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  • Migration: A decade of failure by both main parties

    Posted on November 27

    SteveWoolfe.jpgUKIP Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe on latest immigration figures: "This is a total failure by a Party who were elected on the promise of reducing immigration to the tens of thousands.Today's astronomical migration figures show an abject failure by this Government to control immigration, despite countless promises to the public. The eye-watering increase places immense strain on employment prospects, schools, hospitals and housing.There is nothing Cameron can say or do now that can right this massive wrong."​

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  • Cameron caught lying at PMQs

    Posted on November 26

    bours2-e1404806711180.jpgUKIP Health spokesperson Louise Bours has criticised David Cameron’s response to Mark Reckless first question as a UKIP MP, during Wednesdays PMQs.

    She said “Mr Reckless was asking a perfectly sensible question about Medway Hospital. Like all good constituency MPs he was raising an issue that will be of concern to many people in Rochester and Strood”.

    She continued “David Cameron’s assertion that UKIP doesn’t believe in the NHS and wants to break it up is a cheap shot, and a downright lie. There is a concerted effort from the established parties to peddle non truths and misinformation about UKIP and the NHS”.

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  • Mike Hookem MEP: Cameron is misleading us all over offensive ground operations in Iraq

    Posted on November 25

    MikeHookem.jpgMike Hookem MEP, UKIP’s defence spokesman has today voiced grave concerns that David Cameron had ‘mislead both the public and parliament’ over ‘boots on the ground’ military operations in Iraq, following press reports this weekend that gave details of the Special Air Service (SAS) sniper missions against Islamic State (IS) targets in the region.

    Mike, a former commando himself said, “My support for the UK’s armed forces remains unswervingly strong and as the UK have the best special forces teams in the world, I have no doubt that the SAS are doing an amazing job completing any missions they are given in Iraq.”

    “However, I am deeply concerned that despite constant reassurances from David Cameron and Michael Fallon that the UK would not be putting ‘boots on the ground’ other than training teams, it now seems there we are very much engaged in an offensive ground war against IS in Iraq.

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  • UKIP Culture spokesman responds to Emily Thornberry

    Posted on November 23

    sidebar.jpgThe snobbish insult towards patriotic working class people shown in Labour's Emily Thornberry notorious tweet from Rochester this week was not a one-off. It was characteristic of the general attitude towards ordinary people and especially their patriotism which is held right across the left-liberal establishment in Britain.

    "Emily Thornberry's tweet was typical of a dislike both of ordinary people and their pride in Britain which is widespread and embedded across the liberal establishment," said Peter Whittle, UKIP's Culture Spokesman. "They have an instinctive distaste for patriotism, and British patriotism in particular.

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  • And Mark makes two! Reckless rocks Rochester and Strood to become UKIP's second MP

    Posted on November 21

    Mark Reckless made British political history in the early hours of this morning by becoming the second MP elected to Westminster under a UKIP banner.

    Accepting victory at just after 4am, Mark thanked the people of Rochester & Strood for showing their support for his decision to leave the Conservative Party for UKIP.

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