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  • Jane Collins MEP – Theresa May and Fiona Woolf must both go

    Posted on October 31

    JaneCollins.jpgJane Collins MEP has called for the resignation of both the home secretary, Theresa May and the second head of the Child Services Authority inquiry in to child abuse, Lady Fiona Woolf; as details came to light of Lady Woolf playing down links with former Conservative home secretary, Leon Britton.

    Jane, who has been outspoken in seeking justice for the victims of the recent Rotherham CSA scandal, slammed Lady Woolf saying, “To re-write a letter seven times smacks of having something to hide and many victims groups and charities are now expressing a total lack of confidence in this enquiry.”

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  • PCC result in South Yorkshire shows solid growth

    Posted on October 31

    UKIP's second place in the Labour stronghold of South Yorkshire proves that UKIP are the only serious challengers to Labour in the North.

    Paul Nuttall MEP said, "UKIP's vote has grown from 11 to 32% in two short years’ shows clearly that UKIP is a force to be reckoned with in the North.

    "Particularly in Doncaster and Rotherham we have shown that Labour is being deserted by thousands of what it thinks of as 'its' supporters. That is no longer the case.

    "On both sides of the Pennines in recent months, UKIP is on the rise, and is building to create a challenge to the complacent, out of touch legacy parties."

    Cllr Jack Clarkson, the UKIP PCC candidate said. "Labour may have won this, but only saw off a second round by a mere 28 votes, out of 150,000. UKIP are here, and here to stay in South Yorkshire. I expect us to be challenging Labour in a slew of constituencies across the county next year".

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  • Gerard Batten MEP warns that tomorrow the Cameron government will oversee the silent surrender of another 44 UK powers to Brussels' control

    Posted on October 31

    gerard.jpgDespite David Cameron’s promise of a ‘renegotiation of our relationship with the EU’ and his pledge to return powers to the UK Government, the very opposite is actually happening. This is going on almost unnoticed and unreported, says UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten.

    Gerard Batten: "Tomorrow, November 1st, even more powers will be automaically transferred away from the British parliament and the British people to the undemocratic institutions in Brussels. This transfer will take place under powers surrendered by the UK to the EU by the Lisbon Treaty."

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  • Vote Jack Clarkson for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

    Posted on October 30


    The Police and Crime Commissioner election in South Yorkshire takes place today. We are in a very strong position and it's a straight fight between UKIP and Labour. We can win this election and really cause a storm in this Labour heartland.

    By voting for Jack Clarkson, you will be voting for common sense and one law for all, that will be implemented without fear or favour.

    Jack says: "My aim, if elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, would be simple. To re-establish and maintain the public’s trust in the uniform I was so proud to wear for more than 30 years.

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  • Incompetent Home Office results in 29,000 asylum cases still unresolved since 2007

    Posted on October 29

    Responding to the Public Accounts Committee report that shows 29,000 asylum cases still unresolved from 2007, UKIP’s Migration Spokesman, Steven Woolfe MEP commented:

    “It is clear from today’s figures that our immigration system is in a complete spin on how to manage asylum cases into the UK. The blame must lie with the Secretary of State responsible, Theresa May."

    “The fact that 29,000 asylum cases are still to be resolved, dating back to the previous Labour government, shows clearly that our system is mismanaged, under staffed and under resourced. Most disturbing, is the government’s approach to the development of an IT system to support Border and Home office staff. Wasting £100s of millions is not only a national disgrace but a national security concern."

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