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  • At 20% the momentum is with UKIP as we enter the last week of the election campaigns

    Posted on April 28

    index.jpgWith elections in all four corners of the UK it is clear that the momentum is with UKIP. A YouGov poll that came out this morning has UKIP up polling 20% nationally, including 31% with working class voters.

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "With one week to go until the elections on May 5th, I've been busy campaigning and supporting our candidates right across the United Kingdom. With local elections, Police and Crime Commissioner elections, elections to the Northern Ireland, Welsh and London Assemblies and the Scottish Parliament, we are aiming and on course to breakthrough right across the UK.

    "Thanks to all of your hard work, UKIP is now polling at a record high 20% nationally in the latest YouGov poll. This includes 31% of all working class voters backing UKIP.

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  • Union Deal with Government not in best interests of workers

    Posted on April 28

    Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has slammed a deal between the government and the unions which will see the Trade Union Bill watered down in return for union support of the ‘stay’ campaign; saying, “the unions are supposed to be defenders of UK workers, not the ones selling them down the river in return for political favours.”
    Mr Hookem’s comments come after the Daily Telegraph reported that 12 unions were “buying policy” with their support of the stay campaign, in return for “significant” concessions to the Conservative’s flagship policy to overhaul the way the unions fund political parties.
    Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “The whole ethos of the union movement is to protect workers rights, incomes, and futures, but it seems to me like they are more bothered about being allowed to continue to fund the pro-EU Labour party than they are about getting a stronger Britain that would benefit us all.”

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  • EU Parliament fail to show urgency in steel crisis

    Posted on April 27

    Bill-Etheridge.jpgWest Midlands UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge was furious as the chance to debate the crisis in the steel industry was missed in Brussels today.
    Prior to a plenary session this afternoon, agreement had been reached across some of the major groups in the Parliament that there was a need to discuss whether measures could be taken to protect the steel industry throughout Europe from the effects of cheap Chinese steel dumping.
    The EFDD, including UKIP, wanted to discuss it but the parliament chose to stall and delay for several weeks.
    Mr Etheridge, who himself spent twenty years in the steel industry, said “The crisis is now, not in the future.

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  • Hillsborough verdict underlines the utter lack of leadership both past and present in South Yorkshire Police

    Posted on April 27

    Screenshot_14.pngCommenting on criticism of South Yorkshire Police in the wake of the Hillsborough inquest verdict, UKIP’s candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in South Yorkshire, Gavin Felton said, “This verdict underlines the utter lack of leadership both past and present in South Yorkshire Police and how desperately the force needs a new direction.”
    “While one Labour MP has called for SYP to be rebranding or disbanded, I totally disagree.”
    “Disbanding the force would be a very expensive exercise that will do nothing to tackle the root causes of the problems nor absolve past failures. Only a new regime, with a new ethos on tackling and learning from past mistakes can make a difference and rebuild public confidence.”

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  • UKIP spoofs Lord Patten for suggesting BBC deferential to Brexit cause

    Posted on April 27

    PaulNuttall.jpgResponding to Lord Patten, UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP said:

    “This is a bit rich, coming from a man on a fat European Commissioner pension and who wants to remain in the EU.

    "The most senior BBC News editors have previously admitted that that the BBC has been biased for years in favour of the EU and against discussion of immigration.

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