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  • An Open Letter to The Rt Hon William Hague MP

    Posted on October 01

    Open_Letter_to_The_Rt_Hon_William_Hague_MP-page-001.jpgFollowing Arron Brook's donation of £1 million, UKIP's Party Treasurer Andrew Reid has written an Open Letter to The Rt Hon William Hague MP which can be read below:

    Dear Mr Hague,

    In the first instance I would like to thank you for your efforts in raising funds for the UKIP cause. It is clear to me that your fundraising ability deserves formal recognition and I would like to offer you the role of Deputy Treasurer on or before your forthcoming retirement from front bench politics.

    However to do this, requires you to be a member of the Party, but in your case, as you have raised such a substantial sum for the party, I have spoken with Mr Farage and he has authorised me to offer you honorary membership in recognition of your efforts in securing funds for our party.

    I look forward to seeing you at many party events.

    Kind regards,

    Yours sincerely,

    Andrew Reid
    UKIP National Treasurer

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  • UKIP receives million pound boost

    Posted on October 01

    UKIP has today received a million pound boost from Arron Banks, the multi-millionaire businessman.

    Banks, who formerly supported the Conservatives, had intended to present UKIP Leader Nigel Farage with a cheque for £100,000 but instead said at a press conference in Tockington​ near Bristol that he would instead be increasing his donation to £1 million.

    Mr Banks, who runs GoSkippy insurance, said: "I woke up this morning intending to donate £100,000 to UKIP and I understand Mr Hague called me a nobody.

    "So, in light of that and in view of the fact that I am a strong advocate of leaving the European Union, I have decided today to donate £1 million to the party and not the £100,000 we originally agreed."


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  • European Commissioner Designate – UK has no hope of changing Freedom of Movement rules

    Posted on October 01

    At the same time as David Cameron was making his keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference placing immigration controls at the very heart of his EU renegotiation strategy, pledging he will "not take no for an answer" on free movement; the European Commissioner in charge of employment and labour mobility was being questioned by UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall today at confirmation hearings at the European Parliament. In her answers to Paul Nuttall she said she was "not prepared" to consider given Britain back control of its borders or allow Britain to restrict the access of EU immigrants to Britain.

    Marianne Thyssen, a Belgian eurofederalist who spent 23 years as an MEP before becoming named to the new commission, was asked by Nuttall if she would be willing to give Britain full rights to control its own borders and restrict access to European migrants and said that: "Freedom of movement and the single market is something I am not prepared to shake". 

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  • UKIP's Economic spokesman Patrick O'Flynn MEP responds to David Cameron

    Posted on October 01

    PatrickOflynn.jpgUKIP economic spokesman Patrick O’Flynn today welcomed David Cameron’s commitment to raising the personal tax allowance and the threshold for paying tax at 40p in the pound.

    Mr O’Flynn said: “They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I am delighted that the Prime Minister has responded so hurriedly to UKIP’s tax-cutting agenda.

    “Last week I called for the other parties to come to a consensus with UKIP about lifting the personal allowance to the level of the full-time minimum wage. To hear the Prime Minister agree just five days later can only be welcomed. It only now remains for Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband to come into line and this can be a comprehensive consensus across the political spectrum to take into the next parliament.

    “And our offer in UKIP to do something radical for those who have been dragged into the 40p tax rate has also provoked a positive response from the PM. His motivation for this is a bit more puzzling as he has previously endorsed George Osborne’s approach of actively reducing the 40p threshold.

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  • Another Conservative Party Donor Defects to UKIP

    Posted on October 01

    Multi-millionaire and long term Conservative backer, Arron Banks says he's switching support to UKIP.

    Arron Banks, who has supported the Conservative party to the tune of £300,000 will today present a cheque to UKIP Leader Nigel Farage for £100,000.

    Mr Banks says he does not believe David Cameron will reform the EU and will not facilitate the UK's exit

    "I've supported the Conservatives for a number of years but have come to the realisation that only UKIP supports my views. Being a member of the EU is like having a first class ticket on the Titanic. Economically, remaining in the EU is unsustainable. We are being dragged down to the lowest common denominator of financial growth when we should be looking to trade worldwide and should be basing our future prosperity on a long term global outlook. The Conservative party try to sell us the myth that EU reform is achievable when frankly all Cameron can offer is tinkering around the edges. He is not even able to bring himself to say that he would support UK exit if his supposed reforms do not work."

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