• Vote Jack Clarkson for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner


    The Police and Crime Commissioner election in South Yorkshire takes place today. We are in a very strong position and it's a straight fight between UKIP and Labour. We can win this election and really cause a storm in this Labour heartland.

    By voting for Jack Clarkson, you will be voting for common sense and one law for all, that will be implemented without fear or favour.

    Jack says: "My aim, if elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, would be simple. To re-establish and maintain the public’s trust in the uniform I was so proud to wear for more than 30 years.

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  • Incompetent Home Office results in 29,000 asylum cases still unresolved since 2007

    Responding to the Public Accounts Committee report that shows 29,000 asylum cases still unresolved from 2007, UKIP’s Migration Spokesman, Steven Woolfe MEP commented:

    “It is clear from today’s figures that our immigration system is in a complete spin on how to manage asylum cases into the UK. The blame must lie with the Secretary of State responsible, Theresa May."

    “The fact that 29,000 asylum cases are still to be resolved, dating back to the previous Labour government, shows clearly that our system is mismanaged, under staffed and under resourced. Most disturbing, is the government’s approach to the development of an IT system to support Border and Home office staff. Wasting £100s of millions is not only a national disgrace but a national security concern."

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  • Even pro-European Tories now admit the truth. You cannot control immigration while we are in the EU

    jqcPBsPM.jpegResponding to skills and equalities minister Nick Boles' comments in this morning’s FT that the government’s approach to immigration is damaging Britain’s global competitiveness, Steven Woolfe MEP said:

    “Nick Boles' comments reveal the shambolic thinking of the Conservative Party on migration. They really do seem to be making it up as they go along in response to the well-thought through UKIP migration policy that I outlined at our Doncaster Conference.

    “On the one hand you have government ministers saying that we are being ‘swamped’ with immigrants and now, on the other, a minister is saying that our immigration system is too hard. In fact what is clear is that the government’s confusion about migration policy and their ineffectual application of existing rules around illegal immigration that is making Britain a target for organised people trafficking.

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  • Nicola Sturgeon is deliberately ignoring the result of the Scottish referendum

    David-Coburn-MEP.jpgWhile UKIP is confident that Scotland would, with the rest of then UK vote to leave the EU, and therefore gain real independence, it recognizes that Scotland is less Eurosceptic than the rest of the UK.

    If the result was against Ms Sturgeon wishes, then what she is proposing today would be the most divisive and destructive possible act. She is attempting to break up the United Kingdom, despite losing the referendum. Her proposal is not that of a democrat, but of a petulant adolescent.

    UKIP MEP for Scotland, David Coburn said: "Nicola Sturgeon's veto plan is ridiculous.

    "We are part of the United Kingdom. Our country is Great Britain - I don't hold a Scottish passport, I hold a British passport as do we all.

    "We are one country and that was decided as part of the referendum, so what part of no don't they understand?"

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  • David Cameron's EU Referendum Bill collapses - UKIP responds

    10251977_660709683976638_2029174054560815548_n.pngDavid Cameron's European Referendum Bill has failed following the lack of support from the Conservative Party's coalition partners the Liberal Democrats. Even if the Bill had somehow managed to make it past a second reading, it was likely to fail in the House of Lords due to the Labour Party's refusal to support an EU referendum, and even then, it is well recognised that a parliament cannot bind its successor and therefore the entire move was fatuous.

    Having made this point for months if not years, UKIP now points to the string of broken promises by the Conservative Party, and the abject failure of the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party to reflect the will of the British people.

    It has of course not been a great few weeks for David Cameron:

    1. Britain still owes the EU a whopping £1.7bn, and Mr Cameron's support in Europe over the matter is faltering, with Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt now refusing to back him;
    2. The Tory Party is still at disarray internally over the European Arrest Warrant;
    3. The Tory Minister Nick Boles has admitted that nothing at all can be done about mass migration from the EU as long as we are part of the political union;
    4. The Liberal Democrats have put the boot into their coalition partners and killed the EU Referendum Bill.

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  • UKIP's Steven Woolfe MEP rejects claims that Britain is to blame for Migrant troubles in Calais

    jqcPBsPM.jpegSteven Woolfe MEP, the UKIP Immigration spokesman has rejected claims that Britain is at fault for the level of immigration.

    "I can sympathize with Madame Bouchart as she is on the frontline of Europe’s migration problem as a locally elected official. From her experience it is evident that even though Britain has not signed the Schengen Agreement, this country is adversely affected by the lack of European and French action on migration.

    "However, the problem she highlights is not one of the British welfare system, but of the way in which it can be misused. Welfare in the UK should be there for our own citizens, who have paid in, or whose family have paid in. It is not something for anybody turning up at our borders to be able to access.

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  • UKIP's Jill Seymour and Mark Reckless unite to open Medway's £13 million Tory Ghost Road

    toryghostroad.jpgJoining the campaign for UKIP’s Mark Reckless in Rochester & Strood, Jill Seymour MEP and UKIP Transport Spokesman strongly endorsed the campaign to open the £13 million Medway Tory ghost road.

    Rochester’s notoriously wasteful Riverside and Canal bus lane has long been a local emblem of Conservative incompetence. Built at huge cost and closed to locals who are forced to make a long detour around this landmark Tory failure, the bus lane is closed by Conservative-controlled Medway Council and central government alike.

    Sharing her outrage after visiting the silent Tory ghost road, Jill Seymour said: "It’s scandalous. I’ve been shown a £13 million road meant to serve the whole community which serves only a handful. It’s the old story again – the old parties arguing locally, arguing nationally, unwilling to sit around a table and actually sort it out.

    "For that amount of money, I’d have expected a proper motorway and a long one – not a bus lane closed to local drivers. Today is the second time I’ve been welcomed to Rochester & Strood by Mark Reckless, a man of common sense and logic who gets things done. UKIP is coming, but meanwhile, is it really too much to ask that the people who could do this get together, listen to the community, and get this road opened at last?" 

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  • Mark Reckless throws his full support behind UKIP's Jack Clarkson for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

    "South Yorkshire’s next Police and Crime Commissioner faces a formidable task", says UKIP’s Mark Reckless today "and the job needs a formidable man. I've no doubt the right man is Jack Clarkson".

    "Today, I'm throwing my full support behind Jack as he campaigns hard for permission from the people to get to grips with crime in South Yorkshire. Only UKIP can be trusted with the role. The Conservatives, as I know myself, make promises they won’t keep or can’t keep. And as Jack himself has said so straightforwardly and so rightly, there are 1,400 reasons not to vote for Labour. We can never forget those 1,400 and we must never forget who allowed such atrocious crimes to continue, because they valued political correctness more than they valued precious children.’

    "Along with UKIP, I was an early voice calling for police and crime commissioners to be created. Local communities should control local policing. The alternative simply doesn't work.

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  • Help the South Yorkshire PCC Election Campaign

    JC2.jpgThe Police and Crime Commissioner election in South Yorkshire takes place this Thursday 30th October. We are in a very strong position and it's a straight fight between UKIP and Labour. We can win this election and really cause a storm in this Labour heartland.

    We need your help to man polling stations and turn out the UKIP vote. We have established four headquarters in the local authority areas where helpers should report to be allocated tasks, they are:

    A) Barnsley: Corton Wood retail park, Corton Wood Drive, South Yorkshire, S73 0UF

    B) Doncaster: 204 Thorne Road, Doncaster, DN2 5AF

    C) Rotherham: Three Horseshoes pub 133 Bawtry Rd, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 2BW

    D) Sheffield: Woodseats Working Men's Club, The Dale, Sheffield, S8 0PS

    Please respond to the Yorkshire Regional Organiser, Mike Speakman at letting him know which venue you will be able to head to and how many others you'll be able to bring with you. We need all the help we can get.

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  • UKIP launch ‘1400 Reasons to vote’ campaign in South Yorkshire PCC Election Race

    JC4.jpgUKIP South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner candidate, Jack Clarkson, today unveiled a new, hard hitting, ‘1400 reasons to vote’ campaign in Rotherham, supported by local MEP and prospective parliamentary candidate for Rotherham, Jane Collins MEP. UKIP are well known for their hard hitting advertisements and this poster is no difference. The poster will be displayed across South Yorkshire in the run up to the election on 30th October.

    Speaking at the unveiling, Jack said: "It is a sad fact that the people have been let down by the Labour Party across South Yorkshire. Politicians, both at the town halls and in uniform for years were more worried about fashionable ideas than about protecting our young in their own towns and streets".

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