• Med migrant crisis shows urgent need for border controls to ensure security

    The crisis of migration across the Mediterranean has become a predictable nightmare", said Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader today.

    Mr Farage was speaking after the captain of HMS Bulwark, which is leading the UK response to the crisis, Captain Nick Cooke-Priest has stated that up to half a million migrants are being prepared to cross the Mediterranean.

    Mr Farage is asking the government to tell us what assurances it can give us that Islamic State terrorists aren't able to get EU passports and come to Britain.

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  • Time to get cracking on the campaign to win back Britain's independence

    UKIP_M0394.jpegIn his first major speech since the General Election UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has said it was time to "get cracking" on the campaign to win back Britain's independence. "There is no time to lose and little point waiting for the results of Cameron's negotiations" which are likely to be a stitch-up compromise of associate membership.

    Speaking at the UKIP South East Conference in Eastbourne Nigel Farage said "We cannot afford to wait until Cameron comes back with his piece of paper" from his EU negotiations.

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  • UKIP Deputy Leader accuses the ECJ of facilitating "shady back room deals"

    The European Court of Justice yesterday (04/06/2015) ruled in favour of the Commission's right to protect the confidentiality of trade documents, including important documents on TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact) such as offers by the EU on tariffs, services, investment and procurement .
    UKIP MEP and Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall said, "The Commission last November promised to make all of the negotiating texts publicly available, for them to go back on this promise so quickly stinks of dishonesty. It is clear the last thing that the Commission want is this information to be made public as TTIP simply isn't in our national interest. UKIP was the only major UK party to oppose TTIP in a Committee vote on Wednesday and this move simply justifies that decision further."

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  • SNP are luddites over fracking says Carswell

    Douglas_Carswell.jpgBritain’s fracking revolution could be blown off course — after the anti-fracking SNP was awarded control of the key House of Commons Energy Select Committee. The SNP have banned fracking north of the border until a consultation is carried out — despite calls for cheaper energy.

    Referring to the weaver whose name was given to workers smashing machinery 200 years ago, UKIP MP Douglas Carswell said the appointment was like putting “Ned Ludd in charge of the industrial revolution”.

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  • Three EU Postal Services Directives lie behind the destruction of the Royal Mail

    PaulNuttall1.jpgUKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP: “It is rarely mentioned in the media but three EU Postal Services Directives lie behind the destruction of the Royal Mail. UKIP opposed these which were implemented initially by Labour while in government.

    “Under EU state aid rules the UK Government is strictly forbidden from helping the Royal Mail with taxpayers’ money and this means that in future it could go bust and completely disappear.

    “This final part of the privatisation means we will be left with a completely destroyed Royal Mail, once a proud British institution that did so much more than just deliver letters. We can thank the EU for that.

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  • EU court ruling on energy-saving about accumulating more money for EU and showing power over VAT system

    UKIP MEP Roger Helmer has hammered a ruling by the European Court of Justice today banning Britain from cutting VAT on energy-saving materials.

    The infringement judgment from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg said Britain was breaching the EU's VAT Directive by applying a reduction across board in the rate of VAT applied to energy-saving materials for housing. The ECJ judges who have final decision on the application of EU law said such a reduction should only apply to social housing.

    UKIP Energy spokesman, Roger Helmer MEP responded: “This is simply ridiculous beyond belief. While the EU claims it wants to reduce energy consumption, this judgement shows what the EU ‘really really wants’ is to increase its take from the VAT system from which it takes a portion of every transaction. In addition, this decision demonstrates that it’s the EU rather than the British Government which has final say over the rate and scope of the VAT system.

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  • Blair’s new organisation preaches censorship

    PaulNuttall1.jpgTony Blair’s new role as chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR) is in fact supporting an organisation that is a danger to free speech. Paul Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader and MEP for the North West, said the ECTR wants public broadcasting companies like the BBC to be forced under legal statute to report the news under “a narrow set of acceptable values”.

    He explained: “Tony Blair is joining an organisation that explicitly wants to see legislative control of news output.

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  • Cowboy coalition’s failure to get agreement at Stormont is reprehensible

    David_McNarry.JPGThe latest crisis in Northern Ireland precipitated by the failure of Stormont’s governing coalition is totally ‘irresponsible' says the UKIP MLA David McNarry.

    Speaking at the Northern Ireland Assembly he said;"The failure to get agreement on Welfare Reform is an unacceptable position for parties that willingly formed this mandatory coalition to be unable to voluntarily sustain their basic duties in government. That is both reprehensible and irresponsible.

    "Keeping this cowboy coalition honest and accountable is fast becoming a waste of time. On days like today, it is painfully obvious that this five party Executive are proving themselves to be a failed entity. Is there a plan on the table today, or tomorrow?”

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  • Douglas Carswell: “I speak for Millions” in Westminster

    carswell.pngUKIP MP Douglas Carswell responding to the Queen’s speech said, “I may be my party’s only voice in the House of Commons, but I shall speak on behalf of not only my constituents, but the millions who voted for my party. I may have only one vote in the Division Lobby, but I shall use it to support Ministers when they do sensible things, to oppose the Government when they are being daft, and, when I think it is possible to improve things, to try to amend things to make them better.”

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  • Nothing has changed – we still can’t afford to pay for HS2

    Jill_Seymour.jpegTransport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin is ‘delusional’ if he thinks the general election result was an endorsement of the HS2 rail link, which will pile billions of pounds onto Britain’s debt mountain. That’s the view of UKIP’s Transport spokesman Jill Seymour, who accused the Tory government of totally ignoring people whose homes stand to be destroyed by the £55 billion-plus route. Her comments follow a speech made by Mr McLoughlin in Leeds, when he confirmed high-speed rail and the creation of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ remained a priority.

    Mrs Seymour, an MEP for the West Midlands, said: “Mr McLoughlin is delusional in thinking that winning the general election is down to the support for HS2. He totally ignores the valid views of individuals who have already lost value on their properties and left them, in some situations, feeling desperate. Nothing has changed these past few weeks. HS2 still has no proven business case, and the eventual cost of the project is anyone’s guess – it seems to go up every week.

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