• UKIP launches our pledge to Britain

    CBWa7vNWkAALlXJ.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage has unveiled our pledge to Britain, speaking at the launch he said: "UKIP have got a completely distinctive plan from the other political parties.

    "We are the only party in this campaign saying Britain should have a trade relationship with Europe, but not membership of the European Union.

    "Directly as a consequence of that, we are the only party in this election that is actually offering a solution to the immigration crisis."

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  • UKIP backs General Sir Richard Dannatt's comments that it is dangerous to ignore defence issues

    Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP’s Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has today praised former head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt for saying in the Daily Telegraph that it was “wrong, complacent and dangerous” to ignore defence issues in the run up to the election. General Dannatt went on to highlighting how voters could switch to UKIP due strong defence pledges.

    Mike said, “When someone of the stature of General Dannatt is saying UKIP has got it right on defence, it means a great deal. The fact is that government after government in this country has used our military for political advantage, while at the same time starving the armed forces of the resources they need to operate effectively.”

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  • UKIP Leader slams Tory paper attack on Thanet

    1017739_753280291386243_8538108291027881607_n.jpgUKIP Leader and parliamentary candidate for South Thanet, Nigel Farage, has slammed the Tory-supporting Times newspaper for its scathing attack on South Thanet and its residents today.

    Writing in the Sunday Times newspaper, Camilla Long, the granddaughter of a Tory peer, describe the area as “bilious”, “grubby” and “a small nodule of erupted spleen”. Her outburst has been likened to that of another Times writer, Matthew Parris, who described Clacton-on-Sea as “rancid” just before UKIP’s Douglas Carswell won the by-election there last year.

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  • Nigel Farage announces pledge to make St George's Day a Bank Holiday

    Nigel-Farage-england-566852.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage has today announced our election pledge to make St George's Day a Bank Holiday in a public meeting in Cliffsend in South Thanet today

    UKIP believes England should have a new public holiday on April 23, St George’s Day, or the next Monday if it fell on a weekend. In Wales, we propose that March 1 would be a new day off for the country to honour St David.

    Nigel Farage said: “Surely it’s only fair for us to have a day off to celebrate our own patron saints too? England has been denigrated to such a point that English culture isn’t celebrated in the same way as the national cultures of Scotland and Ireland are.

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  • Steven Woolfe on BBC Question Time

    UKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe who serves as MEP for the North West of England appeared on BBC's 'Question Time' for the first time last night. Watch the highlights of his appearance here:

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  • Lords Economic Affairs Committee backs UKIP's case against HS2

    CA5bmLFWkAAVwX2.jpgAn influential report condemning the controversial HS2 project was welcomed today by UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP and UKIP Transport Spokesman Jill Seymour MEP.

    The House of Lords Economic Committee's report says that the government has no convincing case for the HS2 project.

    "Hooray for this report which echoes what UKIP has been saying for years - HS2 is a white elephant vanity scheme, which we can neither afford and definitely do not need or want," said Paul Nuttall.

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  • Drivers give warm welcome to UKIP’s latest scrap the tolls protest

    scrap-the-tolls-march-2015-604x270_(1).jpgUKIP today held its latest national day of action against Britain’s toll roads, describing them as ‘highway robbery’. Party activists delivered the message by unfurling huge banners at a series of ‘Scrap The Tolls’ demonstrations on road toll sites across the UK. Shropshire and Staffordshire UKIP members congregated at the Mill Lane Bridge, over the M6 Toll at Cheslyn Hay in the West Midlands.

    UKIP Transport spokesman, Jill Seymour MEP, said drivers were already paying more than enough in taxes to deserve free access to the entire UK transport network.

    Mrs Seymour, who is fighting The Wrekin seat at the general election, said: “Charging to use our busiest motorways or trunk roads is adding insult to injury to the already over-burdened British driver.

    “UKIP is opposed to this highway robbery. We want to block the introduction of any new toll roads, and work towards removing existing tolls from publicly owned roads.

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  • UKIP announces new candidate in Folkestone and Hythe

    CA3WI-vWAAAg4EG.jpgUKIP is delighted to today announce our new candidate for Folkestone and Hythe – Harriet Yeo, former Labour NEC Chairman and now a UKIP member.

    UKIP Party Leader Nigel Farage made the announcement today at an event in Folkestone.

    Harriet Yeo said: "I feel excited and encouraged by the members who turned up today.

    I'm looking forward to campaigning with them and making sure that this becomes the first time UKIP wins this seat."

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  • An Economy believing in Britain

    pat.jpgAs a party we back the aspirations and energies of British working people who wish to improve the living standards of their families through the fruits of their own labours rather than accepting the inevitable grievous disappointments of long-term state dependency.

    We are in the extraordinary position of the insurgent party of British politics having spelt out its cuts, while the establishment parties have refused to do so. It is flabbergasting that George Osborne is going into the election having only set out departmental spending for one year ahead, while trying to get straight answers of Labour about its public spending plans is frankly impossible. Taken with other measures we will announce in our manifesto, this gives us annual savings of more than £25bn compared to the other parties, which would not do any of these things.

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  • Nigel Farage calls latest 'Debate' proposals "An utter farce"

    1017739_753280291386243_8538108291027881607_n.jpgThe Leader of UKIP has slammed the latest announcement by the broadcasters to host only one seven-way leaders' debate and turn previously announced plans for three debates into a 'Challengers' Debate', a question time style event and long form interviews.

    "This announcement is so far from the original proposals of proper General Election Leaders' debates that were promised to the public. The broadcasters should be ashamed. They've kowtowed to manipulation from Downing Street and are now offering a shoddy selection of alternatives that are no different from typical election coverage already taking place.

    "Essentially there are no longer what anyone could sensibly call Leaders' Debates. It's an utter farce.

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