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  • Number of UKIP Spokesmen retain current portfolios

    Posted on July 24

    In addition to the appointments announced today and yesterday, a number of portfolios will be retained by the present spokesman. Those retaining their current positions are:

    Agriculture - Stuart Agnew
    Culture - Peter Whittle
    Energy - Roger Helmer
    Housing - Andrew Charalambous
    Local Government - Peter Reeve
    Trade - William Dartmouth​

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  • Additional new appointments to UKIP Frontbench

    Posted on July 24


    UKIP has announced some additional new appointments to frontbench roles today.

    South East MEP Diane James has been appointed as Justice and Home Affairs Spokesman, whilst Yorkshire MEP Jane Collins will take on the Employment portfolio, with fellow Yorkshire MEP Amjad Bashir becoming Communities Spokesman.

    Margot Parker, MEP for the East Midlands will be Spokesman for Small Business. Rounding off this round of appointments, South East MEP Ray Finch will be UKIP's Fisheries Spokesman.

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  • Four new appointments made to UKIP Frontbench

    Posted on July 24



    The UKIP reshuffle is now well under way, with four new appointments announced this morning.

    North West MEP Paul Nuttall will continue to serve as Deputy Leader whilst also taking on the portfolio for Education, Skills & Training.

    Newly-elected MEP Louise Bours will be taking on the role of Health Spokesman.

    Yorkshire MEP Mike Hookem, who has served in the RAF and as a reservist for the Commando Engineers, will be UKIP's Defence Spokesman.

    And MEP for the West Midlands Jill Seymour will be taking on the role of Transport Spokesman.

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  • UKIP leader Nigel Farage announces two key frontbench spokesmen roles with more to follow

    Posted on July 23

    PatrickOflynn.jpgSteveWoolfe.jpgNigel Farage today began putting in place the frontbench team he wants to fight the general election for UKIP.

    North West MEP Steven Woolfe will take over as Migration spokesman but also retain a role as Financial Affairs spokesman. Meanwhile Eastern MEP Patrick O'Flynn becomes Economic spokesman.

    Nigel Farage said: "I can think of nobody better than Steven to develop and communicate policy in the absolutely crucial area of migration, which opinion surveys show is now the number one issue for voters.

    "He is already brimming with ideas as to how UKIP can deliver the firm but fair immigration system that the British public craves but which is not on offer from any of the other parties.

    "I have also asked him to retain a role as Financial Affairs spokesman in recognition of his expertise in the field of financial services. It is a lot of responsibility but I am confident he will take it in his stride.

    "I am also very pleased that Patrick has agreed to become Economics spokesman, responsible for setting out our macroeconomic positions and honing our message on tax and spending issues.

    "My reshuffle is underway and there will be lots of new appointments announced very soon to ensure that we use the best of the great breadth of talent UKIP now has at its disposal."

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  • European Commission wants to investigate every institution but itself says Jill Seymour MEP

    Posted on July 23

    124950.jpgUKIP MEP Jill Seymour said in response to suggestion of a European Parliament intergroup on Integrity:

    "Voters will laugh to hear the European Commission wants to investigate every institution but itself."

    "Given that the EU is a byword for corruption and waste, it is risible that the European Commission is refusing to initiate an independent investigation into its own affairs. Before criticising others, the Commission should clear up its own back yard, given its huge budget and lack of transparency.

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