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The Very Latest

  • David Cameron has permitted an extra 1.1 Million people to settle in the UK since 2010

    Posted on February 26

    SteveWoolfe.jpgONS Immigration figures released this morning are "absolutely staggering" according to Steven Woolfe MEP, the UKIP Migration spokesman.

    "The Government should be ashamed of its abject failure to keep control of the constantly rising numbers of those arriving here", he said.

    "This Government's policy is fatally holed beneath the water line and is sinking fast.

    "The figures show that 624,000 people arrived here in the past year alone. To put that into perspective that is equivalent to the populations of both Liverpool and Aberdeen combined.

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  • Only UKIP is trusted to deal with migration

    Posted on February 26

    trustedd3.pngA Press Association survey shows that UKIP is the only political party trusted by the public to deal with immigration. The results, released the same day as the latest quarterly immigration statistics, found that 30% of the public support UKIP, 13% Labour, 12% Tories and 4% support the Lib Dems.

    Steven Woolfe MEP, the UKIP Migration Spokesman welcomed the figures: "It is clear from these figures that there is only one party trusted to deal with the immigration crisis in Britain today, and that party is UKIP. Those that support UKIP on migration now outnumber the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems put together.

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  • Paul Nuttall: The 300 must stand firm for Greece and Democracy

    Posted on February 25

    In a barn-storming speech in the European Parliament Plenary session today in the presence of European Council President Tusk and Commission president Juncker, UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall called for the Greek people to stand up and struggle for their birth right – democracy.

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  • Higher energy prices are driving industries out of the EU

    Posted on February 25

    David Coburn, UKIP MEP for Scotland, has warned: "EU energy prices are driving industries, jobs and investment out of the EU and undermining European economies"

    In a debate today on the European Commission's plans for an Energy Union, Coburn said that EU energy policies "have led to gross over-investment in expensive renewables while India and China have robust economic growth and build two coal-fired power stations per week."

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  • Tories proposal for Manchester is a recipe for another postcode lottery in the health system

    Posted on February 25

    Louise_Bours.jpgUKIP Health Spokesman Louise Bours MEP responds to proposals by George Osborne for Councils to control NHS budgets:

    "What the Tories are proposing for Manchester is a recipe for yet another disastrous postcode lottery in the health system. This is a clear example of politicians making health policy not on health grounds, but because they believe it will win them votes.

    "It cannot be right that the purse strings for Greater Manchester's health will be controlled by 645 councillors in the area, just a handful less than the number of MPs in the Commons. What qualifications do they have for this role? Who will be accountable? Who can we blame when it all goes wrong? It will simply lead to the kind of unfairness we have already seen in the Scottish system, for instance, when residents there get free prescriptions for instance, while the rest of the country does not.

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