• Action is needed to tackle Dartford Crossing charging chaos

    jill.jpegUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour is calling for urgent action to untangle the ‘shambolic’ road charging system at London’s Dartford Crossing.

    Six months after toll booths were removed and replaced with a new ‘Dart Charge’ number plate recognition system, complaints are mounting from drivers.

    Some are being charged in error, and others are facing fines because they claim not to have seen, or understood, road signs explaining the new system.

    Mrs Seymour said: "The Dartford Crossing toll charge is not only wrong as a matter of principle, but it has now come to light that hundreds of people daily are being caught not paying.

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  • BBC must disclose its £22m-plus interest in Britain's continued membership of the EU

    PaulNuttall1.jpgUKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP has today written to Lord Hall, Director-General of the BBC, pointing out that the corporation does not disclose in its coverage of the EU the tens of millions of pounds which it receives from the European Commission: "An examination of the European Commission's website discloses that between 2007 and 2013 the BBC received €30.2m, approximately £22.1m, from the commission. Millions more have been paid since."

    "The debate on the referendum of Britain's membership of the EU is clearly one in which the BBC has a duty to observe impartiality in its coverage. I am concerned however that the BBC, should it continue on present form, will fail in this duty."

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  • Do you agree with Tim?

    Do you agree with Tim Aker MEP? We do not need to be part of the EU to trade with it.

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  • UKIP does not support interference by the European Commission in any aspect of funding for British political parties

    PaulNuttall1.jpgUKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall: "UKIP are appalled that both the British Conservatives and Labour in the European Parliament have today voted for the European Commission to interfere in British laws on funding for political parties."

    "UKIP does not support interference by the European Commission in any aspect of funding for British political parties. UKIP supports the laws which are already in place in Britain which prohibit foreign funding of political parties."

    "We do not want to establish a precedent for the European Commission to interfere in any way with the laws the British parliament makes on funding, and we are appalled to find that both the British Conservative and Labour MEPs voted in favour of establishing this precedent."

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  • Proposals put to the Migration Advisory Committee are a smoke screen

    Steven_Woolfe.jpegThe Prime Minister has today announced that the Migration Advisory Committee is to consider new measures to reduce demand for migrant labour. Responding to the news UKIP Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said: 

    "These proposals put to the Migration Advisory Committee are a smoke screen. It is a classic case of talking the talk, but when reality kicks, they fail to walk the walk on immigration.I welcome the fact that the government has finally recognised that only by having strict controls on work migration can they actually reduce overall net migration.

    "Although these proposals sets out tougher restrictions on Non EEA Work Migration, they are failing to tackle work migration from inside the EU. This is because, any government of any colour, can not control any category of migration from inside the EU. The current EU president, Juncker has already made clear that 'Free movement' of people inside the European Union is non negotiable in future negotiations between the EU and Britain and will remain indefinitely.

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  • Nigel Farage says: "Cowardly EU is running scared of millions of people who oppose the global corporatism of TTIP"

    Nigel.jpgToday Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of UKIP, said: "In my 17 years as an MEP I've never received so much communication from the public on a proposed piece of legislation. The TTIP has concerned millions of people across the European Union. They have bombarded their MEPs with phone calls, letters and emails and in response to this the EU is now running scared."

    "They've got the wind up, particularly the left, who have been supporting TTIP from the start and finally have been exposed as backing large scale global corporatism."

    "The parliament suspended today not just the vote, but equally the debate on this issue which I think was cowardly in the extreme. It is interesting to note that for the first time ever actions in the European Parliament are now being heavily debated in Washington, too. Perhaps we need a redefinition of what a free trade deal is."

    William Dartmouth, UKIP MEP for the South West and Gibraltar and spokesman on trade, said: "Today the establishment, particularly the British Conservatives, clubbed together to stop the debate happening. The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a matter of huge public interest and even greater concern. It is utterly wrong for the parties in the European Parliament, led by the Conservatives, to supress debate. We need to have debate, we need to understand what is going on."

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  • "You don't fight discrimination with discrimination" - UKIP MEP Louise Bours

    UKIP is fighting in the European Parliament to stop the EU grabbing the power to shut down any company which defies its demands on reaching female quotas on non-executive boards. Yesterday in Strasbourg UKIP MEP Louise Bours led an attack against this legislation. She said it would "demean women and insult the women who have made it to the top of their professions on merit."

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  • Blocking dissent and buying the vote

    cameronsham.pngUKIP Leader Nigel Farage has said that David Cameron’s pledge that Conservative Ministers will have to resign from the government if they want Britain to leave the EU, proves that the Prime Minister’s entire focus is on the country being kept inside.

    Nigel Farage said: “As European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker himself said, David Cameron’s entire focus is on docking Britain inside the EU.

    “Cameron clearly wants to keep Britain inside the EU under any circumstances.

    It is perfectly clear that Mr. Cameron does not want this to be full, free and fair referendum, given that he is threatening his own Ministers rather than allowing MPs to campaign according to their own conscience. As Ministers were in the last European Referendum campaign 1975.

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  • Life would be sweeter outside the tariff- imposing EU which is ‘beeting’ British sugar refining jobs out of existence

    Stuart-Agnew-in-Plenary1.jpgUKIP agriculture spokesman Stuart Agnew MEP said today in Strasbourg: “The stance of British sugar refiner maker Tate and Lyle shows that the EU regime of external tariffs and internal regulations is destroying British jobs and industry.

    “The sugar cane importing company is lumbered by prohibitive tariffs for the importation of sugar cane from outside the EU. This pushes up the price of sugar for the consumer and makes the manufacture of cane sugar uncompetitive. It is the EU’s tariff and hyper-regulation regime which is strangling cane sugar refining in the UK.

    “Tate and Lyle is currently prevented, by the EU commission, from importing its raw materials in the quantities it needs. That is one of the reasons it has had to close 5 out of 6 production plants and lay off workers. The EU is clearly tying the hands of the sugar cane refining industry behind its back.

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  • EU's energy efficiency paradox

    Andrew_Charalambous.jpgIn a devastating judgement affecting the cost of energy efficiency in homes, the European Court of Justice last week forbade the UK from rating energy efficiency items at 5%, but instead demanded that they be rated at a much higher 20% for all bar social housing.

    Andrew Charalambous, the UKIP housing spokesman said, "On one hand the EU is pressing for greater energy efficiency on the other it is making the cost of energy efficiency much greater.

    "The real loser is the British tenant, because in reality this added cost will translate into higher rents. You cannot apply uniformity across countries who do not enjoy uniform circumstances. There is no logical reason why the UK needs to increase the level of VAT for energy efficiency products simply to stay in line with other countries who themselves have completely different private rental markets."

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