• Gerard Batten MEP - “It is now clear we have a co-ordinated effort at the heart of Westminster to betray Brexit!.”

    UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten slams secret Europe House meeting of ‘Remainers’ attended by Tory Brexit rebel, Dominic Grieve.

    UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten MEP, has slammed a secret meeting of ‘Remainers’ attended by Tory ‘Brexit rebel in chief,’ Dominic Grieve, saying, “it is now clear we have a co-ordinated effort at the heart of Westminster to betray Brexit!.”

    Mr Batten’s comments came after it was revealed former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve - the man behind the latest attempts in Westminster to derail the Brexit process - attended a meeting of committed ‘Remainers,’ held at the EU’s London headquarters. 

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  • David Kurten blasts fascist far-left thugs for shutting down the debate in Lewisham

    More than 50 activists have shut down a by-election hustings in Lewisham East, closing down the democratic debate, and preventing the public from making an informed decision at the ballot box. 

    UKIP Lewisham East candidate, David Kurten AM said: “It is an outrage that fascist 'anti-fascist' far-left thugs have closed down the Lewisham East By-Election hustings. There was no chance for voters to hear candidates answer questions. It is a dark day for democracy and free speech when a group of thugs has been allowed to close down a debate and stop voters from hearing and questioning legitimate political parties and make up their own minds who they wish to vote for.

    “The police took the decision to close the hustings after just half an hour of opening speeches, but it would have been better if they had taken stronger action and arrested the mob of anti-democratic thugs for Public Order offences, as candidates and voters alike were intimidated by their actions. By allowing these fascist bullies to close down debate, it sends out a terrible message that a far-left mob can get their way by intimidating the public.”

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  • OPEN LETTER To Sir Vince Cable DEMANDING answers on Brexit policy

    Dear Sir Vince,

    I am writing to you regarding the second episode of the Channel 4 documentary, "Carry On Brussels" in which the Liberal Democrat MEP, Catherine Bearder is one of the featured characters.

    In it, Ms Bearder is filmed actively encouraging the European Parliament's lead for the Brexit negotiations, Guy Verhofstadt MEP and his team to work as hard as possible to make negotiations as difficult as possible.

    This is of course a deliberate attempt to undermine the UK's negotiating position and done knowingly in order to make life in the UK as difficult as is possible in the attempt to turn public opinion against the Referendum result.

    Could you tell me if this is deliberate Liberal Democrat Policy over the Brexit negotiations, or was Ms Bearder working on her own initiative? If the former isn't this a disreputable way of going about things, working deliberately against the interest of the Government with a foreign politician?

    If the latter, what are you going to do about this freelance behaviour?


    Yours sincerely,

    Gerard Batten MEP,

    UKIP Leader


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  • Jim Carver MEP RESIGNS from UKIP

    UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said: "I have just heard that Jim Carver MEP has resigned from UKIP. I immediately spoke to Jim on the telephone. He was unable or unwilling to give me a coherent reason for his resignation. I spoke to him earlier this week and he gave me no indication of his intentions. 

    "I asked him to do the decent and honourable thing and resign his MEP seat and make way for the next UKIP person on the Party List. He refused. 

    "I am sorry to say Jim has joined the ranks of those without honour who continue to take the salary, expenses and pension which they would never have had without the sacrifice of ordinary UKIP members. 

    "UKIP will continue its fight for a complete exit from the European Union."

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  • German car manufacturers response to US tariff threat boosts UK Brexit position

    Following Donald Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on European car exports to the US Christopher Mills, the UKIP business spokesman has pointed out the positive impact on the UK’s negotiating position over Brexit.

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  • UKIP Leader Gerard Batten Calls For A Terrorism Memorial Day

    UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said this today:

    “On the anniversary of the Manchester Arena attack and the murder of Lee Rigby, I would like to add my voice,  on behalf of UKIP, to those calling for a Terrorism Memorial Day.

    “Over many years we have experienced a growing toll of victims of senseless acts of terrorism from different perpetrators.  It would be fitting to remember all the victims on the same day.

    “However, the day should not be used to express passive sentimentality towards these outrages but to focus our minds on the practical measures that need to be taken to combat terrorism and the ideologies that promote it.

    “Sadly, the roll call of the innocent victims of terrorism is likely to be added to, however much we hope not, and remembering these people is of no use unless there is a resolve to tackle the causes of terrorism.

    “Meanwhile we pay our respects and offer our sympathies to the victims and families of people such as the Manchester bombing and Lee Rigby”.

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  • UKIP Leader Gerard Batten Responds to BBC Teach Video

    “This is pure pro-immigration propaganda.  It begins by laughably citing the Roman, Saxon, Viking and Norman invasions as ‘immigration’.

    “This is simplistic propaganda but what it makes it all the more sinister is that it is being paid for by the state-funded propaganda channel, the BBC – paid for by reluctant license holders.

    “This polemic is call ‘Teach’ but it would be more accurate to call it ‘Indoctrinate’.

    “This is simplistic, deliberate misinformation, and simple brain-washing techniques that the BBC has the bare faced effrontery to produced at tax-payers expense.

    “I was long ago convinced that the BBC should lose is Charter and this only reinforces that for me.”

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  • Margot Parker stresses action on mental health

    Margot Parker MEP has called for action to tackle mental health problems. She was speaking during this week’s Mental Health Awareness Week and urged people to find out more about the focus of this year’s campaign, ‘stress’.


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  • Being a graduate should not be the key aim of Police recruitment

    Proposals that all recruits to the Police Force should be graduates have come under fire from the UKIP Home Affairs spokesman, Dave Moreland, himself a former police officer.

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  • UKIP announces David Kurten AM as candidate in Lewisham East

    David Kurten, one of UKIP’s members of the London Assembly has been selected by the party for the upcoming by-election in South East London.

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