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  • UKIP supports Grassroots Out in its bid for 'Leave' campaign designation

    Posted on February 09

    vY0_0G_F.jpgToday, the National Executive Committee of UKIP, along with its MEPs and its Local Councillors Association announced that they would be backing the application of the Grassroots Out campaign in its bid to be recognised by the Electoral Commission as the lead 'Leave' group in the forthcoming referendum on the UK's membership of the EU.

    UKIP Party Chairman Steve Crowther said, "We have been hoping and working for a rapprochement between the two main contenders for the designation, Vote.Leave and Leave.EU. Unfortunately that has proved elusive. Meanwhile, Grassroots Out has emerged as the genuinely cross party, well organised, energetic campaigning group, which has the momentum and is drawing in support from all quarters. We felt it was time to make a decision and get out on the campaign trail."

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  • Motorists likely to bear brunt of Osborne's miscalculations

    Posted on February 09


    Drivers are almost certainly set to be hit in the wallet after a £3 billion hole was discovered in George Osborne’s spending plans, warns Paul Nuttall MEP.

    The independent think tank, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), has found a gaping £3 billion black hole in Osborne’s spending plans. The IFS says the most likely way for Mr Osborne to fill that gap would be to increase fuel duty – despite the Tories’ 2015 general election manifesto promising not to do that.

    Mr Nuttall, MEP for the North West and Ukip deputy leader, said: “As normal, the greedy eyes of Number 11 Downing Street have got motorists in their sights

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  • Diane James calls for Electoral Reform

    Posted on February 09

    IMG_2948.JPGSpeaking at the PR Alliance Building Conference in Westminster organised by ‘Make Votes Matter’, UKIP’s Justice and Home Affairs spokesman Diane James MEP said UKIP’s experience of 3.8 million votes and only MP elected in the 2015 General Election was clear evidence of why electoral reform was necessary.

    In her speech Diane said electoral reform was not just needed for Westminster Parliamentary elections but also at a grassroots level for local election too. She cited her experience as a Borough Council whereby 56 were taken by Conservatives with her as the sole opposition (a total Council of 57 councillors) yet the Conservatives received only just over 50% of the vote. This meant that nearly 45% of voters had no political representation to show for making the effort to vote.

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  • UKIP Councillors Association Chairman calls for Councillors to endorse Grassroots Out

    Posted on February 09

    David_Sprason.jpgFollowing Friday’s announcement of unanimous support by UKIP MEPs for the Brexit campaign Grassroots Out, the Chairman of the UKIP Councillors Association David Sprason has called for all UKIP Councillors to follow suit and back Grassroots Out.

    David Sprason said "It is clear to me that the only group who are actually engaging with people on the doorstep is 'Grassroots Out'. It reflects the work UKIP Councillors carry out on a regular basis so I think it is time that all UKIP Councillors support and get behind Grassroots Out. It has proved to be a truly cross party campaign working to get us out of the undemocratic EU"

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  • UKIP’s Justice and Home Affairs spokesman responds to the Prime Minister’s speech on prison reform

    Posted on February 08

    Diane.jpegCommenting on the Prime Minister’s speech on prison reform today, Diane James MEP, UKIP’s Justice and Home Affairs spokesman said: “When he was Justice Secretary Ken Clarke relaxed sentences and let out prisoners early yet the Prison system is still overwhelmed and creaking at the seams. Unless the Government takes steps to reduce overcrowding David Cameron’s justifiable concerns will be seen as nothing more than crocodile tears.

    “On almost every level the Government is failing the Prison service. Staff, particularly at public sector jails, have been consistently cut over the past few years and we are now witnessing the consequences. Suicides are up. Recidivist rates are up. Assaults on staff up. Violence in prisons is up.

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