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  • Corbyn's Labour Party has nothing to offer the millions of decent patriotic Labour supporters who voted Leave

    Posted on September 28

    jHnhFRD6.jpegResponding to Jeremy Corbyn's speech at Labour's Party Conference, Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: "Today has confirmed that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has nothing to offer the millions of decent patriotic Labour supporters who voted Leave and want to see levels of migration brought down.

    "Several times Corbyn spoke about trust, but how can the voters ever trust Labour again when millions voted on June 23rd for control of their borders, yet Labour are determined to keep free the movement of people?

    "The Bank of England has confirmed that free movement of people has driven down wages for the working classes. Labour's addiction to uncontrolled mass immigration makes them no friend to Britain's lowest paid.

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  • Corbyn – out of touch with the British public and his own voters

    Posted on September 28

    b2pVW-M3.jpgResponding to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at Labour Conference UKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe said: "Corbyn indicating that he is relaxed about current migration levels is reckless, irresponsible and selfish. With gross levels of inward migration at a record high, it is yet another example at how out of touch Corbyn is with the British public and his own voters - a clear majority of whom want the government to control and reduce the numbers of coming into the UK.

    "Corbyn's attitude is simply to not control migration levels, but deal with the consequences later on is lazy thinking. He has no real sense or understanding of what the consequences are. He may be relaxed about it, but many millions of Britons cannot afford to be so relaxed. He fundamentally fails to recognise the serious consequences that mass migration has on wages and communities, especially for many at the bottom of the economic ladder.

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  • New North East Devolution Plan a 'political hotchpotch' says MEP

    Posted on September 27

    jonathan_arnott_1.jpgNews that three North East councils are believed to be going it alone on a devolution deal has been described as a “political hotchpotch” by local MEP Jonathan Arnott. The government had declared a devolution deal was off the table when the proposal involving all seven local authorities collapsed earlier this month.

    But ITV Tyne Tees has reported that Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland - the three areas that voted for a devolution deal - have got together and now negotiations are taking place with the government over forming their own separate deal.

    “This is just bizarre,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP.

    “It would be crazy to have Newcastle and Gateshead having separate arrangements and we would end up with a political hotchpotch in the region and no actual North East plan.

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  • UKIP select Oxfordshire man Dickie Bird as Witney Candidate

    Posted on September 27

    Dickie_2.pngFormer Soldier and Oxford College porter Dickie Bird has been selected to fight the Witney Constituency vacated by David Cameron.

    Mr Bird, whose nomination was accepted this morning said,

    "I’m excited to have the opportunity to fight this seat on behalf of UKIP and local residents. I live in, and love, Oxfordshire. For twenty years I served in the army as part of Oxfordshire's, local Regiment, The Royal Green Jackets, now called The Rifles.

    "However, on leaving, I found the local Council very unhelpful. This made me realise that in order to change things for people it is no good railing at the radio and TV and sitting back, instead I felt that I had to get involved and do something to make things better.”

    "We need to do more to look after all those who have lived and paid tax here for years.

    "I joined UKIP in 2009 and was a candidate for them soon after, they are the only Party standing up for our Country and fully behind all those who voted for Brexit.”

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  • Farewell Dr Raj Chandran, a loyal UKIP member, from the Chairman

    Posted on September 26


    It was with great sadness last week that we received confirmation of the death of Dr Raj Chandran, a loyal member of our party who held a position on our National Executive Committee at the time of his passing, writes UKIP Chairman Paul Oakden.

    I had known Dr Chandran personally since he joined UKIP in my home region of the East Midlands a few years ago. Since that time, Raj never failed to demonstrate his commitment and dedication to serving our members, whether it be by sponsoring meetings or hosting fund raising events at his own home. His experience of being a former Mayor and candidate both in Parliamentary and Police & Crime Commissioner elections was invaluable and he was always happy to pass that experience on. 

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