• Labour/Plaid ‘consensus’ on immigration is intellectually bankrupt

    The UKIP Wales debate on immigration was hijacked by a reactionary and bigoted response from Labour and Plaid Cymru members in the Senedd yesterday.

    Rather than engaging in constructive debate on the negative effects of immigration on wages, both parties chose destructively to smear UKIP members and they deliberately ignored the crux of the debate.

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  • Only by saying we will walk away from EU talks do we have any chance of a good deal for Britain

    News today that Tory MPs are trying to water down Brexit, by saying the Prime Minister must accept any deal, has come as no surprise to a UKIP MEP.
    Tim Aker, MEP for the East of England, said “Saying that the Prime Minister must accept any deal is like an idiot going into a car showroom and driving out with a car he never wanted.

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  • Queen's Speech was a wasted opportunity, putting PM's survival before the national well-being

    Responding to the Queen's speech today, Peter Whittle AM the UKIP deputy leader said: "Firstly, I applaud the continued sense of public duty shown by Her Majesty, particularly on a day when her consort has been taken to hospital.

    "As to the content of the Queen's Speech, it is of course to be welcomed that the government is setting aside time to deal with the requirement that we in the UK leave the European Union.

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  • EU Army plans risk muddying lines of command and fragmenting unity

    UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge, the party’s Defence Spokesman, lambasted the EU today as the threat of a European Army marched ever closer.

    One of Germany’s most senior defence officials became the latest to add his voice to calls for a European army.

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  • Why the EU has every incentive to delay and impede Brexit: a good deal for EU is bad deal for Britain

    Twelve months after the Referendum our Government has finally entered into ‘negotiations’ to leave the European Union under Article 50. We now face another two years of intensive argument with an organisation that has no incentive to agree a ‘good deal’ with the UK. Indeed they have every incentive to delay and impede our exit.

    UKIP's Brexit Spokesman, Gerard Batten MEP, said today: "All talk of negotiating a good deal is codswallop. A good deal for the EU would be a bad deal for the UK.

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  • UKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans to take break from politics

    SuzanneEvansPort.pngEarlier this year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had surgery in April, just a few days before Theresa May called the general election, and so I put my plans to take time out to rest and recover on hold.

    "Now the election is over, I intend to take a holiday from active politics, at least until the autumn.

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  • May’s lifeboat coalition must not compromise the most important goal of Brexit – border control

    The disastrous May Election must not be allowed to derail the Brexit process or lead to a watering-down of the people’s primary objective – taking back control over the nation’s borders – said UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther.

    “Though she is personally damaged as our negotiator, the suggestion that Mrs May’s dismal electoral performance relieves the government of the need to achieve full Brexit is absolutely unacceptable," he said.

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  • Statement from Steve Crowther as he is appointed UKIP Interim Leader

    I am honoured to have been asked by the NEC to stand in as Interim Leader for the next few weeks until our new Party Leader is elected.

    I respect Paul’s decision to step down, though I regret that he has not had time to show his full potential. In recent weeks he has started to really resonate with members of the party, and the public at large, with his robust messages on security and integration.

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  • Statement from Paul Nuttall MEP

    Paul Nuttall MEP today issued the following statement: "This morning, I wrote to the Party Chairman to inform of him of my decision to resign as the Leader of UKIP, with immediate effect.

    "When I took over at the end of last year, with the support of so many of you, I had a plan to unite and rebuild our party. I always knew that in the first year, we would face a difficult set of local elections but I was confident that with a summer of reform we could work on refocusing our party on a new future.

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  • Why you, your family and your friends should vote UKIP today, by Party Leader Paul Nuttall


    There are times in politics, as in life, that it is great to be vindicated.

    Last year’s Referendum result was one of those times, where the nation voted clearly to leave the European Union, a position that I and Ukip had been laughed at and derided for only a couple of years earlier.

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