• UKIP mourns loss of strident supporter

    The United Kingdom Independence Party is deeply saddened to hear of the death of party member Kalvin P. Chapman. Our thoughts are with Mr. Chapman’s family at this difficult time.

    Mr. Chapman was the Chairman of UKIP Manchester and Secretary of UKIP Greater Manchester. He stood as a UKIP candidate at the 2015 General Election for the Stretford & Urmston seat, and at the 2017 election in Manchester Central. He was an excellent and committed campaigner who believed in Britain.

    UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said:

    “I am very sorry to hear the sad news of the death of Kalvin Chapman. On behalf of the Party I offer our commiserations and sympathies to his family and friends. He will be missed by the Party and his colleagues.”

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  • UKIP Local Election Manifesto 2018

    Download The Manifesto Here

    Download Our Manifesto Here

    Local elections are about local issues but there are also an opportunity to vote on national issues.

    Our UKIP candidates will stand on local issues but they also give voters a chance to vote on some of the big issues that UKIP stands for, e.g.:

    · Brexit – a complete exit from the European Union. Brexit Means Exit!

    · Immigration – And end to the age of mass uncontrolled immigration, and its replacement with a controlled and limited immigration system.

    · An economy that works for all – polices that produce jobs, homes and decent standard of living for all.

    If local elections are taking place in your area then please do what you can to help your local UKIP candidate. Contact your local branch for details.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gerard Batten MEP
    UKIP Leader

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  • Lords betray the common people

    Today, an amendment in the House of Lords calling for the UK to continue in a customs union with the EU passed by a majority of 123 votes. The vote, tabled by crossbencher Lord Kerr was backed by several senior Tories, as well as Labour and the Lib Dems.

    UKIP Leader Gerard Batten is outraged by the result of the vote, describing it as a betrayal of the people.

    Mr Batten said:

    “The vote by the House of Lords to remain in the Customs Union is a clear betrayal of the 17.4 million people who voted Leave. Those people did not vote to be half in, half out of the EU.

    “The Commons must reject the Kerr Amendment or put itself in opposition to the people.

    “Lord Kerr was the man who drafted Article 50 in such a way that EU exit can be delayed, impeded and overturned. Acting true to form he is now trying to carry it through to its purpose.

    “UKIP will continue to fight for a complete and clean exit from the EU.”

    UKIP Deputy Leader Mike Hookem also commented on the result, saying:

    "Today's vote in the Lords is little more than Labour and the Liberal Democrats ramming policy through the Lords they have no majority to implement in the House of Commons."

    "Therefore, I will continue UKIP's long-standing campaign for a total reform of the House of Lords, to deliver the real democracy the British people crave."

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  • Only 32% of Welsh people support the expansion of the National Assembly for Wales

    A poll conducted in March revealed that only 32% of Welsh people support the proposed expansion of the National Assembly for Wales.

    In light of these findings, UKIP Wales Leader Neil Hamilton has called for a referendum, while Gareth Bennett AM characterised the ongoing Assembly-backed public consultation on expansion as, “a political scam to hoodwink the Welsh public into accepting more AMs by stealth”.

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  • UKIP Leader says no to British military intervention in Syria

    Gerard Batten opposes British military action in Syria. The UKIP Leader warned that intervention would lead to a proxy war with Russia which would be, "not only dangerous to Britain, but the entire world."

    Today, Prime Minister Theresa May called for a special Cabinet meeting to approve UK military action in Syria, in the wake of an alleged chemical attack by the Assad regime.

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  • UKIP Leader visits Rochdale to join Parents Against Grooming march

    UKIP Leader Gerard Batten is in Rochdale today to support the Parents Against Grooming group in their march through the town.

    UKIP is fielding three candidates in Rochdale and they will be highlighting the Labour-controlled council's failure to deal with systematic child abuse in areas under their authority.

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  • Railway investment plans are on the wrong track

    UKIP transport spokesman Jill Seymour has accused the Government of ‘selling out’ British companies after inviting more overseas firms to bid for the running of UK rail franchises.

    The Government has granted bidding rights to a trio of continental train companies from countries where foreign operators are frozen out.

    The latest to be invited to stake a claim for UK business include Italy’s Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori, Spain’s state-owned Renfe and France’s Transdev.

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  • Foreign aid must be channeled to the right causes

    MARGOT Parker has reacted to news which revealed Britain is now just one of only five countries to meet the UN's foreign aid target.

    The UK gives nearly double compared to the average of all countries, new figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development showed.

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  • Government rudderless over murder wave

    The Home Secretary Amber Rudd is utterly out of her depth over the crime wave that has seen over 50 murders in London this year alone.

    A leaked Home Office report said that government cuts to the police had “likely contributed” to a rise in serious violent crime. In an interview with BBC Radio 4 this morning, the Home Secretary admitted that she had not seen the report, while stating that “it is not all about police numbers.”

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  • UKIP AM Gareth Bennett calls on Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru to “build bridges with Westminster” over the renaming of the Second Severn Crossing

    UKIP Assembly Member for South Wales Central, Gareth Bennett, has waded into the row over the renaming of the Second Severn Crossing. 
    Speaking after critics of the change signalled their opposition to the UK Government’s plans to rename it the Prince of Wales Bridge, Gareth said:
    “Rather than getting into a row about a name, Welsh Labour and their bedfellows in Plaid Cymru should be working to build bridges with the Government in Westminster to secure the Brexit that the people of Wales voted for.
    "Coupled with their bogus legislation on a supposed 'power grab', the people of Wales will see this for what it is; a cynical attempt by Plaid and Welsh Labour to claim they’ve been hard done by yet again.
    "The people of Wales voted by a clear majority for Brexit, far more than the very few who cling on to a vain hope of a 'Welsh Republic'. It’s time the establishment in Cardiff Bay and London got on with the day job and stopped their pointless virtue signalling.”

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