• EU’s demands for UK taxpayers to cough up an additional £1.7bn is ‘outrageous’

    bigpic.jpgThe EU’s demands for UK taxpayers to cough up an additional £1.7bn is ‘outrageous’ and the leadership of the Conservative Party is in ‘complete disarray’ according to UKIP’s EU budget spokesman, Jonathan Arnott MEP.

    EU Chiefs plan to charge an additional £1.7 billion from UK taxpayers on the back of the UK’s better than expected economic performance in recent years.

    Meanwhile, Syed Kamall, leader of the Conservatives' MEPs, admitted this morning that Treasury officials may have known about the EU’s new demands a week ago.

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  • UKIP's Immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe responds to Ed Miliband

    SteveWoolfe.jpgResponding to Ed Miliband, UKIP's Immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said: "Today we see more political point scoring over migration, this time from Ed Miliband. He promises to ‘use his first Queen’s Speech to introduce “clear, credible and concrete change” to the UK’s migration system.’ It’s all very well making these comments but Labour Party’s record on controlling migration doesn't make for easy reading.

    "Labour opened our borders unconditionally to hundreds of millions of people. This allowed over 4 million people to enter our country over 13 years. It caused mass wage compression, and placed huge strain on the NHS and other vital public services. The Great British public are fed up of listening to more false promises on such a vital issue. Only one party is taking this issue seriously. UKIP. We were the only party brave enough to bring the issue to the forefront of the political debate. And we are the only ones giving viable solutions to sort it out.


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  • Farage denounces new European Commission as “the enemy of the very concept of democracy”

    nigel_about.jpgAs Jean-Claude Juncker introduced his new European Commissioners to the European Parliament today, UKIP leader Nigel Farage stood at his front row seat in the chamber and told him “this is a pretty much a bunch of non-entities.” He said “the one from Britain is so obscure, his name Lord Hill should be ‘Lord Who?’ Because you know the British public couldn’t pick the bloke out of a line-up.”

    Farage told Juncker: “I don’t think that the European public or commentators understand what the European Commission really is. The Commission is the executive, it is the Government of Europe and it has the sole right to propose legislation. It does so in consultation with 3,000 secret committees staffed mainly by big business and big capital and all the legislation is proposed in secret.”

    “Once something becomes a European law, it is the European Commission themselves who have the sole right to propose repeal or change of that legislation.”

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  • UKIP today slammed other political parties for voting in favour of yet more EU funding, as they approved the EU's budget for 2015

    bigpic.jpgUKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott, together with UKIP's colleagues in the Italian Five-Star Movement, tabled a string of amendments to the EU budget to cut the cost to taxpayers. Every single one of the 46 amendments were rejected: some were voted down, and some didn't even make it to a vote because the Parliament had already voted to increase the budget items UKIP wanted to cut.

    Cuts to MEPs' salaries, offices and allowances, pensions and European Political Parties were all rejected - as were cuts to the EU's public opinion analysis, European schools, Special Representatives and payments for co-operation with Greenland. 

    UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott, who sits on the Budget Committee, said "The Labour Party in particular have shown their true colours by voting down every attempt to save money from the European Union's budget. They have shown they just don't care how much taxpayers' cash is wasted by the failed European Union project. In total almost a billion pounds would have been saved by the UKIP proposals. In total almost a billion pounds would have been saved by the UKIP proposals.

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  • Nigel Farage: "This will be the last European Commission that governs Britain"

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage branded the new EU Commission “a bunch of non-entities.”

    “I spoke to MEPs this morning who will be voting on them later and most of them couldn’t even name half of them.”

    “The one from Britain is so obscure, he is named Lord Hill but it should be Lord Who. The British public couldn’t pick the bloke out of a line up. And he’s never been elected to anything in his life, which means he is perfect for the job.”

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  • UKIP Leader Nigel Farage thanks Barroso for telling the truth about Cameron's deception

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has thanked European Commission President Barroso for making it clear that David Cameron is wrong when he says we can restrict free movement and still remain members of the EU adding Cameron “was deceiving the British people and you made it clear”.

    Nigel Farage, Leader of UKIP and Co-President of the European of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group (EFDD) in the European Parliament, was back in his front row seat at the parliament after his eurosceptic EFDD group defeated attempts by the eurofanatic leadership of the parliament to disband them and take away their speaking rights.

    The victory of the group meant that the German Socialist President of the Parliament, Martin Schulz, who last week was accused by Nigel Farage of “manipulative backroom politics of the worst kind,” was forced to introduce “EFDD Mr Farage” to address the parliament. Farage rose to reply to a speech by outgoing President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso and you can watch the speech here:

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  • UKIP Economic Spokesman Patrick O'Flynn criticises George Osborne over new borrowing figures

    PatrickOflynn.jpgUKIP Economic Spokesman Patrick O'Flynn has criticised George Osborne over new borrowing figures which show that the Chancellor is sinking the country rapidly into further debt.

    Government borrowing rose to £11.8bn in September alone, some £1.6bn higher than in September 2013, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics.

    Mr O'Flynn said: "George Osborne has completely failed in his key objective as Chancellor - getting to grips with Britain's giant budget deficit.

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  • North Devon’s fishing fleet faces ‘imminent’ destruction because of government mismanagement

    Fishermen_and_politicians_at_AFD_201014.jpegNorth Devon’s fishing fleet faces ‘imminent’ destruction because of government mismanagement and the Government must over-ride EU quota limits to save 1000-year-old community, says UKIP Chairman Steve Crowther.

    The North Devon fishing fleet could have virtually ceased to exist by Christmas, following a ban on ray and skate fishing imposed suddenly this week by the government’s Marine Management Organisation (MMO). The ban is the result of a failure by the MMO to keep track of fish landings against EU quotas, according to UKIP, who are seeking an urgent meeting with the European Fisheries Commissioner.

    “On Friday the MMO suddenly announced that ray and skate fishing – which constitutes more than 70% of North Devon’s catch – had to stop from this Sunday”, said UKIP's Chairman Steve Crowther.

    “Apparently, although fishermen have to report landings within 24 hours, the government were two to three months behind in their administration. Having caught up, they now find there’s no quota left nationally, after an abundant take in the Eastern Channel. So, despite the fact that North Devon’s fleet have not fulfilled their meagre quota, they’re banned from fishing and tied up in dock.

    “This spells the end for a fishing community based on Appledore which is the oldest in the country, dating back more than 1000 years. Because of a combination of shrinking EU quotas and government incompetence, the industry in North Devon is likely to be gone by Christmas. The businesses based on the Appledore Fish Dock cannot survive without fish. It’s like telling farmers during harvest to stay indoors until next year – without compensation.”

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  • UKIP Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle responds to Bill Oddie

    Profile_Pic.jpgUKIP Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle said: "Bill Oddie's remarks this weekend, in which he described his shame at being British, and that the size of British families need 'to be contained' in the face of over population, were odious and misinformed.

    "If they had been made about any other country or its people, he would almost certainly be facing the sack.

    "The TV personality, whose salary as presenter of the BBC's SpringWatch, is effectively paid by British taxpayers, talked of the British as being a 'horrible race'.

    "Such bigoted comments reveal a very distorted view and a complete ignorance of the facts. British families, like their counterparts in Europe, are on average small; indeed the indigenous populations of most European countries have been in steady decline for some time.

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  • UKIP Fisheries spokesman to seek urgent meeting with EU Commissioner following removal of North Devon fleet's fishing rights

    RayFinch.jpgRay Finch MEP, UKIP Fisheries Spokesman, is seeking an urgent meeting with the Fisheries Commissioner over the removal of virtually all remaining fishing rights in the Bristol Channel, which has left the North Devon fleet tied up and facing ruin.

    "The decision by the Marine Management Organisation to immediately close the Skate and Ray fisheries over areas V1 and V11 is an absolute disgrace. The MMO says it must do so in fear of penalties to be imposed by the European Commission. This only makeseven more urgent the United Kingdom's exit from the Common Fisheries Policy.

    "The fishermen in the Bristol Channel will be completely wiped out because of this cowardly and draconian measure, ending an industry that is worth many millions of pounds a year. 70% of the white fish caught in the area are Skate and Rays. The Government is presiding over the utter destruction of hundreds, perhaps thousands of jobs in the UK fishing industry. The Tory Fisheries Minister, George Eustice, does nothing to protect UK fishermen and is craven in his attitude towards the EU.

    "UKIP's policy of withdrawal from the CFP and resumption of our sovereignty over our waters is the only way in which we can build sustainable stocks and have a viable business model for the industry and people of our coastal fisheries. The port of Appledore has a history of fishing going back 1,000 years and the Conservative Party is prepared to let that proud heritage die. It is nothing short of treason.

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