• Mandy Jones sworn in as the new UKIP AM for North Wales


    Mandy Jones AM was today sworn in as the new Assembly Member for North Wales, in a ceremony at the National Assembly’s North Wales Office in Colwyn Bay. Mrs Jones was accompanied at the ceremony by her family, and fellow UKIP AM for North Wales, Michelle Brown.

    Mandy Jones commented:

    “I am extremely grateful and honoured to have the opportunity to be the Assembly Member for North Wales. I live here, I raised my children here and I promise to serve this region to the best of my ability. 

    “I will work hard on your behalf by supporting local businesses in delivering good jobs and campaigning for better local health and transport services in North Wales”.

    UKIP Wales Leader Neil Hamilton welcomed Mandy Jones to the UKIP Assembly Group stating:

    “We are looking forward to welcoming our new team member, Mandy Jones into the group. UKIP is stronger with an additional member in the National Assembly and on the front foot in Wales. We are looking forward to 2018, where we will be even more active and vocal, as we continue to stand up for the people of Wales against the cosy Cardiff Bay consensus.”

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    Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP fisheries spokesman, has blasted the SNP over their “juxtaposed fisheries policy”, after MSP, Stewart Stevenson sent a cullen skink pie to Brexit minister, David Davis; saying, “while Stevenson and his cronies are fighting to keep us in the EU, the majority of fisherman are doing the absolute opposite.”

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  • Incentives needed to woo electric vehicle makers to the UK

    UKIP is calling on the Government to make the UK a more attractive investment location for electric car manufacturers.

    Transport spokesman Jill Seymour, and small business spokesman Ernie Warrender, have raised concerns over the current lack of training schemes or incentives for the big motor firms.

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  • It's Behind You!

    At a time when Parliament and the established political parties (Labour, Tory & Liberal Democrats) reluctantly accept that there is a major housing crisis they fail to look at the obvious 'pantomime villain, uncontrolled mass immigration.

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  • Trade not aid should be the priority, says Margot Parker MEP

    ‘…Margot Parker MEP reacts to £180 million plans to stem the flow of migrants fleeing Africa…’

    MARGOT Parker MEP has called for ‘trade not aid’ as the Government revealed it was pledging £180m of Britain’s foreign aid budget to stem the flow of migrants fleeing Africa.

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  • Crackdown on health tourism proving a huge success, says Julia Reid MEP

    In an attempt to combat health tourism, providers of NHS treatment have now been required to make sure that patients in England are eligible to receive free care whereas patients, ineligible for free NHS care, now have to pay upfront.

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  • Compulsory Sex and Relationship Education in Schools is Wrong

    The government’s plans to introduce Sex and Relationships Education to all children including at primary schools is 'absolutely wrong' say UKIP.

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  • Tell Mr Barnier where to get off Prime Minister

    Normal service has been resumed in Brussels despite the pantomime of goodwill over moving to stage two of the Brexit negotiations. The European Commission is laughing at us by putting more threats and aggression on the table, this time over financial services.

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  • It's Not Racist To Tell The Truth About Muslim Grooming Gangs

    A new report by Quilliam International has found an alarming level of over-representation of (South) Asian men in group-based child sexual exploitation (CSE) crimes, otherwise known as ‘grooming gangs’. The Quilliam thinktank spells out, the “Asian men” who target white teenagers and young adults do so “on the basis of their vulnerability, rather than as a result of a preferential sexual interest in children”.

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  • UKIP Environment spokesperson welcomes UN resolution to tackle the 'global crisis' of plastic in the oceans

    Britain has joined nearly 200 countries in signing up to a United Nations resolution to eliminate plastic in the sea. Under the resolution, which was signed by all members of the United Nations, all countries agreed to start monitoring the amount of plastic they put into the ocean and to explore ways to make it illegal to dump waste into the seas.

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