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  • Mark Reckless says Referendum Purdah rules should be upheld

    Posted on September 02

    CEFF-3KWoAAou8p.jpgUKIP's Head of Policy Development Mark Reckless has today said: "UKIP welcomes the Government rethink on the application of ‘purdah’ during the EU Referendum Campaign.

    "It is important that neither those in Governmental nor in the civil service exploit their office in order to promote one side of the argument or the other. The Government is duty bound to give absolute clarity as to what the ‘exceptions’ to Purdah are.

    "We would also call for the Government to make it clear to the European Union institutions that they too should refrain from announcing new policy objectives and spending promises in the UK during the period of the campaign and also honour British purdah rules.

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  • It’s time to scrap tolls on the Severn Bridges

    Posted on September 01

    tolls1.JPGUKIP has today pledged to fight for the abolition of tolls on the Severn Bridges connecting England and Wales. Leader Nigel Farage, and the party’s Transport spokesman Jill Seymour, travelled to the crossings over the Severn Estuary this morning to make the announcement.

    The tolls are damaging prospects of economic growth, and claims the cost of scrapping charges could be offset by choosing a cheaper option for a proposed M4 relief road. Ownership of the two Severn Crossing bridges is due to pass from a private French-owned firm into public hands in 2018. And UKIP sees this as an opportunity for the tolls to be scrapped once and for all.

    Mr Farage said: “It is simply unfair that motorists entering Wales must pay the highest tolls in the country. It not only hinders transport and economic development for Wales. It divides Wales from England.

    “Abolishing tolls will encourage travel to Wales and boost the economy by an estimated £107 million annually, according to the Welsh Government’s own figures.

    “The UK government has already yielded a massive revenue of £154 million by charging VAT on Severn Tolls, despite promising to waive the additional tax, a promise they were forced to break due to EU legislation.”

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  • Nigel Farage: I will work with anybody to achieve a NO vote

    Posted on September 01

    farage-quote-novote_(1).pngThis morning UKIP Leader Nigel Farage made it crystal clear that he was not trying to be the lead campaigner, and that he and UKIP would work with anybody to secure the precious No vote in the forthcoming EU referendum. On Friday Mr Farage will be speaking in London, adding exciting new details of UKIP's biggest ever outreach campaign.

    He told Radio 4’s Today programme this morning: “Let’s be clear. I am not refusing to work with anybody. I will work with absolutely anyone for us to get a No vote in this referendum.

    “There are two competing groups who want to get the nomination for the No campaign. All I am saying is I am not choosing one side or the other. We will work with whichever of them gets the nomination. 

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  • Chilcot Report must have deadline so families can finally grieve for loved ones

    Posted on August 28

    releasechilcot.pngUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has called on the Chilcot Inquiry to end the “open ended right to reply to those who have been criticised in the report".

    Mr Hookem said he did not think Sir John’s response to the families of the bereaved was sufficient and said it was “a matter of urgency that the truth behind the decision for the UK to invade and occupy Iraq needs to be finished sooner rather than later.”

    Speaking as families have threatened legal action over the delay in releasing the report, which was started in 2009, Mr Hookem said he thought the families had “a right to know why their loved ones died and in whose name so they could complete the grieving process.”

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  • Migration figures reflect Borderless Britain and the impotence of the British government

    Posted on August 27

    borderlessbritain-1.pngResponding to the latest record net migration figures released by the ONS, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "These figures reflect Borderless Britain and the total impotence of the British government.

    "If open borders are not part of the Cameron renegotiation then what's the point of it?

    "Given 192,000 from Romania and Bulgaria registered for National Insurance in the year period, how can we believe the ONS figure of 53,000 from the same two countries in the same year?"

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