• Statement from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegUKIP Leader Nigel Farage: "Patrick O'Flynn came in person to tell me he had realised that he had made a mistake and, being the honourable man that he is, tendered his resignation as UKIP Economics Spokesman.

    "I accepted his resignation with some sadness, not least because he is very able and has been a great asset to the team. He continues to be a committed UKIP member and MEP."

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  • Once again, EU is driving business out of Europe - Steven Woolfe MEP

    Steven Woolfe has spoken in the European Parliament about the EU driving business out of Europe. You can watch the video below.

    Watch more from Steven Woolfe MEP here

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  • Increase the trade, decrease the aid says UKIP's Nathan Gill MEP

    Watch Nathan Gill MEP in the European Parliament debating financing for development, arguing for increasing trade.

    Watch more from Nathan Gill MEP here

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  • UKIP supports Somaliland national day

    IMG_4638.JPGUKIP Commonwealth Spokesman James Carver MEP has sent a message of support to Somaliland to mark their national day today, the 18th May.

    He said, "I whole-heartedly support their cause for recognition. On Somaliland national day, what better message of hope can I offer other than my best wishes for the international recognition of Somaliland. Later today I will be speaking to senior members of Somaliland's government to personally pass on my best wishes and my support."

    Also, Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, joined Ali Aden Awale, Head of the Somaliland UK Mission today on the occasion of Somaliland's national day.

    He said, "Somaliland has been a beacon of peace, democracy and the Rule of Law, in the Horn of Africa for the past 24 years. It is about time the UK and the rest of the international community recognised Somaliland's case for recognition. It's about time peace was rewarded.

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  • UKIP continue to lead in Norfolk County Council

    council.jpgAt the Annual General Meeting of Norfolk County Council today the UKIP group was elected to continue leading key areas of the Council. Cllr Rex Parkinson-Hare who was elected in 2009 in Great Yarmouth has been unanimously elected to the position of Chairman of Norfolk County Council.

    Cllr Rex Parkinson- Hare said,  "I am very grateful to be elected to such a prestigious role and thank all of my colleagues for their support. I look forward to being an ambassador for the County Council and will continue to work hard to promote the Great County of Norfolk."

    After a UKIP motion in 2013 Norfolk County Council replaced the undemocratic Cabinet system with a Committee System of Governance in 2014. This consisted of five service committees and the chairmen are elected annually at the AGM.

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  • Louise Bours MEP responds to David Cameron's GP pledge

    Louise_Bours.jpgUKIP Health Spokesman, Louise Bours MEP responds to David Cameron's GP pledge: "The Tories want people to forget they have been in power for five years already and almost decimated the NHS in that time.

    "Cameron can offer as many extra GPs as he likes for services at weekends, but without a plan like UKIP has for recruiting the extra GPs, the promise is meaningless.

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  • UKIP supports Electoral Reform Society call for fair voting​

    reform.jpgUKIP MP Douglas Carswell said: "The case for electoral reform is strong, we can win it if we come together with a broad cross-party coalition. This will be the model for the EU referendum too, and it is great to be part of that coalition."

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "This campaign for electoral reform is vital, now. The results of the General election show this where 5 million votes, the views of 5 million people are now represented by only 2 MPs; 4 million people voted for UKIP, for only 1 seat. It cannot go on like this.

    "It is important to be here, with the Electoral Reform Society supporting its campaign to make votes match seats.  I'm also delighted to be joining with Douglas Carswell who has campaigned for political reform for years and is leading the UKIP charge for this in the House of Commons".

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  • Roger Helmer welcomes JCB's Lord Bamford's Brexit remarks

    Roger_Helmer.jpgRoger Helmer MEP, UKIP Industry Spokesman, has welcomed Lord Bamford's remarks, adding, "This blows out of the water the commonly held assertion that the UK needs to be in the EU to trade internationally when quite the contrary is true.

    "As an example of a big player and a globally trading UK business, JCB demonstrates that we should be looking beyond the limiting, outmoded Eurocentric model and freeing ourselves from regulation to do business around the world. He is absolutely right to remind everyone that the UK is the sixth largest global economy and can exist, indeed thrive, beyond the shackles of Brussels and must seek to do so in order to be future proof and to prosper.

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  • ISIS is using the Mediterranean migrant crisis

    1017739_753280291386243_8538108291027881607_n.jpg"Now that the Libyan Government is saying it, will our Government listen?" says Nigel Farage following the comments by Libyan Government advisor Abdul Basit Haroun today.

    During the election campaign Mr Farage highlighted the blindingly obvious situation whereby ISIS and ISIS allied groups in North Africa were using the migration crisis as a method of both fundraising and smuggling their fanatics into Europe under the guise of appearing as innocent migrants or asylum seekers.

    "When well funded, well organised groups like IS tell you that they plan to bring their war to you, you would be well advised to listen", said Farage. At the time Mr Farage was vilified for his comments highlighting this threat, as 'scare mongering'.

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  • Tories run up the white flag over Europe

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegThe Foreign Secretary has thrown away any chance of reform in Europe by announcing that he will campaign to stay in Europe before he has started to lead Cameron’s much vaunted ‘renegotiations’.

    Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader said, “If the UK wishes to succeed in its negotiations with the EU it needs to walk into the discussions waving the big stick of withdrawal. Philip Hammond has thrown away the stick and replaced it with a white flag. How on earth can we take this Government seriously when it has waved that flag, before the hard work has even started? They are not serious about this referendum, they never meant to be, as it was only proposed to deal with the electoral threat that the rise of UKIP presented".

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