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  • Farage provokes Hollande to admit Brexit is logical

    Posted on October 07

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage provoked French President Hollande to admit in a debate in the European Parliament, Strasbourg today that Brexit was a logical choice.

    Speaking in the presence of Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, the UKIP leader said that we are living in a German dominated Europe which is causing resentment and division. After badly mishandling the migrant crisis, Europe was not an area of peace but of disharmony.

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  • EU opportunistic chancers for using the migrant crisis as an excuse for the creation of EU armed forces

    Posted on October 07

    p7I0mJasNRsi-KaGsSBbKriwDkFXwmSI1N2uLjc8k5Q.jpgUKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has branded the EU as “opportunistic chancers” after it was announced that EUNAVFOR-MED was to move into a new phase of offensive operations against people traffickers in the Mediterranean, saying the new role was the “opening gambit” for the creation of combined EU armed forces.

    Mr Hookem, speaking from Strasbourg where he has criticised the EU’s handling of Libya and Turkey, said, “The EU is slowly but surely trying to move from the principle of a nation state providing national security; to a more centralised model controlled and commanded from Brussels.

    “The EU is using the current migrant crisis in the Mediterranean as nothing more than an opportunistic excuse for the creation of an EU wide army, navy and air force.

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  • The Prime Minister has no clear strategy on the two biggest issues facing Britain

    Posted on October 07

    1017739_753280291386243_8538108291027881607_n.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage responds to David Cameron's speech:“It may be have been a great piece of showmanship but like Corbyn, Cameron mostly talks in platitudes. 

    "His National Crusade on housing is laughable considering this is the Prime Minister who has both overseen record highs of immigration, and record lows of housebuilding. One house has to be built every seven minutes just to keep up with immigration and Britain is falling way behind that target.

    “On social reform, he paints the picture of a more integrated and proud society, when it is the vast influx of people overwhelming communities’ abilities to bind together.

    "And of course he says nothing concrete about the EU. What are these proposed renegotiations, Mr Cameron? What are you actually bringing back for Britain? All that he is demanding is change of rhetoric, a stop to ever closer union, and even on this, he has been told it simply won’t happen.

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  • Juncker admits to EU Referendum Taskforce

    Posted on October 07

    PatrickOflynn.pngThe European Commission has admitted to a UKIP MEP that it has set up a task force with an initial staffing of nine officials to "coordinate" its activities for Britain's In/Out referendum. And it says the Eurocrats will oversee "information activities" in the run-up to the vote.

    The revelations will heighten concerns that Brussels intends to launch an all-out propaganda offensive, financed by taxpayers' money, in order to persuade the British public to stay in the EU.

    Commission President Jean Claude Juncker told Eastern MEP Patrick O'Flynn in a written parliamentary answer: "The Commission has decided to create a Task Force for Strategic Issues related to the United Kingdom referendum. It will coordinate the Commission's work on all strategic issues related to the UK ahead of the referendum.

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  • Essex slashes Police

    Posted on October 06

    Tim_hi_res_photo_2015.jpgUKIP East of England MEP and Thurrock Councillor, Tim Aker said: "The announcement that government is slashing 25% of the police budget for Essex over the next five years goes to show how messed up their priories are.

    "While this Conservative government has proudly announced that they have increased our foreign aid to over £12bn a year, we are seeing people in this country suffering.

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