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  • UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall responds to Tony Blair's latest speech

    Posted on July 21

    PaulNuttallQT.jpgIn response to Tony Blair saying Europe must develop a strong foreign and defence policy, UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall said: "How utterly astonishing that Tony Blair, the warmonger, after stating that he wants the EU to have a stronger foreign and defence policy, should then call UKIP backwards? He must be bored without foreign wars to wage and has totally forgotten that the sort of pan-continental military he would no doubt love to rule would not be out of place in Cold War USSR.

    "No Mr Blair, UKIP is forward-thinking, not backwards. We want a nimble and free United Kingdom, with strong ties across the entire globe, not a glacial paced, economically stagnant, outmoded continental block that is not fit for purpose in the 21st century. Our view is that of international trade, not myopic regional warfare underpinned by stifling interdependency."

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  • Conservative cabinet are not politicians. They are the mouthpieces of a failing party in desperate self-preservation mode

    Posted on July 21

    SteveWoolfe.jpgUKIP's Steven Woolfe said: "Hammond may be talking the talk but he cannot walk the walk. He has in effect 9 months to prove to the British people that the Conservatives can renegotiate the UK's relationship with the EU, before he, along with the rest of the coalition Government, are put up for election. With the long summer recess on both sides of the Channel, and you are looking at the UK managing to push for renegotiation of EU treaties in less than six months if they are to bring anything back to British voter of substance. This cannot, and will not happen.

    "What it boils down to is Hammond having one job to do between now and the elections, which is peddle all the right lines to try to win over UKIP. But UKIP voters can see through this. They gave up on Cameron's lip service a long time ago and know who they can trust. They can pick apart all the spin to reveal what lies beneath: a failing party in desperate self-preservation m​ode.

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  • Electoral Commission proven once again to be not fit for purpose

    Posted on July 17

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has responded to the Parliamentary Ombudsman's report today regarding the Electoral Commission's competence in the case of donations to the Liberal Democrats from 5th Avenue Partners.

    The report found that the Electoral Commission failed to ask for relevant information concerning the donations. They also did not follow up concerns they had about the robustness of the checks the Liberal Democrats made into the donations they received.

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "The bastion of a 21st century democracy has to be transparency and accountability yet ElComm's string of abject failings and their subsequent refusal to recognise any charges of maladministration calls the very basis of our political system in to question.

    "The fact that the Liberal Democrats got away scot free with a £2.4m donation prior to the last election from a convicted fraudster is appalling. These are the sort of amounts that help shape and determine election results.

    "UKIP meanwhile has been constantly hounded by the Electoral Commission on matters of no substantive basis and has had very credible concerns brushed aside with utter derision shows that what should be an independent and just arbiter of democratic practise in the UK is instead an organisation left with very little credibility and extremely questionable judgement.

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  • European Parliament President Martin Schulz has declared war on the British nominee for the European Commission

    Posted on July 16

    The head of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, said on Wednesday that the "radically anti-European" views of Jonathan Hill, the Prime Minister's nominee for the European Commission, might prevent him getting onto the EU's executive body.

    In response, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: "This is a declaration of war by Schulz on the choice of the British government. How dare Martin Schulz interfere in the British nomination of its European Commissioner and prejudge what the decision of the MEPs will be.

    "He is supposed to an independent chairman, but he has demonstrated absolutely no respect for national democracy or national government."

    "And where he even gets the idea that Jonathan Hill is a Eurosceptic is completely beyond me."

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  • West Midlands MEPs flying the flag for the Black Country in Strasbourg

    Posted on July 16

    Black_Country_STRAS.JPGWest Midlands MEPs James Carver and Bill Etheridge are flying the flag for the Black Country in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

    The UKIP MEPs have pledged to promote the Black Country area by flying the Black Country flag in the heart of the debating chamber in the Strasbourg parliament.

    Thousands of people have been celebrating the hugely successful Black Country Day, held on Monday, through a host of events which celebrate the area's unique identity and heritage.

    To support the drive West Midlands MEPs James Carver and Bill Etheridge have proudly placed Black Country flags on their tables in the debating chamber in Strasbourg.

    James Carver MEP said: "The Black Country is a buzzing area that boasts a rich heritage. It's uniqueness should be promoted and celebrated and Bill and myself will do our bit fly the Black Country flag in Strasbourg and Brussels.

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