• UKIP fielding over 530 candidates at the upcoming English council elections

    UKIP is pleased to declare that it will be fielding over 530 candidates in the English local elections.

    The final figure will be known shortly.

    This is a remarkable achievement given that just six weeks ago UKIP was thought to be on the edge of collapse.

    UKIP’s Interim Leader Gerard Batten MEP said: 

    “Our branches, activists and members have found fresh heart and motivation and are back in the fight.

    “Six weeks ago we had no local election campaign planning in place.  In a short space of time, the Party has rallied and organised a respectable number of candidates.

    “We will be campaigning hard to retain those seats we are defending, and fighting to win some new ones.

    “Whatever the final result, UKIP is firmly back on the political map.”

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  • UKIP Leader Gerard Batten slams £500 million increase in the foreign aid budget

    The UK’s foreign aid budget now stands at an eye-watering £14 billion; an increase of £500 million on the previous year. The increase came about because spending by law must hit 0.7 per cent of Gross National Income, in order to comply with the United Nations resolution on foreign aid.

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  • UKIP's future is bright

    UKIP has shown the resilience and depth of character to regain its position as a vital part of British politics. On 17th February UKIP was on the edge of insolvency and in imminent danger of being forced out of business.

    But after an appeal launched by the interim leader Gerard Batten to raise £100,000, the party responded with huge faith and enthusiasm.

    Mr Batten said,

    "I am very pleased to announce that my appeal to UKIP members to raise £100k to save the Party from insolvency has met with an incredibly generous response of almost £300k. In addition, the £175k legal bill has been paid by other means. UKIP is now safe."

    "With incredible generosity, our members and branches have responded by donating not £100k but the amazing sum of £294,918.

    Money is still coming in and I do not doubt we will raise more than three times the money I asked for."

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  • Margot Parker MEP Speaking at the UKIP Regional Conference in Hull

    Watch Margot Parker speak at the UKIP regional conference in Hull below.

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  • UKIP calls for the abolition of the CPS

    In the wake of Alison Saunders’ decision to step down as Director of Public Prosecutions, UKIP Leader Gerard Batten is calling on the Government to abolish the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and return that role to the police. Mr. Batten also called on the Government to make root and branch reforms of the way we prosecute crime in the UK.

    Mr. Batten said:

    "Alison Saunders’ resignation from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is a good start, but the CPS itself needs to be abolished and the power to prosecute handed back to the police.

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  • Sadiq Khan wants to see UKIP abolished. Wipe the smirk off his face. Donate to UKIP today!

  • Batten and Hookem attack "Brussels Napoleons" over EU military infrastructure plan

    UKIP Leader Gerard Batten and Deputy Leader Mike Hookem have attacked a new European Union plan to develop ‘military corridors’ within the EU, describing it as “a head-on charge towards PESCO and EU Military union.”

    The effort to update infrastructure for military movements will be part of an on-going plan to create nine east-west and north-south 'core network corridors' to be completed by 2030, at a cost of over €500 billion.

    UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said:

    “This plan is just another aspect of the European Union’s intentions to create its own armed forces.

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  • UKIP Leader Calls on Amber Rudd to resign over Home Office losing track of over 600,000 foreign visitors

    The Home Office has revealed that it has lost track of over 600,000 foreign visitors to the UK; the same amount as the population of Belfast. UKIP Leader Gerard Batten is furious and calling on Home Secretary Amber Rudd to stand down over the debacle.

    The Conservative Government has spent £800 million on a borders system designed to log every entry into and departure from the country. However, the immigration watchdog has revealed gigantic failures in the system.

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  • Gerard Batten: “It’s twelve months until the day that we don’t really leave the EU”

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  • Blue Passports should be made in the UK, says Jonathan Bullock MEP

    East Midlands MEP Jonathan Bullock said he was disappointed the new post-Brexit passports may not be made in the UK.

    The British firm, which has made the UK’s passports for ten years, wants answers from the Government on reports it is set to award the contract for the new blue passports to a Franco-Dutch company.

    Mr Bullock said: "The new blue passport is one symbol of us voting to leave the EU. It is disappointing they look likely to be made abroad and they should be made in this country for security reasons.

    "Of course, this also means the loss of business to the current makers of the passports – a British company. I hope the Government will look at this again."

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