• Whittle calls for honesty in housing debate

    PETER.jpgLaunching UKIP's London manifesto, Peter Whittle, the Mayoral candidate, was passionate in his vision for a London that works for all Londoners. Citing the spirit and soul of the city he launched into a passionate defence of UKIP's concentration of the impact of uncontrolled immigration on those things that matter most to Londoners, the ongoing housing crisis, congestion on public transport and a general sense of security.

    He was introduced by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and was joined by the UKIP's team of London Assembly candidates, and went on to highlight aspects of the Manifesto.

    UKIP Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle: "There is no point talking about housing unless you address the huge population growth in London, which is rising at 1 million new Londoners per decade, driven almost entirely by migration".

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  • UKIP's London Manifesto 2016

    LondonManifestoFinal(1)-page-001.jpgUKIP has today launched our manifesto for the upcoming London Mayoral and Assembly elections, which you can read and download here.

    This superb manifesto offers new, constructive solutions to the particular problems London faces today, and if there’s one theme that runs through our proposals it’s this: UKIP puts all Londoners first. 600,000 people have left the city in the past decade, not necessarily because they want to, but because they simply can’t afford to live here anymore.

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  • School places shortage fuelled by EU Open Borders

    PaulNuttall.jpgThe increasing shortage of school places will continue relentlessly while the UK remains in the European Union, said UKIP education spokesman Paul Nuttall.

    Commenting on the day that parents receive news of school place allocations Mr Nuttall said that education, housing and health services are all suffering because of our open borders.

    Councils say they will need 336,000 more school places by 2024.

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  • Treasury Report - A political posture not an economic study

    Stevenwoolfe.jpgSteven Woolfe, UKIP’s Finance Spokesmen and member of the European Parliament’s Economic Affairs Committee has commented on the UK Treasury Brexit report:

    "There are three substantial issues which weaken both the credibility and projections in this report from George Osborne and the UK Treasury.

    "First, the mind-set of the people behind it. George Osborne’s views are well known and has always been a political rather than economic Chancellor. This Treasury study is no different, designed not to inform but to achieve a political objective. The report has been produced and released with campaigning considerations and calculations in mind.

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  • UKIP demands fair treatment for SMEs over late payment scandal

    Margot_3.jpgUKIP's Small Business Spokesman Margot Parker has called for action after it is revealed SMEs wait twice as long for invoices to be paid compared with larger companies. The East Midlands MEP, who has ran small businesses herself, said the Government must act after a study by the Asset Based Finance Association showed SMEs waited an average 67 days to be paid last year, compared with 38 for big firms. And according to the report, the gap is growing.

    She said: "There an estimated 5.2m small businesses in the UK, together employing more than 12m people and with a combined turnover of £1.2t - these small businesses are the life-blood of Britain. They are a major contributor to turnover, employing 48 per cent of the workforce and create 85 per cent of all new jobs. We fail to recognise just how crucial they are at our peril - they are the backbone of our economy and the principal driver of our labour market. But successive Governments have simply not done enough to protect and help them.

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  • Migration costs the NHS far more than we ever knew

    LOUISEBOURS.pngRevelations that EU citizens don’t have to prove who they are before receiving free treatment on the NHS shows just how much the National Health Service has become the International Health Service, according to UKIP Health Spokesman, Louise Bours MEP.

    As the debate on whether the UK should leave or remain in the EU turns its attention to the NHS, a health minister has been forced to admit that GPs and hospitals must treat immigrants even if they do not produce an EU health card and refuse to provide any identification to show their entitlement. The news is a huge boost to those arguing the NHS is suffering as a result of the UK’s membership of the EU. Reacting to the government’s admission, Ms Bours said: “The government have tried to bury this bad news right from the start.

    “It wasn’t even in Cameron’s renegotiation attempts because he clearly didn’t want the public to know that while we are in the EU anyone and everyone can come here, get treatment funded by the UK taxpayer, and then go home again without contributing a single penny to the cost.

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  • London's Mayor: The Big Debate tonight

    peter-bbcdebate.pngUKIP's London Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle will be taking part in London's Mayor: The Big Debate, hosted by Andrew Neil, tonight. Watch it tonight from 10.45pm on BBC One London.

    Find out more about Peter and his campaign at

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  • Breast ironing must be stopped

    11850986_10153553370694044_1480921525_n.jpgThe Department of Health should work hand-in-glove with the Home Office to stamp out the “appalling and barbaric” ritual of breast-ironing, says UKIP Health Spokesman Louise Bours.

    Ms Bours says breast ironing should be considered another form of female genital mutilation (FGM), a practice she has long campaigned against.

    Breast ironing uses heated objects, including stones and hammers, to flatten a girl’s breasts to stop them from developing.

    It is thought to have affected at least 1,000 women in the UK, although there is no exact figure. Not a single prosecution against it has ever taken place in this country.

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  • Leaving the European Union would not stop teams being able to take on top flight players from overseas

    PaulNutall-new1.jpgResponding to claims made by Arsene Wenger that leaving the EU could ‘stop foreign football stars moving to the UK’, UKIP’s Deputy Leader, Paul Nuttall MEP said:

    “Leaving the European Union would not stop teams being able to take on top flight players from overseas. At the moment there are players coming to premiership from many countries that aren’t members of the EU, so why would it have any detrimental effect?

    “Leaving the EU would also smooth the development path for home-grown players such as 18-year-old Manchester United newcomer Marcus Rashford.

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  • UKIP launches its 2016 Welsh Assembly Election Manifesto

    Welsh_Manifesto.pngThe Dolman Theatre in Newport today saw the launch of UKIP’s Welsh Assembly 2016 Election Manifesto.

    Attended by UKIP Wales candidates, members and the press, Nathan Gill MEP and Leader of UKIP Wales, Mark Reckless, Caroline Jones and Susan Boucher presented UKIP Wales’ 2016 manifesto.

    The full Welsh Elections 2016 webpage will be available shortly, meanwhile, electronic copies of the manifesto are available to download as PDFs in English and Welsh.

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