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  • UKIP demands action to stop the loss of national treasures

    Posted on January 20

    jcVjhVBq.jpgWealthy buyers and dealers are using 'exploitable loopholes' and 'gentlemen's agreements' to avoid export restrictions on national treasures. This has resulted in 41 artworks worth almost £300m leaving our shores for good between 2011 - 2016. These pieces included Picasso's Child With A Dove which is now thought to be in Qatar and a Rembrandt self portrait.

    Victoria Ayling UKIP Heritage and Tourism Spokesman supported The Art Fund in demanding that the rules should be tightened.

    She said, "Important cultural objects bought by overseas collectors often have a temporary export ban put on them. This gives British dealers or museums a chance to match the price, then the owner has to sell it to them. This has meant many wonderful and historical pieces have been saved for the Nation to be enjoyed by all, whilst the owner still gets a fair price.

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  • Surrey Council put already stretched household budgets at unacceptable risk, says UKIP

    Posted on January 19

    petereeve.jpgUKIP spokesman on Local Government, Cllr Peter Reeve MBE today condemned the proposal by Cllr David Hodge, Leader of Surrey County Council to impose a 15% tax rise on its residents. 

    Cllr Reeve said: "Even if the move is rejected by residents, the cost of the referendum that will be triggered by the proposed tax rise will have to be paid by the Surrey council tax payer, which could be up to £1 million. 

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  • EU Parliament refusal to use electronic ballot for President vote is a step back in time

    Posted on January 19

    jillparl.jpgNew European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, has faced a grilling on Day One in his new job over the use of paper ballots for internal Parliament elections.

    The current method for the ballot has taken almost three whole days of voting to conclude – when there is already a far cheaper and more efficient method of counting the vote.

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  • Universities are ripping Students off and closing down their minds

    Posted on January 19

    Opening_the_British_Mind-page-001.jpgUniversities are often considered hallowed halls of academic learning which offer you a chance to open your mind and get a degree that leads to a secure, well-paid job. According to a research paper just released by UKIP in Parliament, the reality is that going to university is more likely to lead you into debt and underemployment, and terrify you into conformity. The government needs to reform fees and safeguard free speech on campus if British universities are to serve the interests of students, says the paper’s author, Simon Gordon.

    “The current tuition system isn’t working for either students or taxpayers,” says Gordon. “Higher tuition fees haven’t improved standards, pushed up graduate earnings, or produced a high-skilled workforce. They’ve just left more students in debt and made it far more likely that taxpayers will have to pick up the bill for unpaid student loans.”


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  • Britain is not bluffing and will not be bullied over Brexit plans, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall tells EU

    Posted on January 18

    NuttallinEU.jpgUKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP told the European Parliament today that Britain is not a country that will be bullied easily by EU negotiators, following Prime Minister Theresa May's announcement of her Brexit objectives.

    He also criticised the lack of response from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour and its demise as the party of working people.

    Speaking in Strasbourg, Mr Nuttall said: “No-one in Britain bar UKIP, my party, is holding the government to account on these issues, maybe because the British Labour Party is a shambles that has let down working class people for far too long.”

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