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  • UKIP Leader Nigel Farage's keynote speech at UKIP Spring Conference

    Posted on February 28

    If you missed it, you can watch UKIP Leader Nigel Farage's keynote speech at Spring Conference 2015 here

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  • Why British tourism and heritage deserves to be at the top table of government

    Posted on February 28

    William_Cash_at_desk_library_.jpgHeritage and Tourism spokesman William Cash has laid out our policies in that area at our Spring Conference in Margate. Tourism is our fifth largest industry – bigger than the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. In 2013, 32.8 million visitors came to the UK spending £21 billion – and the latest figures indicate a 5% increase. Since 2010 tourism has been the fastest growing sector in the UK with one in every three jobs being created being in tourism. But the British government has no Minister for Heritage.

    He said: “UKIP will also roll back George Osborne’s VAT policies and cut the 20% VAT levy on listed building repairs and maintenance to just 5%, to incentivise the upkeep of Britain’s nearly 500,000 listed buildings.

    “We will also introduce new Rural Conservation Areas to protect scenic countryside and market town settings, as well as market towns and Cathedral Cities whose historic character is essential for regional economic growth. This would return to the ‘presumption in favour of Conservation’ as opposed to the current ‘presumption in favour of Development.’

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  • UKIP Leading the Housing Debate

    Posted on February 28

    Andrew-Charalambous-1.jpgIf future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them not only with a legacy of economic growth and technological progress. We must leave them the miracle, the great spectacle of the British countryside, of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we concreted and ruined it.

    UKIP Housing Spokesman Andrew Charalambous said, “We talk straight I want it to be known categorically that we will protect the British countryside not only by undoing the bogus Tory localism of imposing untenable housing targets on local authorities but by scraping HS2 and putting an end in the UK to one of the biggest scams in history, the EU wind farm project.

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  • Patrick O’Flynn sets out UKIP’s economic plan

    Posted on February 27

    patch.jpgAt our Spring Conference in Margate Patrick O’Flynn has today laid out some of the key areas where we will be making savings and other areas we will increase spending.

    With national debt now standing at £1.4 trillion pounds and around one trillion of that having been added since 2002 we are in need of change. Of course, Brown and his key advisers, a certain Mr Balls and Mr Miliband, said they had abolished boom and bust.

    Patrick O’Flynn said, “We have already identified huge savings for the public purse; reducing the foreign aid budget by £9bn, getting out of the EU to rid ourselves of those enormous net contributions, scrapping the HS2 vanity project and moving to equalise per capita public spending in Scotland with that in England. And we will identify further savings in our manifesto too.

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  • Nathan Gill: 8 reasons for cutting foreign aid

    Posted on February 27

    ukip.jpgUKIP’s foreign aid policy is very simple, we will ensure that our aid is concentrated on life-saving programmes. Inoculation, Clean Water and Emergency Disaster Relief.

    The UK gives £11.4 billion a year in foreign aid. That’s a staggering £32 million each and every day.

    In short, foreign aid doesn't work for eight reasons

    1. It costs a fortune
    2. We can’t afford it
    3. Corruption eats up a large part of it
    4. It is often spent on senseless projects
    5. It fills the pockets of despots and human rights abusers
    6. It goes to terrorists and warmongers
    7. It goes to countries which don’t need it
    8. Foreign aid has become a fat cat industry

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