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  • UKIP response to the University of Oxford's Migration Observatory migration figures

    Posted on March 06

    net_migration.pngResponding to the migration figures today released by the University of Oxford's Migration Observatory which show that migrant population in England is estimated to have increased by more than half a million in three years UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said:

    "Once again UKIP has been proved right. In 2010 people said this wasn't an issue. In 2014 I was told I was all wrong on the increase in the migrant population, and the Deputy Prime Minister even thought he'd beat me in debate over it. But migration to this country has been shown to be unsustainable, and councils are even seeing cuts in areas with booming populations.

    "So let's be honest, the only way forward is UKIP's Australian-style points system proposal, and the only way to ensure this is by voting UKIP in May."​

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  • UKIP launches Immigration policy

    Posted on March 04

    Today in Central London, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP and UKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP launched our Immigration policy.

    UKIP would introduce a visa system based on the Australian points model. This would be an ethical visa system for work and study, based on the principle of equal application to all people. As Nigel Farage said in his article for the Daily Telegraph, UKIP's immigration policy is built on fairness. Watch Nigel's speech by clicking below:

    Read onto to see what else we have announced.

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  • Cameron's plans on CSE are "too little, too late"

    Posted on March 03

    JaneCollins.jpgUKIP MEP and prospective parliamentary candidate for Rotherham, Jane Collins has branded David Cameron proposals to jail teachers, councillors and social workers, who fail to protect children from child sexual exploitation as, “a political platitude that is too little, too late”.

    Jane said, “CSE in our communities is a national disaster and politicians have categorically failed to realise this. David Cameron should be garnering cross party support to push through this legislation before the election, rather than wasting time with plain cigarette packs. For me his lack of action to tackle this problem is playing politics with child safety. This is simply unacceptable.

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  • James Carver MEP calls for spirited defence of the cider industry

    Posted on March 03


    West Midlands MEP James Carver fears small-scale producers of cider and perry could be hit by controversial EU moves to amend the UK’s excise duty scheme.

    The UKIP MEP, who represents Herefordshire, an area famous for cider and perry making, has today slammed the EU Commission which has formally requested the UK to cease its duty exemption for small-scale producers of cider and perry.

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  • UKIP Defence Spokesman brands Cameron irresponsible over dismissing US concerns

    Posted on March 02

    MikeHookem.jpgUKIP’s Defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has today branded David Cameron as “irresponsible” in dismissing the head of the US Army’s concerns over the impact of cuts to the UK’s armed forces.

    Mike said, “We have a commitment to our NATO partners to spend at least 2% of GDP on defence. In light of a deteriorating world security situation, we need to stick to this as closely as possible if we are to meet both present and future challenges to UK security. The fact is that due to the Cameron’s cuts, Britain’s armed forces are currently stretched to breaking point. Not to recognise this is simply irresponsible.”

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