• UKIP underlines its support for the NHS

    gFrSqwQl.jpgIn a hard hitting speech attacking the many Labour failings over the NHS Suzanne Evans the UKIP spokeswoman on the NHS underlined UKIP's full support for a Health Service free at the point of delivery.

    She said "If Nye Bevan were here today, I think he’d be disgusted with the Labour party, given the number of Labour policies that have helped bring the NHS he inaugurated to the brink of destruction.

    "Neither he, nor William Beveridge, the Liberal politician whose vision for the NHS Bevan enacted, ever imagined our NATIONAL health service would be allowed to become an INTERNATIONAL health service. The NHS wasn’t set up to provide free healthcare to the world. It wasn’t even set up to provide free healthcare to Europe. It was set up to provide free healthcare to UK citizens".

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  • Defence spokesman condemns Iran missile test

    bill2.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence Spokesman, has condemned both Iran and the outgoing Obama administration in the wake of a ballistic missile test by the fundamentalist state.

    In a breach of United Nations security resolution 2231, that "calls upon" Iran not to undertake any activity related to "ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons".

    Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu called it a “flagrant violation” and added "Iranian aggression must not go unanswered"

    He also said he would discuss the renewal of sanctions against Iran when he met President Trump during February.

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  • Health trusts to spend £15m on private consultants for advice how to save money

    download.jpgIt is reported that health trusts are to spend £15 million on private consultants for advice on how to save money. UKIP have previously stated that integrating Health & Social Care teams would help prevent people attending expensive A&E departments. This is not happening due to the appalling Government shortfall in Social Care funding reported to be £3.2 billion. The NHS also needs to prioritise and divert funds into social Care it has been proven to save money and divert people away from acute care.

    Cllr David Sprason, UKIP Social Care spokesman said " It is absolutely ridiculous for Health Trusts to waste taxpayers money on yet more consultants. I personally led a Social Care department rated one of the best in the country, I know that if you invest in Social Care & prevention services you reduce the pressure on acute hospital care".

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  • Margot Parker backs Bill to ban the term ‘honour killing’

    download.jpgUKIP’s women and equalities spokesperson Margot Parker MEP has backed a call to ban the term ‘honour killing’. The East Midlands MEP said she supported the proposed Bill by Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani, which is due to be put forward tomorrow, (Tuesday).

    She said: “Last year my colleague Jane Collins MEP started a petition for a ban on the use of the term 'honour killing' by all BBC outlets which are funded by the license fee and on other media outlets to follow this policy voluntarily.

    “It stated, quite rightly, that to use the term 'honour killing' when describing the murder of a family member - overwhelmingly females - due to the perpretrators’ believe they have brought 'shame' on a family normalises murder for cultural reasons and sets it apart from other killings when there should be no distinction.

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  • Councils must be prevented from ‘demonising’ diesel car drivers

    38qr96Hi.jpegUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour has called on the Government to prevent councils from ‘demonising’ drivers of diesel vehicles with massive rises in parking charges.

    Her comments follow the launch of a pilot scheme in central London which will see Westminster City Council charging an extra 50 per cent on the normal hourly parking charge - just for diesel vehicles – starting in April.

    Mrs Seymour said: “The Government needs to step in and nip this money-grabbing scheme in the bud, before it spreads like wild-fire across other parts of the country.

    “It is totally wrong for the authorities to be demonising drivers of diesel cars, just a few years after they were actively encouraging the very same people to buy them.

    “These drivers bought diesel cars in good faith, on the back of incentives which were promoted by the Government.

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  • MoD not fit for purpose

    Bill.jpgUKIP Defence spokesman Bill Etheridge MEP has said the report by the National Audit Office into defence funding "should make the government hang their heads in shame at their negligence of our Armed Forces."

    "I am strongly in favour of a properly financed defence budget, above the current levels where we fudge the figures to reach the 2% target requested by NATO," he said.

    "For too many years, the job of defending our country has been Cinderella with the ugly sisters of foreign aid and throwing money at unreformed projects soaking up billions of taxpayers money.

    "Report after report has shown the Ministry of Defence is not fit for purpose yet Mr Cameron rewarded the Secretary of State for Defence with a knighthood, probably for backing 'remain' in the referendum.

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  • Please let's use commonsense says Margot Parker on women's dress code

    download.jpgMargot Parker, UKIP's women and equalities spokesperson, has pleaded for commonsense over proposed company dress code plans.

    Under the scheme, employment tribunals could force companies to stop enforcing dress codes.

    That could mean an end to what sort of shoes, clothes, or make-up employees are made to wear.

    Margot said: "Let's use our commonsense here, not legislation.

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  • Bill Etheridge calls for pre-emptive strikes on any terrorist held chemical dumps

    thumbnail_bill2.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence spokesman, has called for pre-emptive strikes against any known chemical dumps in terrorist hands.
    Weeks after the Christmas market attack in Berlin, German government issued a paper stating the country was at “high risk” of terrorist attacks carried out by “Islamist-motivated perpetrators” who could use chemicals to contaminate drinking water.
    There have been reports that Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) was in possession of chemical weapons stockpiles emerged in the past from time to time.

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  • Julia Reid condemns Bath & North East Somerset Council's decision to pave over Bathampton Meadows

    Portrait-of-Julia.jpgBath and North East Somerset Council have decided to go ahead with plans to build the city's fourth park and ride following the cabinet members meeting at the Guildhall, despite the overwhelming opposition to the proposal.

    In response to the decision, Dr Julia Reid MEP, who is UKIP's environmental spokesperson, said: "After record numbers at tonight's protest, and years of campaigning by local residents, it's a real shame that the council have chosen to disregard their concerns. In doing this, the Tories in Bath have committed political suicide.

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  • The will of the people on Brexit will be still be heard, court decision makes no difference

    UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP has said the Supreme Court's decision to deny the Government's appeal and insist that Parliament vote on the triggering of Article 50 would not jeopardise Brexit.

    "This decision is hardly a surprise but in the end it will make no real difference," Mr Nuttall said.

    "The will of the people will be heard, and woe betide those politicians or parties that attempt to block, delay, or in any other way subvert that will. 

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