• UKIP Leader Nigel Farage challenges David Cameron to live head-to-head debate

    Photo_3.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage has challenged David Cameron to a live, televised, head-to-head debate to see if the claims made in the recent pro-EU Government pamphlet stand up to public scrutiny.

    His challenge came on the first official day of the EU Referendum campaign as he hand delivered a letter, and "Returned to sender" the pro-EU Government pamphlet, to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street this morning.

    Nigel Farage was accompanied by UKIP's Deputy Chairman and Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James MEP and UKIP's London Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle.

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  • Jeremy Corbyn on EU mass migration - an outlier even within the Labour Party

    Stevenwoolfe.jpg“Jeremy Corbyn shows about as much knowledge of the effects of mass uncontrolled migration from the European Union on the British labour market as he does about formulating an effective economic policy for Britain as a whole. Something that even the Bank of England has accepted in a recent report. His statement that “I don’t think too many have come” and that he does not believe that immigration from EU nations into Britain is too high is ignorant at best and meant to deceive at worst. It also puts both Corbyn, and now the Labour party, as an outlier in terms of understanding the effects of EU migration on the UK.

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  • The True Migrant Crisis

    In August 2015, after being invited by a haulier in his constituency, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, Mike Hookem set off for Calais to see the effects of the migrant crisis for himself.
    The chain of events that transpired saw Mike threatened with a gun by people traffickers; surrounded by migrants looking for passage to the UK on a truck, and disturbing trespassers looking to gain entry to the EuroTunnel.
    Six months on from his first visit, Mike has returned to Northern France with a film crew to see how the situation has developed. What Mike found, shocked even him.

    Watch the resulting documentary here:

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  • Jeremy Corbyn has sold out and joined the Europhile elite

    Screenshot_86.pngUKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP has written for the Telegraph today on how the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has sold out and joined the Europhile elite pointing to today's pro-EU speech after a political lifetime of opposition to the EU as evidence of this.

    In his article he says Jeremy Corbyn was "thought to be in the mould of the much respected Tony Benn, who described his preference for politicians that were signposts rather than weather vanes", however, he is in fact "more Mr Benn than Tony Benn, in so far as he can turn into someone completely different, simply by looking in the mirror".

    The article concludes, "This speech showed [Jeremy Corbyn] may well still be a conviction politician, but his conviction has changed. Now it is one of self-preservation as a party leader, and not what’s best for the UK."

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  • Cost of settling migrants more than £500 million

    Stevenwoolfe.jpgThe House of Commons Home Affairs Committee has released a study saying that resettling the 20,000 Syrian refugees that the Government has agreed to take will cost a projected £589 million.

    "I'm speechless!" says Steven Woolfe MEP, UKIP Migration Spokesman. "Seriously, this number can't be right. No wonder the Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee is demanding clarification. It begs the question can any ordinary person really understand just how much £500M actually is? How much it can buy in the real world in which most of us have to survive, if we were spending our own money on the products and services that we need to live on in modern Britain.

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  • Statement from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage on EU Referendum Designation

    Nigel.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage: "I congratulate Vote Leave on getting designation.

    "The decision of UKIP to back Grassroots Out was on the basis that they saw the importance of the immigration issue in this referendum, and that we wanted to reach out across the country at a grassroots level and work with everyone from the left, centre and right of British politics to get our country out of the EU. I believe this approach is the only way the Leave side can win this referendum.

    "It is clear that Vote Leave now share my view on this approach, for instance the issue of EU open borders is now a prominent part of their campaign messaging.

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  • Hammond must rule out British troops joining EU Battlegroup

    Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has called on the Foreign Secretary to rule out British troops being sent to Libya as part of an EU battlegroup.

    Mr Hammond is under fire after MPs on a trip to North Africa were told that 1000 British troops were to be deployed as part of a 6000 strong international force against Da'esh.

    Mr Hookem, who sits on the European Parliament's Defence Committee, said the plans for an EU battlegroup in Libya were "openly discussed and part of a three stage strategy by the EU to deal with terrorism and people trafficking."

    "I have heard from senior members of the EU's military teams including the EU Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM) about their strategy for dealing with terrorism and trafficking, of which the third stage is 'boots on the ground'.

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  • Peter Whittle highlights the plight of local residents in South Acton who face being forced out of their homes

    12966582_10208497316606915_207385842_n.jpgOn a trip to South Acton today, UKIP Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle met with local residents in London’s biggest redevelopment who face being made homeless after reportedly being offered less than market value for their homes by Ealing Council. Peter Whittle,  was joined by David Kurten, number 2 on London’s Assembly list and other UKIP activists on his trip to South Acton.

    While the redevelopment of London's largest estate, South Acton, moves ahead, many of the current residents feel they are being left behind. Despite some of them having lived on the estate for a generation, they are being pressurised by the council and developers to accept well below market value for their homes which will leave them unable to buy anything in the redevelopment. There have been some reports of some residents receiving offers as little as 60% of market value and others who have been offered £100k less than the market value for their properties.

    Before the General Election Angie Bray, the then Conservative MP for the area, and Rupa Huq, the then Labour candidate and now MP for the area, were supposedly very interested in the residents’ concerns but since May the residents have not heard a thing from their new Labour MP, and the Labour council have also lost interest.

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  • The people's army will prevail over anti-democratic EU

    Speaking in the European Parliament today UKIP Leader Nigel Farage made it clear that he believes that the people's army will prevail over anti-democratic EU, and you can watch his speech in full below:

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  • Farage calls out the IMF - It's only protecting its own as it always does

    Nigel.jpgThe international financial institution that admitted that it broke all its financial rules to back up the failing Euro project has announced that the prospect of the UK Leaving the EU is so troubling to its ideas that the entire global economy could be troubled.

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, "The IMF has been hijacked by the architects of the failing EU project, so of course they want the UK to remain.

    "This is all about the big banks and the establishment protecting their interests within a cosy EU cartel that looks after multi-national corporations and dismisses the democratic wishes of the average man, woman or small and medium sized business.

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