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The Very Latest

  • McNarry puts down motion at Stormont over IS terror attacks on holidaymakers in Tunisia

    Posted on June 29

    David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has put down a matter of the day motion in the Assembly for debate tomorrow on the atrocities carried out by IS against British, Irish and other tourists.

    “My motion is designed to allow the Assembly to speak out and join in the free world’s condemnation of the chilling IS murderous attack on holiday makers in a Tunisian resort.”

    Watch it here:

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  • We should all thank our troops for their sacrifices in defending our freedoms

    Posted on June 27

    Mike_Arbor4_sml.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has encouraged the entire country to “get behind our armed forces and their families, even in a small way” and thank them “for their sacrifices in defending our culture, our way of life and our freedoms”.

    Speaking after laying a wreath at the National Arboretum for Armed Forces Day 2015, Mike said; “In these times, when our national security is threatened by a wide range of aggressors, it is important to pay tribute to those who put themselves in harms way to defend our country and our people.”

    “I would encourage everyone to show members of our armed forces, both past and present the respect they deserve and give them a pat on the back or a word of thanks for the sacrifices they make on our behalf.”

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  • UKIP Defence spokesman: terror attacks are work of utter cowards - and UK must be on its guard

    Posted on June 26

    Mike_Hookem.jpgMike Hookem MEP, UKIP defence spokesman has described today’s terrorist attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait as “the work of utter cowards” and said that his thoughts are with “all those caught up in these dreadful events”.

    Speaking about the attack targeting tourists sunbathing on a beach in the Tunisian holiday resort of Sousse, which left 28 British, German and Belgium nationals dead, Mike said; “The terrorists picked the softest possible target to maximise the impact of their attack. Their actions are utterly disgusting and no ideology can excuses their actions.”

    “The simple fact is those who order or perpetrate such horrific acts are utter cowards!”

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  • Counting the cost of a second class railway network

    Posted on June 26

    JillSeymour.jpgIf Britain can’t afford to improve its existing railway infrastructure, how can it be expected to pay for the multi-billion pound HS2 project? Among the work being stalled through a shortage of cash is the electrification of the Midland mainline, on the Transpennine route between Leeds and Manchester.

    UKIP Transport Spokesman Jill Seymour said: “Time and time again, the Government has insisted that the £55 billion-plus HS2 project would not impact on the financing of our existing railway infrastructure.

    “Now, however, it appears we’re starting to see the truth. The Government is clearly tightening the purse strings on our existing rail infrastructure to help fund its disgraceful HS2 vanity project.”

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  • DWP stats show young people can't afford not to get involved in politics

    Posted on June 25

    JaneCollins.jpgThe latest figures from the Department of Work and Pensions shows that young people need to get involved in the political process for the sake of their own finances. The report shows that pensioners are less likely to be in relative and absolute low income than the population as a whole with 14 per cent of pensioners in that bracket compared to 21 per cent of the population as a whole.

    It finds that between 1998/99 and 2013/14 there was a marked fall in the percentage of pensions in absolute low income.

    UKIP Employment spokesman Jane Collins said that policies such as the triple lock pension and the basic state pension increasing by 2.5 per cent - above average earnings growth - came down to the fact that older people are more likely to vote than younger people.

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