• Proposals for NHS hospitals in England to charge overseas patients upfront for non-urgent care will not work in practice

    WkQugaNu.jpegProposals for NHS hospitals in England to charge overseas patients upfront for non-urgent care will not work in practice, says UKIP’s NHS Champion Suzanne Evans.

    Suzanne Evans said: “It is beyond unreasonable to expect medics to ignore their Hippocratic oath and refuse to operate on seriously ill patients. Neither should hospitals be required to the job of Border Agency officials.”

    "There is a simple, cost-free solution to the problem of health tourism, and that is to not allow any foreign national into the country unless they have comprehensive health and travel insurance. Where applicable, visas should not be granted without proof of such. Anyone else who is unable to present a certificate of health insurance at their point of entry to the UK, should either be given the choice to either buy approved health insurance there and then, or accept they will not be allowed into the country."

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  • Margot Parker backs worldwide day of zero tolerance on FGM

    MargotParker.jpgMargot Parker MEP has backed the worldwide day of zero tolerance on FGM. The UKIP MEP and the party’s spokesman for Women and Equalities supported the United Nations call for more action to end the “barbaric practice.”

    The day of action follows reports by Plan International UK that between April 2015 and March last year, doctors assessed 8,656 cases and recorded thousands of new historic cases.

    Margot said: “FGM has been illegal in the UK for more than 30 years - including if girls are sent 'home' to be mutilated in the name of culture. Despite robust legislation existing to stop this abuse from occurring, there has not been a single conviction in all that time.

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  • Government must come clean on their pension age plans

    According to predictions by the Office of Budget Responsibility Brits born after 1989 may have to work until they are 74 before being eligible for state pension. Government must urgently give greater clarification as to the extent and speed at which they are seeking to increase pension entitlement age.

    Andrew Charalambous, UKIP Work and Pensions Spokesman said, "Changes to the projected pension age mean that society as a whole needs to rethink the way we approach not only work but care , health and savings. It's time government presented the British people with an honest timetable for state pension age increases. In so doing I hope government will bear in mind that there are significant variations in life expectancy across the UK.

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  • Quite right that Shiner has been struck off

    Former reservist West Midlands UKIP MEP James Carver has spoken of his delight that lawyer Phil Shiner, who brought abuse claims against British troops, has been struck off after a misconduct hearing.

    The human rights solicitor admitted paying an agent to find him clients and acting improperly in claiming soldiers murdered and tortured Iraqi civilians. The ruling, by the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal, ends a career in which Shiner had been involved in a string of cases alleging systematic brutality and torture of prisoners by British troops.

    Mr Carver said: “It is right and proper that Shiner should be struck off after the stress and anxiety he caused to so many of our loyal soldiers who were called upon to risk their lives in a most harrowing conflict.

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  • Transparent rail pricing proposals are warmly welcomed

    Jill_Seymour.jpegPlans to simplify rail fares on cross-country train routes have been warmly welcomed by UKIP’s Transport spokesman.

    Jill Seymour MEP described the Rail Delivery Group’s proposals as ‘a welcome dose of common sense’ and said they could save travellers hundreds of pounds.

    A trial scheme will be launched in May, initially for people travelling between Scotland and the south west of England.

    “I’m sure that this is going to be a success, and I’d like to see it rolled out across the whole of the UK’s railway network as soon as possible,” said Mrs Seymour.

    “Anything which simplifies things for commuters – and has the potential to save them a great deal of money by making the cheapest price tariffs more transparent – should be warmly welcomed.”

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  • EU rules threaten Free range Egg farmers

    images.jpgStuart Agnew MEP joins UK egg industry representatives today in condemning the European bureaucracy that could mean the impending loss of free range eggs from British supermarkets. Under emergency measures intended to protect flocks against avian flu, all UK free range chickens are currently being housed to reduce potential contact with migrating wild birds. If this housing period extends beyond 12 weeks, under EU rules these chickens will no longer be allowed to be called “free range” and their eggs sold as “barn reared” instead.

    As Mr Agnew explains, “Whilst the technical standards are absolutely essential to allow consumers to have confidence in free range eggs and chicken meat, I think British consumers are more than capable of understanding that a temporary housing order for these animals own protection is an exceptional situation. Unlike barn reared birds, free range birds will be allowed outdoors again as soon as the danger has passed. That is a fundamental difference”.

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  • UKIP underlines its support for the NHS

    gFrSqwQl.jpgIn a hard hitting speech attacking the many Labour failings over the NHS Suzanne Evans the UKIP spokeswoman on the NHS underlined UKIP's full support for a Health Service free at the point of delivery.

    She said "If Nye Bevan were here today, I think he’d be disgusted with the Labour party, given the number of Labour policies that have helped bring the NHS he inaugurated to the brink of destruction.

    "Neither he, nor William Beveridge, the Liberal politician whose vision for the NHS Bevan enacted, ever imagined our NATIONAL health service would be allowed to become an INTERNATIONAL health service. The NHS wasn’t set up to provide free healthcare to the world. It wasn’t even set up to provide free healthcare to Europe. It was set up to provide free healthcare to UK citizens".

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  • Defence spokesman condemns Iran missile test

    bill2.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence Spokesman, has condemned both Iran and the outgoing Obama administration in the wake of a ballistic missile test by the fundamentalist state.

    In a breach of United Nations security resolution 2231, that "calls upon" Iran not to undertake any activity related to "ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons".

    Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu called it a “flagrant violation” and added "Iranian aggression must not go unanswered"

    He also said he would discuss the renewal of sanctions against Iran when he met President Trump during February.

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  • Health trusts to spend £15m on private consultants for advice how to save money

    download.jpgIt is reported that health trusts are to spend £15 million on private consultants for advice on how to save money. UKIP have previously stated that integrating Health & Social Care teams would help prevent people attending expensive A&E departments. This is not happening due to the appalling Government shortfall in Social Care funding reported to be £3.2 billion. The NHS also needs to prioritise and divert funds into social Care it has been proven to save money and divert people away from acute care.

    Cllr David Sprason, UKIP Social Care spokesman said " It is absolutely ridiculous for Health Trusts to waste taxpayers money on yet more consultants. I personally led a Social Care department rated one of the best in the country, I know that if you invest in Social Care & prevention services you reduce the pressure on acute hospital care".

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  • Margot Parker backs Bill to ban the term ‘honour killing’

    download.jpgUKIP’s women and equalities spokesperson Margot Parker MEP has backed a call to ban the term ‘honour killing’. The East Midlands MEP said she supported the proposed Bill by Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani, which is due to be put forward tomorrow, (Tuesday).

    She said: “Last year my colleague Jane Collins MEP started a petition for a ban on the use of the term 'honour killing' by all BBC outlets which are funded by the license fee and on other media outlets to follow this policy voluntarily.

    “It stated, quite rightly, that to use the term 'honour killing' when describing the murder of a family member - overwhelmingly females - due to the perpretrators’ believe they have brought 'shame' on a family normalises murder for cultural reasons and sets it apart from other killings when there should be no distinction.

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