with the multi-billion pound project.

    “How is it that the Government can find an extra £13 billion for this enormous project over the next five years, and yet is stubbornly refusing to adequately compensate families living along the proposed HS2 route, whose lives are being torn apart?” she asked.

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  • 8 percent fall in cost of living the reward for abandoning EU protectionism

    Posted on November 30

    In a debate on the state of play of the Doha Development Agenda UKIP's Trade Spokesman William Dartmouth MEP made the argument that the reward for leaving the EU and escaping EU protectionism would be a 8 percent fall in the cost living, as calculated by the Cardiff business school and Professor Patrick Minford.

    William Dartmouth said, "EU protectionism hurts and harms consumers in the European Union itself. Consumers here have to pay the hyped and inflated European Union price for food instead of the world price. Professor Patrick Minford and his colleagues at Cardiff Business School have calculated that the cost of this to the UK consumer is 8 % of the cost of living. It follows that on Brexit, the cost of living in the UK would be reduced by 8%."

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  • The NHS needs emergency treatment

    Posted on November 27

    LOUISEBOURS.pngHospital Accident and Emergency departments are in need of emergency treatment as the country heads towards on of the coldest winters in decades – according to UKIP’s Health spokesman Louise Bours MEP.

    The comments came following a fresh report out today from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, that A and E problems are on the rise and ‘the worst is yet to come’. The report showed that only 88% of patients arriving at A and E were being seen within the four hours, while the target is set at 95% and that one-in-five beds were occupied by patients that were well enough to leave but were prevented by there being a lack of community services care to look after them after discharge. The report is of particular concern because of the rate of decline in the service. In October 92% of patients were being seen within the four hour target, whereas just one month later the figure has dropped by 4%.

    Louise Bours MEP, UKIP’s Health spokesman said: “This is extremely worrying news as we go into what is expected to be a very cold winter. The government say they are throwing money at the NHS but they forget they have been in power for over 5 years, letting it get into this state.

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  • EUseless: A view from the mad house

    Posted on November 26

    EUSeless.jpgExamples of “hot air” politics and useless committees in the European Parliament have been laid bare in a new booklet by Louise Bours MEP. As polls show a majority of British people want to leave the European Union, Ms Bours, who represents the North West region, has now made her EUseless: A view from the mad house publication available as a free download.

    In it, the UKIP Health Spokesman highlights the activities of the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) and the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM). Ms Bours, a member of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy in the European Parliament, said: “All politicians are accused of spouting hot air, but in the parliament in Brussels it’s like a furnace.

    “While not every conversation that takes place there is entirely without merit, very often it invokes Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

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  • Britain must leave the EU to control immigration

    Posted on November 26

    ons_figuresWITHOUT.pngToday's ONS figures on net migration of 336,000 combined with yesterdays revised OBR numbers on population and migration show that the government's long term economic plan to cap welfare and control migration has failed and is nothing more than a pipe dream.

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "These record high figures represent a continuation of the government's complete failure to control immigration. David Cameron's "tens of thousands" pledge is now in tatters.

    "It is clear that only by voting to Leave the European Union in the forthcoming referendum can we have a system of controlled immigration at sensible levels.

    "Just how can this or any government plan effectively for the future with our population rising so quickly and with open borders meaning we have no control over who can and can't come to Britain each year? A complete open door to the whole of the EU is madness."

    UKIP Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said: “In yesterday's autumn statement, the Government blew through its own welfare cap when it U-turned on tax credits. Today, with new net migration numbers as high as ever, its promise to control immigration and bring net migration below 100,000 no longer has any credibility.

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