• UKIP Defence Spokesman Responds to the Brussels Terror Attacks

    Mike_Hookem_Police.jpgCommenting on the terror attacks at Brussels Zaventem airport and the Maalbeek metro station in central Brussels, UKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP said, “I’m appalled at the needless loss of life and injuries caused by these heartless attacks and my thoughts go out to all those affected.”

    Speaking from the European Parliament building in Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “David Cameron says we are safer in the EU. Well, I’m in the heart of the EU right now and it does not feel very safe.”

    “The fact that terrorists can strike at the heart of the EU with apparent ease shows that they are perfectly placed to exploit the lax security situation created by Schengen agreement and the EU’s open door policies.”

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  • House prices continue to rise: Demand must be addressed

    peter_Good.jpgLondon and the South East continue to lead spiking house prices according to the Office of National Statistics. The government simply has no realistic response to the needs of an ever changing market and expanding population. So much so that the British people have little choice now in where they choose to live or bring up a family.

    Peter Whittle, UKIP's candidate for London Mayor said, "These new ONS figures just highlight what we have been saying all along, it is increasingly obvious that Londoners cannot afford to get onto the housing ladder and the sheer cost of housing increases the pressure on London services as key workers are driven further and further from the centre of the city. Until we address the issue of demand, demand driven mostly through immigration, then we will never be able to get a handle on the issue of supply and rapidly increasing costs."

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  • CBI/PwC report claims to be an economic case but the motivation is purely political

    M.R._085.gifMark Reckless, the UKIP Economics spokesman, has responded to the CBI/PwC report on Brexit Risks today, "The CBI/PwC report claims to be an economic case, but the motivation is purely political. On a very basic level this study is flawed. It appears that this new report is based on old OBR projections rather than the latest figures used by George Osborne in his Budget last week.

    "The latest OBR predictions average 2.1% growth 5 years to 2020. A growth rate requiring inward migrations figures of over 200,000 a year at least to sustain. But the PwC assumptions published today predict average 2.3% growth % years to 2020 based on earlier, superseded OBR figures.
    "How the report can be credible when it is 10% out on its fundamental underpinning assumption? From that basic flaw it is clear that PwC's many other assumptions therefore lack credibility, as does their report and its conclusions.

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  • EU funded CBI wrong on job losses from Brexit

    jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has slammed the CBI for declaring that Brexit could cost nearly 1million jobs, saying the predictions were "more at home in the script a Hollywood flop than in serious political debate."

    "The CBI receives money from the EU and has been pushing Project Fear on behalf of Brussels and big business for years: these skewed statistics are nothing new.

    "And the CBI has a track record of being wrong on the EU: They wanted Britain to join the Euro not so long ago and even the most economically illiterate europhiles realise what a disaster that would have been," she said.

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  • William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP trade spokesman has called for transparency from the CBI

    william.jpgWilliam Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP trade spokesman has called for transparency from the CBI about their recent study completed by PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PWC).

    "It would be instructive if the CBI would publish the instruction they gave to PWC when they contracted this study. The study is, as we know based on old, out of date and superseded OBR figures. We know that the CBI has a track record of using inflated and irrelevant figures with its previous study being torn apart for deliberate error by the House of Commons Select Committee. And we also know that PWC earns tens of millions of pounds a year from its relationship with the European Union.

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  • Turkey IN means Britain OUT of the EU

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegResponding to the provisional agreement reached today at the European Council with Turkey UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: “This deal is the worst of all possible worlds.

    "Giving visa free access to Turkey will mean increased numbers of people coming to Europe. And fast tracking an unstable Turkey into EU membership is madness.

    "I feel more confident than ever that Turkey IN means Britain OUT.”

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  • UK must make it clear, no deal with anti-democratic Turkey

    william.jpgWhile a team of Conservative politicians, keen to welcome Turkey into the EU live it up in Ankara the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has described the country as a place where Freedom and Democracy has "absolutely no value".

    William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP Trade spokesman said, "The President seems to see himself as the new Ottoman Sultan - an absolute monarch. But he is given support here in London by the Prime Minister and the Labour Party, and by Conservative politicians currently partying on his porch in Anatalya. Those Conservative MEPs are in the same political group as President Erdogan’s party.

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  • Findings of latest European Court of Auditors report should worry everyone

    Steven_Woolfe.jpegEuropean Union aid to halt migration is so poorly managed that EU officials are unable to say how much has been spent, a new report by the European Court of Auditors has found.

    An estimated €1.4 billion of EU overseas aid was spent in countries such as Algeria, Georgia, Moldova, Morocco and Ukraine on Europe’s periphery in order to halt migration between 2007 and 2013. But the report warned the projects are poorly designed, badly managed, chaotically supervised and, as a result, are often ineffective.

    Responding UKIP’s Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said, “The findings of this report should worry everyone, particularly the EU Leaders meeting in Brussels to discuss the latest Turkey Migrant Treaty which contracts the UK Government to give Turkey £500M as part of a £4.6B aid deal. ‎The fact that this aid package is so large and the agreement on the swap of Syrian refugees from Turkey with economic migrants who have illegally arrived in the EU is so complicated means that there are plenty of opportunities for more waste and corruption.

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  • UKIP announce Steve Winstone as the party candidate in Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough

    Steve_Winstone.jpgLocal metal trader and businessman, Steve Winstone has described his selection as UKIP’s candidate in the forthcoming Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by-election as an “honour” saying he will be basing his campaign on “fighting for steel jobs”, “tackling local issues” and “fighting to bring real change to the area”.

    Mr Winstone, who stood for UKIP in the Sheffield South constituency at the 2015 general election, was confirmed as UKIP's by-election candidate by the Party's National Executive Committee.

    Speaking after the announcement, Mr Winstone said, “I am absolutely delighted to be picked from a strong field of potential candidates and very honoured to have the opportunity to represent UKIP in the forthcoming Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough by-election.” 

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  • Budget a lost opportunity for Small Business

    Margot_3.jpgMargot Parker MEP the UKIP Small Business spokesman responded to the Budget. While there are some positives in this Budget it is a lost opportunity for hundreds of thousands of our most entrepreneurial sector.

    “Overall there is quite a bit of positive news for small businesses in this year’s budget. However, more concerning was the failure to make any mention of measures to address the problems of late payments to SMEs by large companies - this disruption decimates small businesses' cash flows" she pointed out.

    “I am also worried raising the insurance premium tax will simply result in higher premiums for small businesses as the affected companies pass on the new levy.

    “Lowering corporation tax, raising the tax threshold for the 40p band and increasing the personal allowance will all help small business owners. The continued freeze on fuel duties will also be of help.

    “News of the increased threshold for business tax relief is welcome. The UKIP 2015 General Election Manifesto addressed the existing low threshold and I'm happy to see the Chancellor was paying attention to us.

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