• UKIP's response to Theresa May's speech today

    PaulNuttall1.jpgResponding to Theresa May's speech today, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall: "Some of it did sound like a UKIP conference speech and the Prime Minister is now applying some of the things that we’ve been talking about for many, many years, so I would give her seven out of ten for this effort.

    "But I am concerned that what we’re getting is some sort of slow-motion Brexit where she is speaking about interim measures, or a transitional period, which will only begin after April 2019. She has given no end date to these transitional measures. I challenge the Prime Minister; let’s have this all done and clean before the next General Election in 2020. 

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  • Defence spokesman calls for more NATO spending

    thumbnail_bill4.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence Spokesman, has lambasted the levels of military spending throughout NATO as President-elect Donald Trump called the bloc “obsolete” for failing to adequately deal with terrorism. In a statement contradicting the incoming defence chief, Mr Trump reiterated his criticism that "a lot of" the 28 member states were relying on the USA and not paying their fair share.

    His comments have raised concerns throughout the alliance, according to Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German Foreign Minister.

    Mr Etheridge, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, said “It is a crime that so many nations in NATO have failed to meet their obligations.

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  • Voters blame Labour's polices not foreigners for the country's immigration problem

    pZCIEEd9.jpegIn response to the latest YouGov figures which show that 54% of Labour voters want to see immigration controls in the UK tightened while only 30% are happy with the status quo which Jeremy Corbyn supports - UKIP Immigration Spokesman John Bickley said, "70% of the country, including a majority of Labour voters, wants to see a serious immigration policy such as UKIP's Australian points based system.

    "It is clear that the Labour Party no longer even pretends to represent the ordinary working man or woman in this country on things that really matter to them. "It is a simple truth that today what UKIP is the only authentic political voice for those that Labour's high command have left far behind.

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  • Honest motorists penalised by crazy new EU insurance rules

    38qr96Hi.jpegUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour has slammed ‘crazy’ European Union rules which mean uninsured motorists must be given compensation if their cars are damaged. The Government has admitted it is powerless to prevent the regulations from being introduced in the UK, as long as Britain remains part of the EU.

    “This bureaucratic madness is a perfect reminder of why we must not delay our departure from the morally bankrupt EU for a moment longer,” said Mrs Seymour.

    “It is yet another piece of crazy, nonsensical legislation being imposed on the UK, which flies in the face of common sense and penalises the ordinary, law abiding man and woman on the street.

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  • We need more joined up thinking to harness the skills of veterans

    Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Veterans Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has welcomed proposals by the Gatsby Foundation to retrain members of the armed forces as FE teachers, saying; "it has long been UKIP policy to keep the valuable skills veterans have acquired in the public sector."

    The scheme, funded by the Education and Retraining Foundation and the Gatsby Charity Foundation, expects to retrain 110 military service leavers over the next 18 months in areas such as science, engineering and technology.

    Speaking of the teacher training initiative, Mr Hookem said, "members of the armed forces pick up a great deal of expertise and experience during their service, much of which is currently lost to the public sector when troops return to civilian life."

    "As a nation we should be harnessing this experience for the public good and allow veterans to continue their public service in civilian life.

    "Initiatives such as this also aid the transition between service and civilian life, which some members of the armed forces can find incredibly difficult."

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  • The army is not the enemy Mr Corbyn

    thumbnail_bill4.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence spokesman, has slated claims by a spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn that British troops in Eastern Europe are escalating tensions between NATO and Russia.

    Nia Griffith, the Labour Shadow Defence secretary, said she was not considering her position over the issue but that support for Nato was a “red line” but suggested that Mr Corbyn would not back a military response from NATO if Russia invaded Estonia - despite hundreds of UK troops due to be stationed there.

    Mr Etheridge, said “Once again we have the official opposition in complete and utter disarray. Accusing the army of destabilising the international situation is stabbing brave soldiers in the back. Men and women who cannot speak out in their own defence.

    “The left arm does not know what the even further left arm is doing.

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  • Tories and Labour thrash around to find a coherent Immigration policy

    pZCIEEd9.jpegTories and Labour thrash around to find a coherent Immigration policy, with David Lammy and a crowd of senior Union and NGO figures calling for continued unlimited immigration, and Robert Goodwill, the Immigration Minister coming up with a scheme that will penalise business, restrict talent, yet do little to control our borders.

    John Bickley, the UKIP Immigration spokesman commented, "Yet again we see a Labour MP throwing stones in a glass house. On June 23rd the British people made it clear that they wanted to Leave the EU. Now one of their senior MPs, David Lammy tells us that politicians are “detached” from mass swathes of the public, yet his own actions confirm that he is one of those 'detached' politicians. He wants the referendum to be rerun and he voted against the triggering of Article 50, so both the words hypocrite and sore loser come to mind.

    "The Labour Party is led by a man who for the last forty years has been been anti EU but bizarrely claims he now wants to remain in the Single Market, which means the UK effectively doesn't leave the EU. Let me help the poor deluded Labour Party: we voted to leave the EU, no if's, no but's. If I serve out a prison sentence I don't expect, as I walk out the the main gate to be tapped on the shoulder by the governor & told I might be free but have to return each day to the prison for my meals. Leave means Leave!

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  • German efforts to clamp down on migrants wasted while Schengen remains

    download_(1).jpgUKIP’s Home Affairs Spokeswoman, Jane Collins MEP, has welcomed German moves to clamp down on migrants who lie about their identity or who are violent, saying, “tighter security in Germany can only be a good thing for the rest of Europe and the UK.”

    Miss Collins comments come after Germany’s interior and justice ministers worked together in the wake of the Berlin terror attack to strengthen security rules on those migrants who could harm Germans or who have “been deceptive about their identities.”

    Speaking from Brussels, Ms Collins said, “Only in the wake of yet another terror attack have some members of Angela Merkel’s coalition government woken up to the threat posed by a minority of the migrants who rushed to Germany after the Chancellor threw the doors wide open.”

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  • Government need to revisit their policy of non engagement towards Le Pen

    James_Carver.jpegJames Carver MEP, UKIP's Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs spokesman, has criticised the government's decision not to engage with French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, after it was revealed by the British Ambassador to France, that they had established contact with all other leading candidates.

    Mr Carver said "It's bad diplomacy not to consider all eventualities in the next French presidential election, and with Mme. Le Pen expected to, at the least, reach the final round run-off in May, our government are refusing to engage with a politician who could become the President of a country just 21 miles away.

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  • Jockey Club wrong to sell Kempton Park

    Patrick.jpgUKIP sport spokesman Patrick O'Flynn MEP has called for plans to sell Kempton Park racecourse and turn it into a giant housing estate to be scrapped.

    Mr O'Flynn said: "Britain's racecourses are not merely much-loved sporting venues but also vital 'green lungs' that enhance the quality of life for local communities.

    "This is particularly true of courses located at the edge of major conurbations and cities.

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