• EU Commission preparing to use Med Migration crisis to ambush member nation states with plans for a common asylum policy

    Steven Woolfe MEP, UKIP Migration spokesman: "UKIP warned during the election campaign that the EU Commission was preparing to use the Med Migration crisis to ambush member nation states with their plans for a common asylum policy. Far from negotiating on the free movement of people with the new British government, the Commission is determined to gain greater control of migration and asylum matters within the EU. Just as we predicted the Prime Minister finds himself on the back foot on migration matters before he even gets to the starting line for changes to UK membership.

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  • On the up: Where UKIP is set to make gains over the next 5 years

    As the dust settles after this year's General Election UKIP members and supporters who may feel disappointed that our tremendous national vote share of 12%, up 10% since 2010, and total vote, just over 3.8 million votes, did not translate into more seats in Parliament should take heart in the fact that those results combined with our local election results gives us a firm foundation upon which to build.

    Up and down the country we have seen many more Councillors elected, UKIP Council Groups formed and we have also convincingly taken control of Thanet District Council, the first Council to have a UKIP majority, which will be sure to be of huge media interest in the months and years ahead.

    The noted academic Matthew Goodwin has done an analysis of the results which shows positive increase in our vote share throughout the country. In London our vote share went up 6%, in the South West 9.5%, the South East 10.9%, East Midlands 12.2%, Eastern England 12.4% and in Yorkshire 13.8%.

    This tallies with the 120 second places we gained in the General Election where increasingly we are the opposition to Labour in the North and the opposition to the Conservatives in the South. 

    All of this indicates that with some hard work and your continued support UKIP is set to make gains throughout the country over the next 5 years. Will you you join us us on this journey to make a better Britain? 

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  • Thank you for voting UKIP

    thanks_for_voting_ukip.pngThanks to you and the nearly four million others who voted UKIP in yesterday’s General Election, we QUADRUPLED our vote from the 2010 election.

    With nearly 4 million votes, UKIP is now the third largest party in British politics in terms of vote share.

    We held our seat in Clacton, and congratulations must go to the re-elected Douglas Carswell MP, and we scored a phenomenal number of second places – 120 all told (none in 2010) – proving that we've become the voice of opposition to the establishment.  

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  • UKIP's surge in the North has been shown to be no mirage

    North East MEP Jonathan Arnott: "The results in Sunderland and Newcastle show a huge move towards UKIP since 2010 and we are substantially outperforming what was expected from the exit polls.  Our Sunderland results demonstrate that, even in a North East city, we are still the main challengers to Labour.

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  • All your results, right here

    Read all the latest results right here.

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  • Vote UKIP today to get real change

  • No excuse, no apology: Vote failure in Darlington

    Darlington Council have issued a statement following an appalling failure of their systems which lead to ballot papers in the Harrowgate Hill Ward of Darlington being issued with the UKIP candidate, David Hodgson's name being removed.

    David Hodgson said, "Whilst the error was rectified after a number of people contacted UKIP to complain that my name was not on the ballot paper. There are serious questions to answer at the Council.

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  • Remember, every vote for UKIP is a vote for change

  • In case you missed it, UKIP's advert in the Daily Telegraph today

  • 42% of tradespeople would prefer to work on a building job with Nigel Farage

    Trade_Poll_General_Election_Final_(1).pngWith the General Election approaching, the website MyBuilder found out the opinions of the UK’s one million tradesmen. With 85% intending to vote on 7th May, the balance of power could be in the hands of Britain’s builders.

    When asked which leading politician they’d prefer to work on a building job with 42% picked UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.

    In the same survey 60% of tradesmen said they would opt to leave the EU in a referendum.

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