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  • UKIP brands the huge increase in taxpayers caught in the 40p rate a disgrace and pledges to raise the threshold to at least £45,000.

    Posted on April 22

    An official House of Commons report highlighting a huge rise in the number of workers dragged into the 40p tax rate is today branded a disgrace by a senior UKIP figure.

    The figures, unveiled in a report in today’s Daily Mail, show that the number of people paying the 40p rate of income tax has risen by 400% over the past 30 years.

    There are now 4.4 million people paying tax at 40p in the pound, compared to just 930,000 in 1984. The number caught by the rate – originally designed as a tax only on the very wealthy – increased rapidly during Gordon Brown’s tenure at the Treasury because he raised the threshold for payment more slowly than earnings growth.

    But the situation has got even worse under George Osborne, with the Chancellor having actively lowered the threshold for paying the higher tax rate – down from £43,875 at the last election to £41,865 today. As a result 1.1 million extra people have been dragged into the higher rate. Recently Mr Osborne came under fire after appearing to suggest that people enjoy getting caught in the 40p rate.

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  • UKIP membership hits record high as the party goes from strength to strength ahead of May’s European and local elections

    Posted on April 21

    UKIP is today delighted to announce that the party’s membership has topped 36,000 – with a new surge of applications having followed Nigel Farage’s televised debates against Nick Clegg.

    The confirmed membership now stands at 36,015, with staff at the party’s headquarters in Newton Abbot, Devon, still working around the clock to get through a glut of applications.

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  • UKIP national billboard campaign

    Posted on April 21

    Take a look at the billboards from our new national campaign ahead of the European Elections on May 22.





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  • UKIP has just launched its biggest ever advertising campaign as the European parliamentary elections battle gets underway in earnest

    Posted on April 21


    UKIP has launched a massive national billboard poster campaign in advance of the European parliamentary elections on May 22.

    The campaign has been funded by Yorkshire businessman Paul Sykes and involves a series of hard-hitting messages about the loss of control of key political decisions to the European Union and the impact it is having on ordinary families.

    The posters – to be reinforced by digital and newspaper advertising – focus on the wage compression and reduction in employment opportunities suffered by British workers in the wake of open-door EU immigration, the proportion of British laws now being made in Brussels and the cost of the EU.

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “These posters are a hard-hitting reflection of reality as it is experienced by millions of British people struggling to earn a living outside the Westminster bubble. Are we going to ruffle a few feathers among the chattering classes? Yes. Are we bothered about that? Not in the slightest.

    “UKIP is hugely grateful to Paul Sykes for his magnificent contribution to the great cause of restoring Britain’s ability to be a self-governing nation. The political earthquake I have spoken of is on its way.”

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  • Sensational Poll shows UKIP on course for General Election triumph in Eastleigh

    Posted on April 20

    A new poll by Survation has shown that UKIP has built on its breakthrough at the Eastleigh by-election last year, where it came a close runner-up to the Liberal Democrats.

    Latest polling shows that in a general election voters in the seat would now return a UKIP MP.

    The polling, the latest in a series conducted on behalf of UKIP donor Alan Bown, represents the first time that UKIP has been shown in first place for a parliamentary election.

    At last year's by-election UKIP's Diane James pushed her Liberal Democrat opponent to the wire and she is expected to represent the party again in the general election next year. Survation have found that UKIP are now in first place in the seat with 32% support, with the Conservatives now in second place on 28%, the Lib Dems third on 27% and Labour in fourth on 12%.

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