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  • UKIP pledge an extra £3 billion for the NHS

    Posted on January 25

    UKIP today are announcing that they will provide an extra £3 billion per year in NHS funding. The money will be directed squarely at frontline services.

    The party also says it will cut £2bn wasted on health tourism by ensuring migrants and tourists have health insurance as a condition of entry.

    The current NHS deficit is estimated to be £2bn.

    UKIP are the only party promising to make real savings by cutting middle management and abuse of the NHS while also pledging a bigger cash injection to clinical care than any other party.

    This indicates an increase in cash redirected on critical and frontline care of a total £5bn at least.

    Nigel Farage said, "UKIP is the only party to be able to make this pledge, as the money will come, not from cuts outside the NHS budget but as part of the Post-EU dividend. We have carefully costed our proposals and will be targeting the savings at ensuring that the NHS remains a world standard for health.

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  • Amjad Bashir MEP suspended from UKIP pending investigation into serious issues

    Posted on January 24

    Amjad Bashir, a Member of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom Independence Party has today been suspended pending investigations into a number of issues which we consider to be extremely serious.

    Mr Bashir has been informed of the specifics of the investigations which include unanswered financial and employment questions, interference with UKIP candidate selection processes and a continued affiliation with Mujeeb Bhutto, despite the party’s protests against Mr Bhutto’s involvement with Mr Bashir or UKIP.

    A UKIP spokesman said: "The UK Independence Party has a zero-tolerance policy and takes the matters at hand extremely seriously. The allegations against Mr Bashir are of a grave nature and we will be forwarding our evidence obtained so far to the police.

    "UKIP will not tolerate anyone abusing their positions in the party, as we have a firm commitment to differing ourselves from the existing political classes. As a result, Mr Bashir’s involvement with the party was suspended today with immediate effect pending further investigations."

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  • EU politics is dominated by big banks, big business and big government

    Posted on January 24

    1017739_753280291386243_8538108291027881607_n.jpgIn response to the Goldman Sachs President, Gary Cohn, saying that the UK should stay in the EU, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "EU politics is dominated by big banks, big business and big government.

    "Goldman Sachs was politically involved in getting Greece into the Euro and having a former employee appointed as the puppet Prime Minister of Italy.

    "Goldman Sachs represents the governing status quo and not the global trading capital that the City of London needs to be."

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  • Fifty years since the death of Sir Winston Churchill

    Posted on January 24

    sidebar_(1).jpgCulture Spokesman Peter Whittle writes: "Fifty years have passed since the death of Sir Winston Churchill.

    "On that occasion, the Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies paid tribute to this greatest of Britons and his leadership of our country in World War II:

    “In the whole of recorded modern history, this was, I believe, the one occasion when one man, with one soaring imagination, with one fire burning in him, and with one unrivalled capacity for conveying it to others, won a crucial victory not only for the forces…but for the very spirit of human freedom.”

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  • Plain packs legislation - ineffectual and wrong

    Posted on January 22

    Nigel_Farage.jpegNigel Farage, the UKIP leader today has condemned the Government's precipitous rush to legislate on plain packs before the election.

    "This legislation is wrong, not only is it counter to freedom, the basic building block of prosperity, but it is an abuse of Parliamentary process, and most important of all, it is ineffectual and in fact could lead to worse health outcomes than we have now.

    "It is another step on the way to nationalise individual conscience and choice."

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