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The Very Latest

  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors statement is clear evidence that UKIP are winning the housing debate

    Posted on April 17

    ukiphousing-verdict.pngThe respected Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has praised UKIP’s housing policy for being the “first real programme of this campaign that seeks to solve Britain’s long-term supply-side crisis”.

    In their analysis of our housing policy launched as part of our manifesto earlier in the week their Head of UK Policy writes: "Taken collectively, this raft of policies appeared to be the first real programme of this campaign that seeks to solve Britain’s long-term supply-side crisis."

    They also noted that UKIP is the first party to agree to the RICS Property in Politics proposals for a national brownfield map, as a premise for the building of one million brownfield homes over the next ten years.

    UKIP Housing Spokesman Andrew Charalambous said: “The RICS statement is clear evidence that UKIP are winning the housing debate.

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  • Osborne has lost control of the public finances

    Posted on April 17

    PatrickOflynn.jpgUKIP economic spokesman Patrick O'Flynn has accused the Government of losing control of the public finances after new official figures showed that the UK deficit went up again during 2014, topping £100bn and that the Government's debt now tops £1,600bn.

    The figures from the ONS, revealed that the deficit for the calendar year 2014 came in at £101.8bn, some £3.5bn higher than in 2013.

    Mr O'Flynn said: "George Osborne is acting as if he has turned the public finances around. There is just one problem with that - it isn't true. In fact there has been very little progress on deficit reduction and the national debt is soaring to levels that leave this country very vulnerable in the long-term to further external shocks or the usual strains of the economic cycle.

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  • Multi-billion pound foreign aid scandal proves UKIP has been the only party telling the truth about overseas aid

    Posted on April 17

    abwJ9NwqIu8VsMDn-3a_yf7s0wg.pngNathan Gill, UKIP MEP for Wales, said: "We have warned for years that money spent on overseas aid is failing to help the poorest people and instead is making corrupt officials and crony consultants rich. Now the evidence shows UKIP were right."

    "UKIP must congratulate the Times for daring to tell the truth today about the scandal of Britain's squandered overseas aid.

    Evidence uncovered by the newspaper shows that the Cameron government has been paying professional aid staff in Africa and Asia as much as £1,000 a day. The evidence also shows corporate consultants have been filling their boots with billions of pounds that taxpayers have been led to believe were going to the desperately poor people around the world."

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  • UKIP's manifesto in 90 seconds

    Posted on April 16

    Read the whole thing here

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  • Tory MP’s call for more foreign aid to cut immigration “fantasy land”

    Posted on April 16

    Tim_Aker.jpegUKIP’s Tim Aker has accused Thurrock’s Conservative MP of living in a “fantasy land” following her claims in a BBC Essex debate this morning that increasing foreign aid will help cut immigration.

    Tim Aker said: “We’ve seen foreign aid and mass immigration both increase under this Tory government, so this incoherent argument from Thurrock’s Tory MP once again demonstrates how badly out of touch she is.

    “Residents in Thurrock want a local champion who will argue that we should stop giving billions away abroad and spend it here instead.

    “They also want an MP with a plan to bring immigration down. UKIP want to leave the EU and have an Australian-style points system. The Tories have no answer – foreign aid and immigration have soared on their watch. It is complete fantasy land.

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