• Nigel Farage says: "Cowardly EU is running scared of millions of people who oppose the global corporatism of TTIP"

    Nigel.jpgToday Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of UKIP, said: "In my 17 years as an MEP I've never received so much communication from the public on a proposed piece of legislation. The TTIP has concerned millions of people across the European Union. They have bombarded their MEPs with phone calls, letters and emails and in response to this the EU is now running scared."

    "They've got the wind up, particularly the left, who have been supporting TTIP from the start and finally have been exposed as backing large scale global corporatism."

    "The parliament suspended today not just the vote, but equally the debate on this issue which I think was cowardly in the extreme. It is interesting to note that for the first time ever actions in the European Parliament are now being heavily debated in Washington, too. Perhaps we need a redefinition of what a free trade deal is."

    William Dartmouth, UKIP MEP for the South West and Gibraltar and spokesman on trade, said: "Today the establishment, particularly the British Conservatives, clubbed together to stop the debate happening. The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a matter of huge public interest and even greater concern. It is utterly wrong for the parties in the European Parliament, led by the Conservatives, to supress debate. We need to have debate, we need to understand what is going on."

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  • "You don't fight discrimination with discrimination" - UKIP MEP Louise Bours

    UKIP is fighting in the European Parliament to stop the EU grabbing the power to shut down any company which defies its demands on reaching female quotas on non-executive boards. Yesterday in Strasbourg UKIP MEP Louise Bours led an attack against this legislation. She said it would "demean women and insult the women who have made it to the top of their professions on merit."

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  • Blocking dissent and buying the vote

    cameronsham.pngUKIP Leader Nigel Farage has said that David Cameron’s pledge that Conservative Ministers will have to resign from the government if they want Britain to leave the EU, proves that the Prime Minister’s entire focus is on the country being kept inside.

    Nigel Farage said: “As European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker himself said, David Cameron’s entire focus is on docking Britain inside the EU.

    “Cameron clearly wants to keep Britain inside the EU under any circumstances.

    It is perfectly clear that Mr. Cameron does not want this to be full, free and fair referendum, given that he is threatening his own Ministers rather than allowing MPs to campaign according to their own conscience. As Ministers were in the last European Referendum campaign 1975.

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  • Life would be sweeter outside the tariff- imposing EU which is ‘beeting’ British sugar refining jobs out of existence

    Stuart-Agnew-in-Plenary1.jpgUKIP agriculture spokesman Stuart Agnew MEP said today in Strasbourg: “The stance of British sugar refiner maker Tate and Lyle shows that the EU regime of external tariffs and internal regulations is destroying British jobs and industry.

    “The sugar cane importing company is lumbered by prohibitive tariffs for the importation of sugar cane from outside the EU. This pushes up the price of sugar for the consumer and makes the manufacture of cane sugar uncompetitive. It is the EU’s tariff and hyper-regulation regime which is strangling cane sugar refining in the UK.

    “Tate and Lyle is currently prevented, by the EU commission, from importing its raw materials in the quantities it needs. That is one of the reasons it has had to close 5 out of 6 production plants and lay off workers. The EU is clearly tying the hands of the sugar cane refining industry behind its back.

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  • EU's energy efficiency paradox

    Andrew_Charalambous.jpgIn a devastating judgement affecting the cost of energy efficiency in homes, the European Court of Justice last week forbade the UK from rating energy efficiency items at 5%, but instead demanded that they be rated at a much higher 20% for all bar social housing.

    Andrew Charalambous, the UKIP housing spokesman said, "On one hand the EU is pressing for greater energy efficiency on the other it is making the cost of energy efficiency much greater.

    "The real loser is the British tenant, because in reality this added cost will translate into higher rents. You cannot apply uniformity across countries who do not enjoy uniform circumstances. There is no logical reason why the UK needs to increase the level of VAT for energy efficiency products simply to stay in line with other countries who themselves have completely different private rental markets."

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  • Med migrant crisis shows urgent need for border controls to ensure security

    The crisis of migration across the Mediterranean has become a predictable nightmare", said Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader today.

    Mr Farage was speaking after the captain of HMS Bulwark, which is leading the UK response to the crisis, Captain Nick Cooke-Priest has stated that up to half a million migrants are being prepared to cross the Mediterranean.

    Mr Farage is asking the government to tell us what assurances it can give us that Islamic State terrorists aren't able to get EU passports and come to Britain.

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  • Time to get cracking on the campaign to win back Britain's independence

    UKIP_M0394.jpegIn his first major speech since the General Election UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has said it was time to "get cracking" on the campaign to win back Britain's independence. "There is no time to lose and little point waiting for the results of Cameron's negotiations" which are likely to be a stitch-up compromise of associate membership.

    Speaking at the UKIP South East Conference in Eastbourne Nigel Farage said "We cannot afford to wait until Cameron comes back with his piece of paper" from his EU negotiations.

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  • UKIP Deputy Leader accuses the ECJ of facilitating "shady back room deals"

    The European Court of Justice yesterday (04/06/2015) ruled in favour of the Commission's right to protect the confidentiality of trade documents, including important documents on TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact) such as offers by the EU on tariffs, services, investment and procurement .
    UKIP MEP and Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall said, "The Commission last November promised to make all of the negotiating texts publicly available, for them to go back on this promise so quickly stinks of dishonesty. It is clear the last thing that the Commission want is this information to be made public as TTIP simply isn't in our national interest. UKIP was the only major UK party to oppose TTIP in a Committee vote on Wednesday and this move simply justifies that decision further."

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  • SNP are luddites over fracking says Carswell

    Douglas_Carswell.jpgBritain’s fracking revolution could be blown off course — after the anti-fracking SNP was awarded control of the key House of Commons Energy Select Committee. The SNP have banned fracking north of the border until a consultation is carried out — despite calls for cheaper energy.

    Referring to the weaver whose name was given to workers smashing machinery 200 years ago, UKIP MP Douglas Carswell said the appointment was like putting “Ned Ludd in charge of the industrial revolution”.

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  • Three EU Postal Services Directives lie behind the destruction of the Royal Mail

    PaulNuttall1.jpgUKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP: “It is rarely mentioned in the media but three EU Postal Services Directives lie behind the destruction of the Royal Mail. UKIP opposed these which were implemented initially by Labour while in government.

    “Under EU state aid rules the UK Government is strictly forbidden from helping the Royal Mail with taxpayers’ money and this means that in future it could go bust and completely disappear.

    “This final part of the privatisation means we will be left with a completely destroyed Royal Mail, once a proud British institution that did so much more than just deliver letters. We can thank the EU for that.

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