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  • Leadership hustings schedule

    Posted on October 27

    UKIP will be running the following hustings for the election of our new leader:

    Emmanuel Centre, Marsham St, London, Westminster, SW1P 3DW.

    November 1st 2016, Doors open at 18:15 for 19:00 start.

    The Neon, Clarence Place, Newport, NP19 7AB

    November 3rd 2016, Doors open at 18:15 for 19:00 start.

    Guiseley Theatre, The Green, Guiseley, Leeds, LS20 9BT

    November 8th 2016, Doors open at 18:15 for 19:00 start.

    Wolverhampton Racecourse, Gorsebrook Rd, Wolverhampton, WV6 0PE

    November 10th 2016, Doors open at 18:15 for 19:00 start.

    If you would like to attend any of these events, please complete the form here. Only party members can attend the hustings and you will be required to show your UKIP membership card upon entry. Once submitted, you do not need to take any further action. Just arrive on time with your UKIP membership card.

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  • UKIP backs Goldsmith on his Heathrow stance

    Posted on October 27

    UKIP Chairman Paul Oakden said "On Tuesday 25th October Zac Goldsmith MP announced that he was resigning as the Conservative MP for Richmond Park, in light of the Government's announcement on a third runway at Heathrow.

    Zac Goldsmith has resigned on a matter of principle and UKIP admire him for having the courage to do so. UKIP have always believed that Gatwick was a preferred option to Heathrow.

    Recognising Zac as a principled man, who was fully committed to helping get Britain out of the European Union, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, in conjunction with our National Executive Committee have agreed that we will not be fielding a candidate in the upcoming by-election for Richmond Park.

    The Liberal Democrats are committed to overturning the result of the 2016 Referendum and ignoring the will of the British people. This must not be allowed to happen.

    UKIP are encouraging all of our supporters and voters to support Zac Goldsmith in his bid to become an independent MP."

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  • Growth rate confounds doomongers

    Posted on October 27

    christopher_mills.jpgCommenting on the release of official figures stating that the three month growth rate since the EU Referendum has been plus 0.5% rather than the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney's pre-Referendum estimate of 0.2%, Christopher Mills, the UKIP Business Spokesman said,

    "The bad news for those who expected an economic apocalypse when we voted to regain our independence and freedom has suffered another blow. The prophets of doom are now looking like a tired old heavyweight, demanding just one more round in the ring before retirement, appalling the public, embarrassing their friends and destroying their reputations. The UK is the one of the world’s most competitive economies; it is open for business and has the tools and the desire amongst its men and women to go from strength to strength in the future".

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  • Nissan news welcomed by UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott

    Posted on October 27

    Jonathan_Arnott_2.jpgNews that the Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail models will be built at Nissan's Sunderland plant, securing in the region of 7,000 jobs, has been welcomed by local UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott. Whilst the Qashqai decision had been expected, the X-Trail was more of a surprise.

    Almost one-third of all cars made in the UK last year were made at the Sunderland plant.

    Jonathan Arnott said, "I am absolutely delighted that these jobs have been secured and this is fantastic news not just for Nissan workers, but also for those working in jobs in the supply chain.

    “This is a real much needed boost to the local economy.

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  • Investigation into MEP altercation

    Posted on October 26

    Paul Oakden, UKIP Chairman commented on the release of the internal enquiry, which can be downloaded here

    "The decision of Mr Hookem to join Mr Woolfe in the ante room is the only action which I have the ability to consider for disciplinary action. In the absence of eye witnesses, the true facts of what took place in the ante room itself are impossible to determine and neither man has made an official complaint to the party over the incident.

    "Had Mr Woolfe not collapsed later that day, we may never have known that the altercation took place at all.

    "However, as Chairman, I’m appalled that such a situation could arise between two of our most high profile representatives and I have strongly considered suspension as a possible course of action.

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