• Cameron scaremongering to distract people from his pathetic, bungled EU deal

    Zone_portuaire_calais_phare.jpgDavid Cameron has claimed that the UK leaving the European Union would lead to Calais ‘Jungle’-style camps in the South East of England.

    Responding UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "Once again we see the pro-EU establishment adopting fear and scaremongering tactics. This is a desperate attempt from David Cameron to distract people from his pathetic, bungled EU deal. Le Touquet treaty is a bilateral deal, nothing to do with the EU and of course international co-operation would continue once we leave the EU."

    UKIP’s Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe added: “The baseless statements from David Cameron and the Remain camp that France will scrap its bilateral Calais border control agreement with the UK leaving our country vulnerable to illegal immigration and Calais-like 'Jungle' camps on the south coast are based on fears, negativity and a falsehood.

    "Membership of the European Union is not a prerequisite for this agreement and it was negotiated and signed between two nation-states. The EU had nothing to do with this deal, and that's probably why it has worked for the past decade. Saying that France will unilaterally scrap this agreement is like suggesting that France will also scrap the Treaties on Defence and Security which the Prime Minister himself signed in 2010.

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  • BBC rapped by UKIP MEP for not reporting British Female genital mutilation statistics

    louisebours.jpgThe BBC has been criticised by UKIP's Louise Bours MEP for its lack of coverage of female genital mutilation cases (FGM) in the UK. Today, Saturday, February 6 marks International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM and campaigners claim some 5,484 instances of the barbaric practice were reported in England alone between October 2014 and September last year.

    The Health and Social Care Information Centre has released data today saying medical professionals had recorded 1,385 FGM cases in England between July and September alone. However, the charity Plan UK which campaigns against FGM, believes many more instances of the “hidden danger” go unreported. The BBC’s website carried no reports of the FGM statistics on its main front page website on either Friday or Saturday.

    Louise Bours, MEP for the North West and UKIP Health Spokesman, said: “On Friday the BBC was leading all day about the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s ongoing stay in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. It’s second most highly-rated story was about a crane collapsing in New York. Elsewhere it was crowing about its new Top Gear presenter and what Al Shabab was up to in Somalia.

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  • UKIP supports Grassroots Out

    vY0_0G_F.jpgAn important message from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage:

    It now looks clear that our once in a lifetime chance to break free from the European Union is almost upon us.

    However pathetic David Cameron’s renegotiation appears to be, I believe that he will rush to a referendum in June and we must be ready.

    Ever since the General Election I have made it clear that I will work with anyone from across the spectrum that wants to fight for us to leave the EU.

    As two groups emerged to contest for the Electoral Commission’s designation, Leave.EU and Vote Leave, I have maintained a neutral stance between the two and tried my hardest to get them to come together and merge.

    Sadly this has proved to be impossible.

    However a genuine cross-party group has emerged: Grassroots Out. And I pay tribute to Conservative MPs Peter Bone and Tom Pursglove along with Labour’s Kate Hoey and others for launching this initiative.

    What a pleasure it is to work with people who understand that this issue matters more than party politics and tribal division.

    The aim of GO is for us to campaign together on the ground and to hold a series of big public meetings across the UK.

    The first of these was held in Kettering the other day with 2,500 people turning out to see Peter Bone, Tom Pursglove and Philip Hollobone, all local Tory MPs on the platform with Labour MP Kate Hoey, the DUP’s Sammy Wilson and the surprise appearance of former Defence Secretary Liam Fox.

    UKIP’s Margot Parker MEP chaired the event and I was on the stage with the others.

    This is the way forward.

    With the unanimous support of our MEPs we now commit to supporting Grassroots Out and want our branches and members to join with GO as a means of working with activists from other parties and none.

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  • The EU is putting women in direct risk

    A strong speech in the European Parliament by UKIP's East Midlands MEP Margot Parker outlined just how the EU is putting women in direct risk of attacks.

    She hit out at the EU for claiming there was no connection between the migrant crisis and the sexual attacks on women in Cologne or elsewhere.

    She said: "If it was your mother, your daughter, your friend, would you still deny anything happened."

    She went on to speak about cover-ups and denial and how the authorities are turning their backs because of political correctness.

    See the full video here:

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  • It's people power that will win this referendum

    Absolutely nobody in Britain would today vote to join the EU and its people power which will win the coming referendum said Nigel Farage speaking in the European Parliament, Strasbourg in a debate on the forthcoming European Council with Commission President Tusk.

    A day after the release of Cameron's deal with European Council President Tusk, which Farage earlier described as "Cam's Scam", he listed the huge loss of control and money that the UK would undergo if it were today deciding on joining the EU.

    David Cameron said yesterday under the present deal he could vote to join the EU.

    Read the speech in full below:

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  • UKIP Turn the Lights On in Aveley

    Smith.jpgIn the last decade the path between Belhus Park and Ormiston Academy has been rundown. The work of UKIP Cllr Peter Smith and local residents has seen the area cleared and now the lights have been turned back on.

    Cllr Peter Smith said: "After persistent negotiations with Thurrock Council the lighting has now been reinstated at the 'parkway'.

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  • Hardly worth waiting for. It is truly pathetic - UKIP responds to Cameron's renegotiation attempt

    Nigel_Farage.jpegUKIP leader Nigel Farage said: "Hardly worth waiting for. It is truly pathetic. No treaty change, no repatriation of powers, no ability to control our own laws, our money or our borders. Now let's get on with the referendum.

    "What it means is more Europe with an EU army, EU accession of Turkey, and EU primacy over our laws and our courts.

    "Well Cameron wanted a four year ban on migrant benefits, he didn't even ask for a restriction on the open door movement that we have to nearly half a billion people. We can in the first few months or year stop benefits, but from years 2, 3 and 4 bring them up to the current levels. This is pretty weak stuff.

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  • Learn from steel job losses for reality of 'emergency brake'

    jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has warned the Prime Minister's 'emergency brake' will be "as useful as the state aid rules which denied the government the right to help our steel industry."

    Speaking from Strasbourg, the Yorkshire MEP said all Mr Cameron had managed to negotiate was another method of "going to Brussels with a begging bowl when the inevitable consequences of EU membership puts too much of a burden on the UK economy."

    "The deal is so convoluted, with so many coloured cards to wave around if EU legislation is not wanted, that MPs will be more like primary school teachers trying to teach toddlers the colours of the rainbow.

    "But it still doesn't address the fundamental problems of sovereignty and of democratic accountability, of uncontrolled migration driving down jobs and the British tax payer topping up low salaries with tax credits.

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  • It's No deal - Oh Yes it is, Oh No it isn't

    paul_nuttal_2.jpgUKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall, “Despite entering February the Westminster panto season continues. The theatrics and drama of David Cameron’s sham renegotiation continues and he is playing us for fools.

    “On the one hand we have Donald Tusk leaving a set piece dinner saying “No deal” and on the other hand Cameron’s assertion after that same meeting that it had been a good one.

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  • Jackie Doyle-Price lied to residents over the third crossing. She should apologise

    download_(1).jpgIn October 2014 Jackie Doyle-Price posted on her Facebook page that she had 'stopped (the) new crossing'.

    Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: "It is completely outrageous that JDP found it acceptable to lie to residents that she personally had stopped a new Thames Crossing.

    "I call on her to release the communications with the government showing exactly where they stated the new crossing wasn't going to happen or to come and apologise personally to all residents affected along the planned routes.

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