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  • Tory 'Contract' was a Con Trick, here's why...

    Posted on November 28

    Do you remember this newsletter (below) from David Cameron and the Conservatives?

    It was published when they weren't looking like winning in 2010 and were begging for your vote. It contained what they called a "contract" between the Conservative Party and the British people, telling voters that they would reduce immigration "to the levels of the 1990s – meaning tens of thousands a year".

    Well over the last 48 hours we've learned it wasn't a contract. It was a con trick. Click on the image below to view the full Tory CONtract. 


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  • We cannot control migration whilst we are in the EU

    Posted on November 28

    SPFKIhLG_400x400.jpegReacting to David Cameron's long awaited speech on immigration UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has said: "Here is the Prime Minister using this word 'control' and totally deceiving the British people yet again. Because one thing is true: he has absolutely zero control over the situation. He cannot control immigration from the EU and has revealingly dropped his suggestions of a cap or an emergency brake on numbers coming in.

    "He talks only about in work benefits and job seekers which will create a bone of contention for other EU member states or trades unions who may well decide to take the UK to the European Court of Justice. It's a cynical attempt to kick the issue into the long grass until after the election.

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  • Drivers support UKIP's road tolls campaign

    Posted on November 28

    road_tolls_3.jpgUKIP’s national day of action against the ‘highway robbery’ of road tolls got a warm response from drivers today. Party activists delivered the message by unfurling banners at a series of ‘Stop The Tolls’ demonstrations across the UK.

    Shropshire and Staffordshire UKIP members congregated at the Mill Lane Bridge, over the M6 Toll at Cheslyn Hay in the West Midlands.

    “The message was warmly received once again,” said UKIP’s Transport spokesman Jill Seymour. “The campaigners received lots of honking horns of support, both from hauliers and car drivers.”

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  • Migration: A decade of failure by both main parties

    Posted on November 27

    SteveWoolfe.jpgUKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe has responded to the latest migration figures: "The astronomical migration figures show an abject failure by this Government to control immigration, despite countless promises to the public. The eye-watering increase places immense strain on employment prospects, schools, hospitals and housing. This is either a total scandal or a long standing con trick by a Party who were elected on the promise of reducing immigration to the tens of thousands. There is nothing the Tories can say or do now that can right this massive wrong.

    “In the year to June 2014 the 583,000 people entering the UK was more than whole the population of the City of Manchester. Net long term migration was up in the year 42% to 260,000. UK public services and infrastructure cannot keep up with this level of new arrivals.

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  • Cameron caught lying at PMQs

    Posted on November 26

    bours2-e1404806711180.jpgUKIP Health spokesperson Louise Bours has criticised David Cameron’s response to Mark Reckless first question as a UKIP MP, during Wednesdays PMQs.

    She said “Mr Reckless was asking a perfectly sensible question about Medway Hospital. Like all good constituency MPs he was raising an issue that will be of concern to many people in Rochester and Strood”.

    She continued “David Cameron’s assertion that UKIP doesn’t believe in the NHS and wants to break it up is a cheap shot, and a downright lie. There is a concerted effort from the established parties to peddle non truths and misinformation about UKIP and the NHS”.

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