• The EU's 'Eastern Partnership' may look friendly enough, but it could be dangerous

    Paul_Nuttall.jpegUKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall warns today that moves by the EU to forge a partnership with Eastern European states and former satellite states of Soviet Russia will be interpreted as a provocative move by Putin.

    “It’s a laudable aim to have good relations with our neighbours but we must not forget that Russia is also one of our neighbours and could be a good strategic partner.

    “We should not be taking actions deliberately to isolate them. We’ve been here before, with Ukraine. When the EU flirted with the country over further integration it resulted in civil war.

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  • It’s time to switch off the speed camera ‘cash machines’

    Jill_Seymour.jpegUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour has called for a major review of Britain’s speed camera network, on the 23rd anniversary of their launch. She said it was time to differentiate between cameras which were genuinely helping to save lives, and those which are nothing more than revenue-raising cash-machines.

    “I am all in favour of speed cameras, where there is clear evidence that they are in accident blackspots and are helping to make our roads safer, both for the motorist and the pedestrian,” she said.

    “But thousands of these cameras are just being cynically used to raise money from drivers, instead of saving lives.

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  • We can't control our borders while remaining in the EU

    storyimagenigel.pngThe Prime Minister’s suggestions on how to tackle migration are predictable and a sham, writes Nigel Farage in the Daily Telegraph today.

    "It is perfectly clear that the only way for the UK to be able to control those who cross the drawbridge is to leave the EU. By introducing a fair points-based system we will be able to ensure both the quantity and quality of those we allow into the country. It isn’t hard, and it isn’t racist. It is merely the only serious and considered option that will work and over 75 per cent of the population want to see such controls."

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  • Net migration continues to rise under the Tories. Only UKIP can be trusted to control immigration

  • Migration figures: The Government has failed catastrophically

    Steven_Woolfe.jpegSteven Woolfe MEP, the UKIP Migration spokesman has responded to the latest ONS figures that show an increase in net immigration of 109,000 per annum to 318,000.

    “Today’s government announcement on illegal migration is a smoke screen to mask today’s appalling immigration statistics. In almost every area, net migration, overall UK immigration, EU immigration, non-EU immigration, sham marriages, bogus students, overstayers; the government has failed catastrophically.

    “It has never been clearer that the UK borders are open to all whenever, wherever and however they want to come. The government has lost all control. The ONS report that 285,000 people came to work in the UK work last year. That is a city the size of Nottingham, which has nearly a 100 schools, 60 GP surgeries and several hospitals. Britain needs to provide the equivalent just to keep up with the workers arriving and this illustrates clearly the strain mass migration is putting on our public services.

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  • UKIP's positive and ethical migration policy is NOT about pulling up the drawbridge but controlling who comes over it

  • AIRBUS contradicting 2014 statements that investment depends on profits not politics

    96958.jpgThe European aerospace and defence giant Airbus said today it would reconsider investment in the UK in the event of Britain leaving the European Union. Responding UKIP International Trade spokesman, William Dartmouth MEP said:

    "Airbus in the recent past has flatly contradicted allegations of stopping investment if Britain leaves the EU.

    "In January 2014, Airbus stated that the reason they stay in the UK is because it is a 'competitive place to do business.'

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  • Government fails to deport EU criminals : Yet another pledge broken and within only 10 days of their general election victory.

    DianeJames.jpgRevelations that the Government has only managed to deport only 19 of the 3,560 EU prisoners in UK gaols  has been mocked by Diane James, the UKIP Home affairs spokesman.

    'It is beyond a joke and clear proof that the new Conservative Government’s word cannot be trusted on its EU prisoner deportment pledge or anything connected with dealings with the EU.

    The prime minister owes UK voters an apology. It is their tax money which he is continuing to squander because he cannot or will not meet his own pledges'

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  • Statement from UKIP Chairman Steve Crowther

    15236918009_c6fae5311b_z.jpgUKIP Chairman Steve Crowther: "Reports that Suzanne Evans has been 'sacked' are completely wrong. Suzanne is Deputy Chairman of the Party with responsibility for policy, a role she has had for two years and continues to hold. She was contracted for five months' full-time work to write our General Election manifesto. Self-evidently, that task is complete, and the contract fulfilled – with great success – and Suzanne will now be returning to the consultancy work she put aside in order to take on this important work for us".

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  • Turkey: From member of Customs Union to full EU membership? - William Dartmouth MEP

    William Dartmouth MEP raises the issues that will occur if Turkey becomes a full EU member state.

    Watch more videos of William Dartmouth MEP in the European Parliament

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