• EU firing negotiating shots over trade access? Of course they are

    Michel Barnier, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, resorted to a shroud waving performance while speaking of post Brexit UK-EU trade to the European Economic and Social Committee, one of Brussels anonymous talking shops today, threatening the UK with dire consequences. Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP Brexit spokesman said "Mr Barnier is resorting to threats against against Britain in order to weaken the Government's resolve to leave the EU". 

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  • Dr Julia Reid MEP has been appointed as UKIP’s Health Spokesman

    Dr Julia Reid MEP, a research biochemist by profession with a PhD in Pharmacology, has been appointed as UKIP’s Health Spokesman by Steve Crowther, the party’s interim leader. Dr Reid has a considerable amount experience in the NHS and was, for over a decade, the Laboratory Manager of the Diabetes and Lipid Research Laboratory at the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

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  • Tory Brexit backsliding on key EU withdrawal amendments

    The European Parliament has voted down several UKIP amendments which explicitly called for the protection of UK fishing waters, scrapping the Brexit bill and ending ECJ jurisdiction in the UK. Conservative and Labour MEPs joined forces to vote down these proposals along with the rest of the Parliament.

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  • EU Commissioner says migration crisis "will be with us for decades"

    UKIP Home Affairs spokesman Jane Collins MEP said Commissioner Timmermans "needed to listen to the Australians if he was serious about 'breaking the business model of people traffickers'."

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  • UKIP’s Cllr Pete Reeve MBE re-elected to Key LGA positions.

    We are pleased to announce that Cllr Peter Reeve MBE, UKIP Councillor for Ramsey in Cambridgeshire on Huntingdonshire District Council has been re-elected as the Deputy Leader of the Independent Group of the Local Government Association (LGA). 

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  • Exiting the Common Fisheries Policy is one battle won, but the war for the return of Britain’s fisheries is far from over

    UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has hailed the announcement that the UK is to leave the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) as “brilliant”, but warned against complacency in thinking the "job is done.”

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  • Nazir Afzal's work shows the error of alienating whole communities


    "Mr Afzal is the reason these girls got justice and we should be glad that the file landed on his desk and he overturned the appalling decision not to prosecute the perpetrators of child rape and abuse," the CSE campaigner and MEP for Rotherham said.

    "But what it also highlights is these people who insist Muslims aren't 'British' or 'don't integrate' are wrong. 

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  • Mike Hookem MEP - "Withdrawal from London Fisheries Convention must be coupled with clarifications on Government’s intentions for the UK’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone"


    “Withdrawal from London Fisheries Convention must be coupled with clarifications on Government’s intentions
    for the UK’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone”


    UKIP Fisheries Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has said he fears another “wholesale betrayal” of Britain’s fishing communities after it was announced the government will finally withdraw from the London Fisheries Convention; but failed to give assurances on restricting access for EU vessels in the UK’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) post-Brexit.

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  • UK Population Growth Out Of Control

    The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) reported that almost 1 in 10 of the UK population is born overseas.

    This is being driven by record levels of immigration, most of it from outside the EU, which government is supposed to have control of. From 1975, when the UK voted to remain in the EEC (European Economic Community) to 1997 (when the Labour party came to power) the UK experienced balanced migration. However, once Labour opened the floodgates gross non EU and EU immigration soared by almost 9 million (that's nine cities the size of Birmingham). Net immigration over the last 20 years has been 3.8 million from outside the EU and 1.4 million from the EU (that's over five cities the size of Birmingham).

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  • There should be no compromise over equality before the law

    Suggestions the the Government are willing to create an UK/EU body to oversee the rights of EU citizens in the UK post Brexit have been denounced by UKIP

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