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  • Thurrock MEP: Tilbury illegal immigrants shouldn’t be granted asylum

    Posted on August 27

    TimAker.jpgThurrock’s MEP and candidate for Parliament Tim Aker has today called for the illegal migrants found in Tilbury Docks not to be given asylum as it sends a “soft-touch message” to the rest of the world.

    Mr. Aker was today visiting Tilbury Port in Thurrock himself to see what the situation on the ground was like.

    Tim Aker MEP said: “Thousands and thousands of migrants try and come to Britain in the legal and proper manner. We must not send a soft-touch message to the rest of the world that those who come here illegally will be allowed to stay.

    “Doing so simply encourages more people to risk their lives resulting in fatalities as we have recently seen and encourages people traffickers.

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  • Farage selected for South Thanet

    Posted on August 27

    10277585_681301248584148_6479684706405034690_n.jpgParty Leader Nigel Farage has been selected by local Party members as UKIP’s South Thanet candidate for the upcoming general election. The hustings were held in Ramsgate where members voted to have him represent their local area.

    Nigel Farage said, “Having represented this area in the European Parliament since 1999 I know the problems the local community faces. In the past I have fought this very seat at the General Election and look forward to doing that again. It is fantastic to stand in Kent where I have been a lifelong resident.

    “With recent polling showing that UKIP can win the South Thanet seat in May, I look forward to the forthcoming campaign where we can set out a positive vision, for a free and independent Britain outside of the EU.

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  • UKIP’s Jane Collins MEP comments on Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation Report

    Posted on August 26

    JaneCollins.jpgCommenting on a report published today into the sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham, Jane Collins said:

    “Speaking primarily as a mother, the details of the abuse and violence outlined in Professor Alexis Jay’s report, shocks me to my core. The very thought of the abuse these children suffered is profoundly distressing, and we owe it to the victims to take immediate action on this issue.”

    “How the Chief Executive of Rotherham Council, Martin Kimber, can sit there and glibly tell the world that not one person has been sacked, nor disciplined regarding this matter is beyond me. We are talking about children as young as 11 being trafficked, gang raped, beaten, plied with alcohol and drugs, and even threaten with being burned alive. My outrage at these events is simply beyond words!”

    “There has been three previous reports commissioned and it’s taken a fourth before anything has happened.”

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  • Tim Aker outlines​ some of our 2015 policies

    Posted on August 24

    tim_.jpgUKIP’s Head of Policy Unit Tim Aker discusses our election platform as we continue to build our 2015 manifesto. There will be more detail released at our September Conference in Doncaster, tickets can be purchased here.

    "We’re beyond left-right, authoritarian-libertarian—those arguments are for university common rooms. Our people want to know how we’re going to make their lives easier, simpler and how they can just get on and feel more comfortable. That’s it. It’s a blue-collar platform, but for people that want to aspire to achieve absolutely anything."

    “We want to take low earners out of income tax altogether. No tax on the minimum wage. We are for flatter, simpler and lower taxes.”

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  • ISIS: We must have confidence In ourselves if we are to win

    Posted on August 23

    sidebar.jpgStatement by Peter Whittle, UKIP Culture Spokesman:

    Nigel Farage's call this week for British Islamic State jihadists to be stripped of their citizenship has rightly drawn huge public support. Again, he has shown himself to be more in touch with public opinion than all the political class combined.

    With surprising frankness The Times, in a leading article this week, said: 'For fear of upsetting what is seen as a delicate multicultural balance, Britain has allowed itself to become an exporter of terror.'

    When there have been atrocities in recent times, maintaining that 'delicate balance' has often appeared to be the top priority. Politicians and the media alike have done this by strongly emphasising the extremism of the few and the moderation of the overwhelming majority.

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