• The ABC of why Obama is wrong

    Mike_Hookem.jpegAmerican companies won't want Britain to be 'back of the queue' for any trade deal writes UKIP's Mike Hookem MEP.

    The Prime Minister thought he had achieved a 'slam dunk' when he got President Obama to parrot a line from Number 10 designed to scare people into voting to remain in the EU.

    "But even removing the fact that from January next year it will be another president in office in the White House, the idea that the UK would be 'at the back of the queue' for trade is as likely as Cameron selling up his Notting Hill mansion and moving into a council house in Denby.

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  • Jane Collins writes to George Osborne about the Treasury report

    JaneCollinsdesk.pngUKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has written to the Chancellor regarding a number of anomalies in the much publicised Brexit report by the Treasury. Mrs Collins pointed out to Mr Osborne that his points made about a decline in wages was diametrically opposed to the evidence given to the Treasury Select Committee by 'Stronger In' chairman Lord Rose.

    "I read with interest your comments yesterday regarding the doom laden predictions from the latest tax payer funded ‘research’ for Project Fear, and I have a couple of questions to ask you,' she wrote.

    "Firstly, you said that wages will fall if we leave the EU. However, when addressing the Treasury Select Committee back in March the Chairman of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, Lord Rose, told MPs that wages would, in fact, rise. This was in relation to Britain being able to finally control immigration from the EU should we become an independent country whereas without this we will will face 3.3 million more migrants from the EU by your own predictions, surpassing wages but pushing up the costs for social security as companies expect the tax payer to subsidise the minimum wage with tax credits and housing.

    "Which one of you is right? The chairman of your campaign or your report? They cannot both be because they are diametrically opposed."

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  • Postal voting is open to corruption and needs urgent reform

    PaulNuttall1.jpgPostal voting is open to widespread misuse and even corruption and is in urgent need of reform, says UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall.
    The MEP has today published a paper highlighting numerous examples of where postal voting has been used illicitly, which can be read here.
    Mr Nuttall, who represents the North West of England, wants to amend the Representation of the People Act 2000 by scrapping the inclusion of postal voting “on demand”.
    His call comes as people choosing to vote via post rather than polling station have started to receive their postal voting ballots for next month’s plethora of elections.

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  • If Theresa May wishes to leave the ECHR she must support Brexit

    Diane_James.jpgHome Secretary Theresa May was today advocating the UK leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Responding UKIP Deputy Chairman and Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James MEP said: "Theresa May is pulling out this tattered rag of an argument to comfort disgruntled Tories without checking the facts. The facts are that by EU Treaty law we must be signatories of the European Convention of Human Rights and the UK is bound by its judgements. To say otherwise is misleading people or at best not to be aware of the legal truth.

    "The Home Secretary is now drowning in a sea of fact. Yesterday she acknowledged that it is more difficult to control immigration while we are members of the EU. Today, she raises the issue of the ECHR, saying we must leave it, but fails to tell people we can only leave it if we first leave the European Union. There is no escape from EU control of our human rights legislation, or from domination of our law by the ECHR, as long as we remain members of the EU.

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  • Emergency legislation is needed to save the green belt

    Cg4SZEnW4AAH2va.jpg_large.jpgIn light of compelling new evidence that the green belt is being eroded at the fastest pace in the last 20 years UKIP are calling for the government to expedite legislation ring fencing it from residential development. UKIP have consistently warned that the Tories have misled the public over their commitment to protect the British countryside and green belt.

    Peter Whittle, UKIP’s London Mayoral candidate, speaking in Sidcup where he joined local campaigners fighting to save Old Park Farm, one of Bexley's few open spaces from council supported development said, "Due to the massive demand for house construction in London, planners are now making moves to build on our precious green belt areas, for example at Old Farm Park in Sidcup where I was this morning. This is simply unacceptable and will have a permanent detrimental effect on future generations of Londoners.

    "The only real way to protect the green belt is to make it illegal for local authorities to grant planning permission which leads to homes being built on it. The green belt is one of our nation's greatest national treasures and neither this nor future governments have the right to deprive be future generations of it. The answer is to make it impossible to build on green belt whilst incentivising brownfield and other non-contentious developments."

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  • Speculations about the imminent rebranding and restructuring of the Party are unfounded

    Much fevered media speculation has followed Nigel’s musing out loud on LBC about how we might restructure and re-energise the Party after the Referendum, perhaps learning from the Italian Five-Star Movement with whom we sit in the EFDD group.

    Suffice it to say that, while Nigel endears himself to many with his forthright approach, the media’s reaction to this speculation may be something of an unwelcome distraction from more important matters at this particular moment.

    In fact, the NEC has already resolved to review the management structure of the Party, as phase two of the Constitutional Review which started in 2010.  The Party is fully focussed on winning elections and the Referendum, there is no discussion about changing the party currently, if there are to be any such discussions they will take place after the Referendum.

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  • It's not just difficult to control our borders within the EU, it's impossible

    Nigel.jpgThe free movement of workers within the EU makes it more difficult to curb immigration to the UK, Home Secretary Theresa May has admitted. Responding UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, "It's not just difficult to control our borders within the EU, it's impossible.

    "We have an open door to 500 million people across 27 other countries of the European Union and we see net migration now regularly running at over 300,000 every year, far higher than the Government's target of migration in the tens of thousands.

    "With Turkey pushing, and in fact being encouraged by this Government, to become a member of the EU the current levels of immigration could go even higher.

    "Theresa May has been the worst Home Secretary ever in terms of immigration, and she has no prospect of fulfilling the promise that she and her colleagues made to the British people that immigration will be reduced to the tens of thousands whilst we remain within the EU.

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  • Hypocritical Obama needs to return to his history lessons

    Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem has called President Obama "a hypocrite who doesn't know his history" after the American leader used the two world wars as an excuse to interfere in the EU referendum.

    Mr Obama said he had a right to tell the British people how to vote because the USA and Europe's history were "intertwined".

    But Mr Hookem said there was something "sick" about using the dead in war graves to argue for Britain to be governed by Brussels.

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  • Imagine the USA trapped in an organisation like the EU

  • Mike Hookem has slammed a petition calling for an end to the subsidies paid to Drax power station

    MikeHookam.jpgYorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP, Mike Hookem has slammed a petition calling for an end to the subsidies paid to Drax power station, saying, “If we lose any more power generation capacity in this area, we will all be sat in the dark cooking over a candle.”

    Mr Hookem’s comments come in the wake of a petition that calls on the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to withdraw Drax's renewable energy subsidies, despite the power station converting part of its operation in 2010 to burn biomass as a greener alternative to coal.

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