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The Very Latest

  • Airstrikes ineffectual against Islamic State

    Posted on July 03

    MikeHookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has spoken out against using only airstrikes to defeat Islamic State in Syria, saying the strategy would be “totally ineffective in combating the extremist jihadist group”.

    Mr Hookem said the suggestion by the Conservatives of using fighter aircraft to bomb Syria was a “simplistic and predictable response to fix the failures of consecutive governments in tackling Islamic extremism.”

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  • “Plane crazy” calls to increase tax on flights

    Posted on July 01

    UKIP’s West Midlands MEPs have today launched a three-pronged attack at “plane crazy” calls by a Wolverhampton MP, who never flies, to increase a tax on the cost of flights.

    The Party’s national Transport Spokesman Jill Seymour, and fellow West Midlands MEPs James Carver and Bill Etheridge, believes pie-in-the-sky suggestions made by Wolverhampton South West MP Rob Marris to raise the tax on flights which leads to soaring costs to flights, show the Labour politician is completely out of touch.

    Mr Marris has opposed the axing of air passenger duty (APD) despite admitting that he has not flown for years.

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  • UKIP Defence Spokesman says "Cameron should concentrate on fighting terrorists not preaching semantics to the BBC"

    Posted on June 30

    Mike Hookem has said the Prime Minister should concentrate on protecting British people against terrorists rather than telling the BBC to refer to the terror group as Islamic State.

    His comments come as Cameron said Muslims would "recoil" at the name used to "justify the perversion of a great religion."

    "The Prime Minister's focus should be on securing our borders from the terrorist threat - which won't be achieved by a bit of fencing - not worrying about who he may or may not upset when the atrocities committed by Islamic State are described in the media."

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  • McNarry puts down motion at Stormont over IS terror attacks on holidaymakers in Tunisia

    Posted on June 29

    David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has put down a matter of the day motion in the Assembly for debate tomorrow on the atrocities carried out by IS against British, Irish and other tourists.

    “My motion is designed to allow the Assembly to speak out and join in the free world’s condemnation of the chilling IS murderous attack on holiday makers in a Tunisian resort.”

    Watch it here:

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  • We should all thank our troops for their sacrifices in defending our freedoms

    Posted on June 27

    Mike_Arbor4_sml.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has encouraged the entire country to “get behind our armed forces and their families, even in a small way” and thank them “for their sacrifices in defending our culture, our way of life and our freedoms”.

    Speaking after laying a wreath at the National Arboretum for Armed Forces Day 2015, Mike said; “In these times, when our national security is threatened by a wide range of aggressors, it is important to pay tribute to those who put themselves in harms way to defend our country and our people.”

    “I would encourage everyone to show members of our armed forces, both past and present the respect they deserve and give them a pat on the back or a word of thanks for the sacrifices they make on our behalf.”

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