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  • William Cash Jr: UKIP’s latest recruit

    Posted on September 30

    William Cash Jr, the proprietor of Spears Magazine has announced that he is joining UKIP.

    William, son of veteran Conservative MP Bill Cash, is being appointed Heritage Spokesman for UKIP and is hoping to stand for the party in Warwickshire in the general election next year.

    Nigel Farage, UKIP’s leader said: “I am delighted to be welcoming William to the party and am appointing him as our Heritage spokesman. William is already a consultant on National Heritage for the Government and various other organisations. He has vast experience in the field and will be a great addition to the team, working closely with Stuart Agnew on Countryside matters and Peter Whittle on Cultural affairs”.


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  • UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James MEP has criticised Theresa May for trying to rush knee-jerk and dangerous counter terrorism legislation through Parliament

    Posted on September 30


    UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James has criticised Theresa May for trying to rush knee-jerk and dangerous counter terrorism legislation through Parliament in order to mask her Government's failings.

    "We know that radicalism is being harboured in our society, but for years successive Governments have wilfully ignored the warning signs of this and criticised those who did raise concerns, like UKIP, who the Conservatives called 'fruitcakes and racists.' Now we are seeing knee-jerk, non-specific and frankly dangerous legislation being rushed through Parliament by the end of next month.

    "We have the strongest counter-terrorism legislation in the world through TPIMs. Yet there is a real risk here that the boost she wants to give current law will lead to individuals being targeted without due consideration to the presumption of innocence.

    "May does not even specify who would be targeted and on what grounds, meaning anybody could be labelled as extremist. What we are left with could be abused to shut down free speech and discriminate against individuals and organisations disproportionately and without due cause.

    "It's been cobbled together to try to reassure the public that the Government knows how to deal with the mounting threat of brutal terrorism in the Middle East.

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  • Counter Terrorism expert and former Deputy Mayor of London Richard Barnes joins UKIP

    Posted on September 30

    800px-Richard_Barnes.jpgRichard Barnes, author of the report on the 7/7 London Bombings and the former Deputy Mayor under Boris Johnson, has joined UKIP.

    Mr Barnes said: “I am delighted to join a party that says what it does and does what it says. My main reason for joining the party is its wholehearted opposition to the HS2 railway project that was always an expensive bung to the marginal seats in the Midlands, but is a £50 billion white elephant that will have virtually no impact on the vast majority of train users, but will drain transport coffers”.

    “UKIP talks to, listens to and speaks for the ordinary men and women of this country in a way that the other parties just cannot grasp. On issues such as education, taxation, immigration and of course the European Union it is UKIP that is speaking for the majority.”

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  • Speeches from Annual Conference

    Posted on September 30

    If you missed UKIP's largest ever Annual Conference in Doncaster catch up on those speeches that you missed here:


    Jane Collins MEP - Employment - View Speech here

    Mike Hookem MEP - Defence - View Speech here

    Amjad Bashir MEP - Communities- View Speech here

    Steven Woolfe MEP - Migration - View Speech here

    Leaving Labour - Vi Hong La - View Speech here

    Natasha Bolter - Leaving Labour - View Speech here

    Peter Whittle- Culture - View Speech here

    Louise Bours MEP - Health - View Speech here

    Diane James MEP- Justice & Home Affairs - View Speech here

    Suzanne Evans, Deputy Chairman – Welfare - View Speech here

    Paul Nuttall, Deputy Leader – Education - View Speech here

    Douglas Carswell, PPC Clacton - View Speech here

    John Bickley, PPC Heywood & Middleton - View Speech here

    Nigel Farage MEP, Party Leader - View Speech here

    Petr Mach MEP, Leader, Czech Free Citizens’ Party - View Speech here

    Andrew Charalambous - Housing - View Speech here

    Margot Parker MEP- Small Business - View Speech here

    Blair Smillie - Leaving Labour - View Speech here

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  • Just as we thought, Nigel tops this year's Political Power List

    Posted on September 30

    10277585_681301248584148_6479684706405034690_n_(1).jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage has toppled Prime Minister David Cameron from the head of the 2014 Political Power List.

    He is one of eight UKIP entries in the top 100 figures on the right on the list compiled by an anonymous panel of six MPs, pundits and journalists headed by broadcaster and blogger Iain Dale.

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