• Douglas Carswell hails UKIP Public Meeting in Clacton as breakthrough for 'People's Politics' as all 700 tickets taken up within 24 hours

    portrait-185.jpgDouglas Carswell, UKIP's Clacton by-election candidate, will welcome party leader Nigel Farage to the biggest public meeting in the town's living memory on Wednesday.

    UKIP's by-election team were bowled over by the enormous demand for tickets, with the 700-seat hall completely booked out within a day of tickets becoming available.

    Mr Carswell said: "Next week David Cameron is due to address the Tory party conference in Birmingham in front of a handpicked audience of wannabe MPs, lobbyists and PR men, out of reach of the local population.

    "But in Clacton on Wednesday, Nigel Farage and I will be showing that there is an enormous appetite in this country for proper, accessible political debate.

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  • Online petition launched demanding a Voice for England

    voiceforengland.pngA new petition has been launched that urges Labour leader Ed Miliband to show that he supports democracy by instructing the 41 Labour MPs in Scotland to refrain from debating or voting on matters than are currently devolved.

    It also asks for a full debate on the revision of the Barnett Formula which allocates spending in the 4 countries making up the UK.

    So far just under 2,000 signatures have been received since it was launched only a few hours ago - and you can add your signature here

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  • Don't let Labour Balls Up the Economy

    UKIP reaction's to the Shadow Chancellor's speech:

    One glaring discrepancy shows that Balls is talking utter Balls. He talks about a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee where unemployed 18-24 year olds out of work would be offered a taxpayer funded job. But under EU rules, British workers cannot be prioritised.

    Is he planning on extending that scheme to the five million young people unemployed across the EU?

    Here he is talking about building 200,000 new homes. Where? Who for? One assumes they are needed to house the ever increasing number of migrant workers flooding in to the UK

    He talks about increasing the minimum wage. But it's the millions of low skilled EU workers that mean unscrupulous employers get away with offering temporary contracts on the cheapest wages to foreign workers.

    He pledges Labour would cut corporation tax, while his beloved EU dream of seeing corporation tax harmonised across the Union. The UK simply cannot achieve a competitive edge to boost employment and get our economy going while doing as Brussels says.

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  • By-Election Weekend

    We need your help this weekend in two major by-election action days in Clacton and Heywood. With the campaign in both areas getting well under way we need your help to make sure we get Douglas Carwell and John Bickley elected as UKIP MPs.

    We need as many boots on the ground so we can see off the Tories and the other parties. If we can cover both constituencies with activists this weekend it will be a massive step towards winning our first MPs.

    Here are the details you need:

    Campaign in Clacton, meeting at 9am at the Campaign office this Saturday before going out leafleting and canvassing in the constituency. The address is: 105 Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 1TW. The office is open every day at 9am, so if you can’t make it this Saturday then try make it another day of the campaign.

    If you can’t make it to Clacton on Saturday, help out in Heywood by coming along to the action day on Sunday, meeting at the Campaign office. The action day begins a 11am at the campaign office which is located at 27 Market Place, Heywood, Lancashire, OL10 1LA. It is open every day from 9am till late. There has been a great response on the doorstep so far, with Nigel Farage visiting yesterday.

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  • Nigel Farage: A voice for England


    Scotland voted to save the Union, only just …but at what cost to the unity of the Kingdom?

    UKIP is a national party with elected representation in all four nations of the United Kingdom. Accordingly we are pleased that the Scottish referendum resulted in a “No” vote but unhappy that Messrs. Cameron, Miliband and Clegg saw fit, without an electoral mandate, to make a last minute vow to Scotland for increased powers and the continuation of the Barnett Formula. UKIP wants a new Constitutional Settlement for the UK which includes a fair deal for the 86% of the UK’s population who live in England.

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  • David McNarry MLA says Northern Ireland should assist Scottish businesses to re-locate to Northern Ireland if Scotland votes for independence

    image_(3).jpegDavid McNarry MLA, UKIP's leader in Northern Ireland, has said that if Scotland does vote for independence Northern Ireland should offer an alternative home for those businesses that want to relocate out of an independent Scotland.

    “I dread the thought - but if Scotland does choose to break up the union by voting for independence, then Northern Ireland should do more to shore up a new union including England, Wales and ourselves in Northern Ireland.”

    “We should, as a people and a devolved government, move quickly to provide open access and assistance to those Scots and those Scots-based businesses wishing to re-locate outside an independent Scotland.”

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  • UKIP Leader Nigel Farage says Alex Salmond must publicly call for calm ahead of tomorrow's vote

    10277585_681301248584148_6479684706405034690_n_(1).jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage: "Alex Salmond has fuelled such vitriol and hatred amongst Yes campaigners that we are now seeing intimidation, a growing anti-English sentiment and the sort of abhorrent behaviour that could lead to rioting.

    ​"It is a sorry situation when politics plunges to these depths.

    "As Scotland's First Minister who wants to become the first leader of an independent Scotland it is surely Alex Salmond's job to publicly demand calm and law abiding behaviour to ensure a free and fair referendum tomorrow."​

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  • Help make history this Saturday. Help elect Douglas Carswell as a UKIP MP

    10708033_10203673941182130_778108109_n.jpgWith the campaign in Clacton getting well under way we need your help to make sure we elect our first MP there. On Saturday we will be having an action day and we need as many boots on the ground so we can see off the Tories and the other parties. If we can cover the constituency with activists this weekend it will be a massive step towards winning our first MP.

    Polling day is only a few weeks away on 9th October and we need as many people to get out between now and then to ensure we elect our first ever MP to Westminster.

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  • UKIP MEP Jane Collins calls for Shaun Wright to face legal action for his many failures to act to protect children

    JaneCollins.jpgUKIP MEP and Rotherham Central PPC Jane Collins calls for Shaun Wright to face legal action for his many failures to act to protect children​:

    "This man should be prosecuted for his many failures to act to protect children, while serving as cabinet member for child services on Rotherham MBC. It is disgusting that he has waited this long to resign. The audacity of those involved in the numerous grave failings of Rotherham Council and Child Protection Services is appalling. Do they still not accept or understand the severity of the consequences of their wilful inaction?

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  • Reject Westminster, Not the Union - Nigel Farage asks the Scottish people

    10277585_681301248584148_6479684706405034690_n.jpgSpeaking before the Scottish referendum, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said:

    "I totally understand the Scottish people feeling that the political class in Westminster are remote and out of touch with their lives, a majority of us in England feel the same way too.

    "Whilst devolution continues we need some radical reform to our government and we can start the process with the General Election next May.

    "We can change our Union for the better.

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