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  • UKIP neither wants nor needs the Ramsgate area, including Manston, to become a lorry park

    Posted on August 04

    Responding to reports today that Manston Airport will be used to park lorries due to the ongoing situation in Calais and Dover, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and UKIP's Leader of Thanet District Council Chris Wells issued the following joint statement:

    "UKIP neither wants nor needs the Ramsgate area, including Manston, to become a lorry park. This is a simplistic and short term approach to the ongoing crisis in Calais and Dover.

    "UKIP-controlled Thanet District Council is only interested in getting lorries moving so that business can flourish, not simply transferring the parking problem from Dover into the neighbouring districts. We need a more radical approach, and so we urge the government to open up the Port of Ramsgate so lorries can be moved across to the continent.

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  • EU pays jobless migrants to come to Britain

    Posted on August 04

    su8OU9X-6wmmsFf4gnQvuB5OTcEae9qOt_NuH73_0dE.pngResearch by UKIP has discovered that a jobs scheme which is supposed to help young people from across the EU get work has helped only 25 British people secure work.

    The controversial EURES scheme, which the UK government has tried to secure opt outs on, offers grants and reimbursements for people between 18 and 35 to get jobs or trainee schemes in other countries.

    The findings have been described as "more proof that EU membership is not in Britain's best interests" by the UKIP's Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP.

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  • Victims of CSE should not have their compensation cut says UKIP

    Posted on August 04

    jane-collins.jpgAnti CSE campaigner and Rotherham MEP Jane Collins has attacked he government's position of cutting compensation for victims of sexual abuse who have criminal records.

    Mrs Collins said that many of the victims would have committed crimes because they had fallen into a spiral of despair and desperation after being introduced to drugs and drink by their abusers.

    "When I spoke to victims it became evident very quickly that drugs and alcohol were the main control mechanisms used by the abusers as both a lure and a way to dominate their victims.

    "This led to many dropping out of school and falling into petty crime to feed habits developed by being abused.

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  • Tim Aker MEP calls for unauthorised traveller pitches to be made illegal

    Posted on August 03

    Tim_Yellow_No_Back.pngUKIP MEP for East of England, Tim Aker, has today launched a Downing Street Petition calling for unauthorized traveller sites to be made a criminal offence.

    The Member of the European Parliament, who is also a councillor for Aveley in Thurrock, has called for this action after a spate of traveller incursions in Thurrock.

    Tim Aker said: “The existing civil rules mean residents have to wait several days before action is taken to clear illegal traveller sites. The clear up afterwards has to be paid for by the taxpayer. Enough is enough. There needs to be a stronger deterrent and making illegal incursions a criminal offence would be just that. With strict liability, there would also be swifter removal so residents can be aware that after reporting the illegal incursion, the authorities are able to act immediately to make arrests and clear the site.

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  • UKIP: Ship lorries out of Ramsgate instead of parking them

    Posted on July 31

    With the ongoing crisis at Calais, UKIP have today called for lorries to be shipped via the Port of Ramsgate.

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "Rather than parking lorries in Ramsgate, we must begin shipping lorries via the Port of Ramsgate. The chaos in Calais is now a national economic problem of great urgency that requires a new approach."

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