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  • UKIP launch ‘1400 Reasons to vote’ campaign in South Yorkshire PCC Election Race

    Posted on October 25

    JC4.jpgUKIP South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner candidate, Jack Clarkson, today unveiled a new, hard hitting, ‘1400 reasons to vote’ campaign in Rotherham, supported by local MEP and prospective parliamentary for Rotherham, Jane Collins MEP. UKIP are well known for their hard hitting advertisements and this poster is no difference. The poster will be displayed across South Yorkshire in the run up to the election on 30th October.

    Speaking at the unveiling, Jack said: "It is a sad fact that the people have been let down by the Labour Party across South Yorkshire. Politicians, both at the town halls and in uniform for years were more worried about fashionable ideas than about protecting our young in their own towns and streets".

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  • EU’s demands for UK taxpayers to cough up an additional £1.7bn is ‘outrageous’

    Posted on October 24

    bigpic.jpgThe EU’s demands for UK taxpayers to cough up an additional £1.7bn is ‘outrageous’ and the leadership of the Conservative Party is in ‘complete disarray’ according to UKIP’s EU budget spokesman, Jonathan Arnott MEP.

    EU Chiefs plan to charge an additional £1.7 billion from UK taxpayers on the back of the UK’s better than expected economic performance in recent years.

    Meanwhile, Syed Kamall, leader of the Conservatives' MEPs, admitted this morning that Treasury officials may have known about the EU’s new demands a week ago.

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  • UKIP's Immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe responds to Ed Miliband

    Posted on October 23

    SteveWoolfe.jpgResponding to Ed Miliband, UKIP's Immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said: "Today we see more political point scoring over migration, this time from Ed Miliband. He promises to ‘use his first Queen’s Speech to introduce “clear, credible and concrete change” to the UK’s migration system.’ It’s all very well making these comments but Labour Party’s record on controlling migration doesn't make for easy reading.

    "Labour opened our borders unconditionally to hundreds of millions of people. This allowed over 4 million people to enter our country over 13 years. It caused mass wage compression, and placed huge strain on the NHS and other vital public services. The Great British public are fed up of listening to more false promises on such a vital issue. Only one party is taking this issue seriously. UKIP. We were the only party brave enough to bring the issue to the forefront of the political debate. And we are the only ones giving viable solutions to sort it out.


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  • Farage denounces new European Commission as “the enemy of the very concept of democracy”

    Posted on October 22

    nigel_about.jpgAs Jean-Claude Juncker introduced his new European Commissioners to the European Parliament today, UKIP leader Nigel Farage stood at his front row seat in the chamber and told him “this is a pretty much a bunch of non-entities.” He said “the one from Britain is so obscure, his name Lord Hill should be ‘Lord Who?’ Because you know the British public couldn’t pick the bloke out of a line-up.”

    Farage told Juncker: “I don’t think that the European public or commentators understand what the European Commission really is. The Commission is the executive, it is the Government of Europe and it has the sole right to propose legislation. It does so in consultation with 3,000 secret committees staffed mainly by big business and big capital and all the legislation is proposed in secret.”

    “Once something becomes a European law, it is the European Commission themselves who have the sole right to propose repeal or change of that legislation.”

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  • UKIP today slammed other political parties for voting in favour of yet more EU funding, as they approved the EU's budget for 2015

    Posted on October 22

    bigpic.jpgUKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott, together with UKIP's colleagues in the Italian Five-Star Movement, tabled a string of amendments to the EU budget to cut the cost to taxpayers. Every single one of the 46 amendments were rejected: some were voted down, and some didn't even make it to a vote because the Parliament had already voted to increase the budget items UKIP wanted to cut.

    Cuts to MEPs' salaries, offices and allowances, pensions and European Political Parties were all rejected - as were cuts to the EU's public opinion analysis, European schools, Special Representatives and payments for co-operation with Greenland. 

    UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott, who sits on the Budget Committee, said "The Labour Party in particular have shown their true colours by voting down every attempt to save money from the European Union's budget. They have shown they just don't care how much taxpayers' cash is wasted by the failed European Union project. In total almost a billion pounds would have been saved by the UKIP proposals. In total almost a billion pounds would have been saved by the UKIP proposals.

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